World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Cinematic Trailer

World of Warcraft

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    The veil between life and death is no more. Discover what lies beyond the world you know in the next chapter of the World of Warcraft saga--Shadowlands: Coming 2020. Learn more at

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    1. Tristan Turiano

      Uther in WOTLK: "There must always be a Lich King" Blizzard in 2019: "Let's uh...let's just hope they don't notice this"

    2. Tyson

      Did blizzard go full on feminist?

    3. iIOwwOIi

      Could we just remember that arthas had frostmourne & bolvar has just the crown?! And by the way ofcourse she defeated him easily thats the point of the trailer. Something gave her extreme strong powers and she must have got it pretty rescently.

    4. Ailee Georsua

      This is what happens when you let a Sylvanas fanboy, Steve Danuser/Nathanos, be in charge of the lore

    5. Thawdar zin

      Where is Jaina? Seriously tho. She's been missing

    6. Thimios EZ

      why so many dis? its pretty awsome

    7. radoman bozovic

      Marry Sue strike again....

    8. anthony pizzi

      BOLVAR is still one of my favorite characters

    9. ABRA

      oof this was cringeworthy

    10. Torenn

      Props to whoever animated Sylvy's hair. Pretty hot. Too bad about the whole China's lapdog thing, though.

    11. Kelvin

      Obviously it would be a hunter to think that its a hunter item

    12. 竜昌

      Bolvar: "This power is a prison!" Sylvanas: "We live in a society"

    13. harrison ford

      So... she can defeat Arthas but not the alliance ?? Blizzard ENT... you failed on epic levels.

    14. Black Swordsman

      so the main bad a** of this expansion and the last expansion has been Sylvanas, a character that is EASILY killed by the real lich king and made to serve him, and yet is now easily able to beat the new lich king and destroy his helmet. An archer melee fighting the lich king and kicking his a** easily... hmmm remember when the lich king was able to smack down pretty much anyone that stood in his way, including a full powered demonic illidan?

    15. MrLeminecraftien

      Name of the song pls? Sick cinematic like always btw!

    16. anıl kotel

      The 111k likes are bliz / activision employes and their families and their unborm decendents

    17. Krzysztof Szmuc

      LK Bolvar looks dope.

    18. My Cat's Breath Smells Like Cat Food

      So was this supposed to be good or dumb? Because it came across as dumb.

    19. TOBI Li

      Statue of Liberty National Monument in Icecrown Glacie

    20. Lord-Commander

      I remember when this was just orcs vs humans in a pixilated rts world were you could only select 4 units at a time. I don't even know what this is anymore...

    21. Antek AD Gordon

      Peekaboo... The best freaking healer's in town

    22. Ed C

      This all powerful “can’t touch me” Sylvanas is boring. It makes the story less compelling.

    23. Cross

      this is total garbage

      1. Cross

        @huttio srreu agreed

      2. huttio srreu

        Cool cinematic, but nothing leaves anything new to be expected. Same story, different colors.

    24. The Proud Sun Bro.

      I want to see Genn Greymane rip her apart

      1. huttio srreu

        4:30 This is when you try to do a bend test on your iPad 2 and it’s work.

    25. Hmm Doh

      Imagine blizzard give up on making wow n instead make movies instead XD

    26. Tomáš Valach

      If Arthas was the Lich King she couldn't defeated him

      1. DraSly

        He had frostmourne

    27. el trappo

      why didn't sylvanas just solo icc in wotlk

    28. Shahram Shey

      My Queen !

    29. Mustafa Yeşil Ortaokulu

      World Of Warcraft : Is it over? Players : No game rules forever without LK...

    30. Sudip Bose

      Wamen of Wusscraft.

    31. Zephyrdor

      If Arthas was bisexual or transgender i bet he'd be alive and strong af like Sylvanas. Maybe even stronger.

    32. sevgi karabacak

      warmane private server is calling all of us😂😂😂

    33. Mi con

      Wtf ok

    34. R5N2K20

      the feminism is strong with this one...

    35. Vikdude ,

      wow classic: This game will be your prison me: This franchise is a prison!

    36. RLJswag

      shadowlands literally made the WotLK story useless..

    37. tantoxer

      I feel sorry for Bolvar and guess many of us didnt want to see the mighty lich king getting owned by her this way. This is frustrating and I'm not interested to see Sylvanas actions anymore. She shouldnt be the main character / villain of a new expansion. It just feels like Blizzard has no more good ideas left

    38. Isara

      4:30 This is when you try to do a bend test on your iPad 2 and it’s work.

    39. Kenguru Safari

      Cool cinematic, but nothing leaves anything new to be expected. Same story, different colors.

    40. Reiksify

      I just had a strong Castlevania: Symphony of the Night throwback moment when that inverted castle appeared lol.

    41. Supreeth Kumar

      No king rules forever is supposed to be dialogue between father and dying son. I am disappointed that a banshee stole that line

    42. Supreeth Kumar

      All that sky breaking was cool. But my disappointment is immeasurable.

    43. Corgi Wargi

      Bethesda: Bet you can't drive away your fans before us. Blizzard: I'll take that bet.

    44. dftfujd dsrjdh

      The cringe is strong with this one.

    45. farkas bill

      arthas and warcraft died with him

    46. vbddfy euuyt

      breathing is labored. I get it. Lich King didn't buy the expansions.

    47. The Funky Muslim

      WHOAAAA 4:28 was so sick. And the background music was crazy. Give your team a raise BLIZZARD.

    48. StageTime 1

      Why did he not just stick the hammer in the ground and do the succ like the last one did

    49. Luis Manuel

      Kudos to the cinematic team, as always. Too bad WoW seems to have a very limited cast lol, you know, maybe they could´ve rendered another character rather than show Sylvannas for the 2498248th time in a cinematic. 25 years and not a single time we see Jaina or Tyrande in full cinematic glory.

      1. vbddfy euuyt

        Make the actual game play 1/10 as epic as this cinematic is and Ill play your game. Until then ZzZzZzZzZz...

    50. Sneaky shellfish

      I cant be the only one who at this point just hates Sylvanas at this point. From her being all powerful and just beating some of the best in wow, to being a edgy teen now I just hate her. She used to be awesome now she is just bad.

      1. Jorlaxe

        Yes.. someone else who understands.

    51. Joshua Montemar

      Why can't they just made a movie In 3d?like these cinematic trailers

    52. David Ruiz

      Guys he's not Arthas!!! no Frostmourne etc... the real LK would owned Sylvannas...

      1. Jorlaxe

        So what? I still think it was too one sided of a fight. Show some struggle. It was a joke to her... Way to OP. IDC if she has "Jailer" power backing her. Just another Rey downloading her abilities.

    53. Wolenv

      I'm glad I've stopped playing on the first months of BFA. Even the XP of the Litch King is worthless. Programmers & Activision are basiclay saying : Look we don't care at all about the storyline we just want to do a black recolor of Northrend for this Xpac . Basically: They want Wow dead and Classic reborn. You can kiss all your leveling away and forget them. I ain't buying this xpac.

    54. Lucas Souza


    55. pr0jecktpat

      Well this was a really disappointing cinematic trailer.

    56. TheEmperorProtects Loyalist

      Don't play wow but Sylvannas still gives me a chubby.

    57. Dodo Licht

      This is why we should all go back to pirated WOTLK servers.

    58. Shiney Thao

      Ah.. they did My Lady dirty. It’s sad to see Blizzard made her character developed like this. Would’ve been better to have seen a more drastic change like a third faction. Instead it’s the same ol same ol kill evil horde leader. 🤦‍♂️

    59. Cody

      I thought she just shoved the helmet against her face

    60. Frog55jon

      Have not played wow since cata. When did Sylvanas become so powerful