Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Review - 108 Megapixel Madness.


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    My Full Unboxing and Review of the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 / Mi Note 10 Pro Smartphone, including Camera Test, Battery Test, specs, features and more.
    Available to buy here: www.gearbest.com/cell-phones/pp_009781495194.html?wid=1349303&lkid=70556277
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    1. Hassan Khan

      Ummm is this phone better than iPhone 8+?

    2. Tom Henry

      Will this be compatible in the UK (do you get a plug adapter in the box?) You said it's good for video but in your review of best phones you always mention that it's probably not good for people wanting to do videos on this. Why's that?

    3. S Gill

      Still not better than the Mate 20x.

    4. Wojciech Wróblewski

      Good. Samsung Galaxy S12 will be great after such releases from the competition.

    5. Virginia Ngoru

      has the note 9 been released?

    6. Aaron Joshua Turrioni

      chinese are killing it.....pixel 4 is garbage

    7. asdgag

      4:22 What phone is this one?

    8. summerlotion

      Watchinh this on xiaomi redmi note 7😃😄

    9. Boualem Benhamou


    10. Boualem Benhamou


    11. Syed Ridzuan

      Adding more camera too mainstream. 108mp heck yah

    12. Arty Dc


    13. Kam1Kazi 1

      Samsung: create Huawei : copy Apple : put higher price

    14. Dinar Susilo

      I think xiaomi note 10 uses mediatek chipset not snapdragon, cmiiw

    15. Falcon_Phoenix

      How big is the size of the picture taken from the phone, since its a whopping 108mp?

    16. Bubuu N

      Marquees brownie has different opinion. He say it's really good... Sometimes.. Lol

      1. Mo Mo

        Marquees Brownie does not know how to use the phone, he took pictures at night at 108 Mpx resolution,. Everyone knows that the maximum resolution is for good light conditions ... plus that all his review was only about 108 Mpx... no zoom, no ultrawide, no normal pictures (27 Mpx) ... no macro ...

    17. sanjay sprasad

      2009 : my phone has a camera 2019 : my camera has a phone

    18. Danial Syed

      Change your channel name to:MWTB

    19. Atlas

      Love your voice 👐😱

    20. Oliversfilmsdotcom Films

      *What's the point of a 108 Megapixel camera if whenever you zoom in it changes cameras anyways*

    21. Robbie Cale

      I literally bought a p30 pro a few days ago and I feel like an idiot after watching this video fml


      This is it boys

    23. d_last_dinosaur

      I bought this phone because of your review.🖤

    24. Sleya Raze

      R.I.P. the storage in Mi

    25. nitin pawade

      Which game hi was playing??

    26. Tamar Ziri

      6:13 Simba!

    27. Oktawian Juszczak

      Nokia 9 is the answer

    28. DIO BRANDO

      I was sold at "Has a headphone jack"

    29. Π. Α.

      Great and honest review . Greetings from Hellas my friend .

    30. 向天笑

      No Note 9 ?

    31. Mano Kshatriya

      This is insane LOL ..

    32. Scotty Zepplin

      Most people use phones for social media, which only usually deals with less 1080 pixels at most. Why oh why would anyone need that many pixels, why?

    33. Alex Thomas

      My notification is on but still i didnt recieve any notification abt this video

    34. Fitness Junkie

      Mi Note 10 VS Realme X2 Pro VS Oppo Reno Ace ??? .... For the best telephoto lens & quality ???

    35. SVTech

      2050:event horizon telescope on mobiles

    36. Er shadab alam

      What's the price brother ??? Of Mi Note 10

    37. Aditya Mundada

      2014: 18 MP sensor 2019: 108 MP sensor 2024: 1008 MP sensor

      1. Ahmed Kurdyy

        @Robert Rosenberger 2024: 10tb storage

      2. Robert Rosenberger

        1008mp would be about 500mb per picture. Have fun with that.

      3. payam firouzi

        A day will come mp doesn't matter anymore

    38. Deepak Soni

      You are good

    39. Prime 22

      What will be the price for this Smartphone

    40. Judas Iscariot

      i hate xiaomi doesn't include headsets on their phones.

    41. Hussam Abdullah

      Hi, when camera review coming?

    42. Jakommo

      this megapixel madness in phones ist just plain consumer crap.. same with those super octa core whatever CPUs and GPUs.. that makes everything just stupidly expensive.. and you can safely bet that MOST consumers with latest flagship phones, use them for what? - taking shitty instagram pics which they madly photoshop anyway.. - social media in general.. - watchin youtube on the toilet or in bed.. - sexting and regular calls.. - shopping apps, maps, tracking .. similiar stuff rarely some notes, grocery lists.. rarely browsing the net..mostly bookmarking to check it on PC .. rarely playing PC games ported to phones..even tho they bought it because holy shit those specs.. i can play PUBG on phone BUT..after a short while they realise playing games on phone sucks no matter how hitech it is, and they end up playing idle games which require specs of a calculator.. - not to mention those "gorilla glasses" which were hyped super flexible and super durable since begining.. and now its already some super gorilla 5.. - along with phone manufacturers having videos about QA of simulating thousands of "phone drops" in specialized "washing machines".. YET in real life you accidentaly drop your phone ONCE and the glass is magicaly shattered as fuck.. - not to mention alot of modern phones had glass even on the back of the phone.. why the F? ? but most consumers complain about their nasty FINGERPRINTS... not the fact that back glass cover is a TIME BOMB.. - even if you add another hardglass on it for extra safety.. but somehow manufaturer make them smaller than actual phone glass .. helpful as fuck.. I have yet to see phone falling 100% flat down on face so the cover glass takes the hit not the frame that chips your precious almost indestructible super flexible gorilla 5 glass.. - so you meet lots of ppl with their beloved flagphones with fucked up display because this simple repair can cost ridiculous amount of cash.. sometimes ±1/4 or even mor? - along with the glass body of phone.. remember those times when you accidentaly dropped phones and they were absolutely unharmed? today? - you have extra protection glass on your phone, extra protective rubber or whatever nonslip cover, or even full case that you have to flip like a damn wallet... - you pray to god that your grip is hard and steady so that damn thing wont slip out of your hand.. and still.. it can break after single fall.. ... soooo worth it ...

    43. Mehedi Hasan

      Mi note 10 pro,,Review... Plsssss..

    44. Kevz KEVIN

      Perfect gift for my own this xmass💕

    45. ofek536

      I wonder how much 108mp image weight...

    46. Amy Wizzy Arunachal girl

      Forget the phone, I'm falling for the speaker. Such likable kind😄❣️ the way he speaks nor too fast nor slow.

    47. Lunnel Paloma

      Akoa nalang nang imung Cellphone bi

    48. Sunil 1987

      still less...i want 1000 mega pixel

    49. aditya bhargava

      Note 10 is better than note 10+

    50. Manalita Manal


    51. Umar Abid

      what about the Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro itis this better phone than this?

    52. Actual Programming

      I don't know who designed it, but why the F they can't have all five in that black rectangular bump? It's not symmetrical. And from the past experience no matter what the specs are, all Xiaomi cameras are just trash, what's the point of having a such a good camera without an OIS!!!!

      1. jason everly

        Base on your comment🤔 I bet you dont have money to buy one,

    53. DrakanSilva

      waiting for camera comparisson between note 10 vs iphone 11 pro vs p30 vs galaxy 10+ ;) awesome videos thanks!

    54. Punit Sharma

      2018 : my phone has a CAMERA. 2024 : my CAMERA has a phone.

    55. NNunez09

      This makes me really excited if the Galaxy S11 has a 108 mp camera

    56. Zroyshka Sweint

      Watching this video using my Xiaomi BlackShark.

    57. Topu

      Xiaomi Mi Note 10 / 10 Pro being heavy sucks and they don't have the latest Snapdragon 855+ chip nor a 90Hz display :-: Also, no IP rating, wireless charging, and microSD card slot are weird not having them in 2020 XD

      1. jason everly

        Lol, sure you dont have money to buy one 🤑

    58. shiva kumar

      When Launched This Mobile

    59. nijas bava

      Will you give your mi 10 for me

    60. B Roli

      Who cares? How can people still fall for this marketing stupidity. My 20 MP camera creates a thousand times better pictures at any focal length than any phone, because its not about megapixels but the size of the senzor morons

      1. jason everly

        Well when it comes to mobile phone cc9 sensors the largerst sensor today moron🤑