Watch Us Make a Custom Nail Polish at ORLY! | #TheSASS with Susan and Sharzad

Mixed Makeup

Mixed Makeup

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    Ever wonder what goes into making a nail polish? Sharzad and Susan went to the ORLY nail polish factory in Van Nuys, CA to find out and even make a custom nail polish. ORLY is a family-owned company that creates non-toxic, cruelty-free, and vegan polishes, so it's the perfect place to learn about nail polish. Watch this episode of #TheSASS to see the process!
    Learn more about ORLY here:
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    1. Veronica Ivanova

      The end result doesn't seem to be sassy, but it's an ok nude. I do love Orly's bright summer colours 😍

    2. Jewels Okike

      What is positive about being staggnant. I see everyone else is doing well and enjoying life good for them. What about me too?

    3. Jewels Okike

      It's has not been a positive one either way. So I don't really care.

    4. Jewels Okike

      Remember I'm not talking someone else is echo in. I'm just thinking how my life change over the years. Not what I expected.

    5. Jewels Okike

      They were probably worst than me.

    6. Jewels Okike

      Repeat it again then let me know what the final response was. From the other person who has a experience.

    7. Jewels Okike


    8. Kitty- Ta

      Please Orly, change your brushes.

    9. Ishita Sah

      simplynailogiacal needs to come here!!!!

    10. lily1125

      Susan looks amazing! Lol sharzad as well but Susan look like a college girl here hahaha

    11. Dolsie Mercado

      That was interesting. Good luck on the Sass color.

    12. Juli T

      Shady girl...

    13. Retro Boy

      They seem so awkward

    14. Olivia Pink

      Haha they just opened a place where you can make your own color!

    15. JayMMXII

      The custom color was pretty disappointing.

    16. Sweeticing 2002


    17. Jude Fenwick

      This was really cool! If I owned Orly, I’d open a nail salon in the manufacturing plant and give tours, like that pretzel factory in Pennsylvania

    18. kat sime

      Eeeeeeew! the color where's the holo

    19. becca lynne

      Beautiful color!

    20. google e

      lol sorry that girl with the red hair seemed like an airhead

    21. Daphne Ahihi

      Why not h💿l💿 ?!?

    22. Geniveve Casablanca

      If it's called the sass it should be HOLO bitch

    23. darkjanezombie

      You have the chance to make any color.....You choose a nude......Fail.

    24. Cheryl Tindwani

      I absolutely love orly nail Polish I own close to 175-200 bottles every time I’m at a store I check for new orly shades. The whole experience of seeing how my favorite polish is made really made my day. Thanks ladies and orly for sharing this experience with us.❤️

    25. Noel carter

      Pretty !

    26. Saria Ibarra

      "Fun, bright, bold color" .... Gives them a foundation looking color. 😂😂 whats this? A joke?

    27. Orli Garfinkel

      so cool

    28. Nitiya Matta

      You can find it in India too

    29. nalini nanan

      they need Holo .how are they living?

    30. Kai

      Lol they sound so annoying

    31. Muffin cat in a tin

      oh, really? orly

    32. Erin Woods

      I want this polish!! @orly

    33. Ammco Lapez

      these hosts are very awkward lol

    34. Lily Parnell

      I would totally buy that color of polish

    35. Zhaife

      as long as i've subscribed to simplynailogical and as much as i adore christine, people commenting that holosexual shit on every single video i watch is so fucking annoying

    36. Orly Yap

      bro my name is orly

    37. Teresa Paterek

      Susan's shirt is commimg up

    38. Iced almond milk latte

      Wasn't sharzad on mom vs. chef

    39. Maria TheCh0sen1


    40. Thursday Lane's #1 Fan

      3:06 she looks like a tumblr feminis, liberal, SJW version of Bob Saget

    41. Hello Everybody

      I have so many Orly nail polishes and they all work so well

    42. Chelbea David

      I want that sass

    43. pineapple wonho

      *hears the opening* thinks of Eatyourkimchi

    44. sylvia a

      that colour is boring af looks like foundation

    45. darkhaven87

      the colour is awful

    46. Kawaii Wafflee

      "Bright and bold" huh? Nothing like it at the end... ummmm

    47. Claire Behrens

      lol looks like foundation

    48. Claire Behrens

      that one girl totally took over the color choice,😂😂

    49. BANANAS !!!!!!!!!

      misty was acting like total brat???? no offense!!

    50. Annika Elizabeth

      Is sharzad pregnant?

    51. Miss Blackbird

      well i know which company to not buy nailpolish off. and which youtubers to not sub too xD bye

    52. Bubbles 34

      is sharzard pregnant? because if she is she looks amazing

    53. Payton Schwab

      Is Sharzad pregnant 🤰? I have never watched this

    54. Shanley Shoupe

      30 seconds in and i can already feel myself getting ditzy-er

    55. Angela Qi

      The enthusiasm seems so fake

    56. Rylei Sue

      does that nail polih work for water marbeling

    57. Sophia Miele

      Around the 3:20 part when the worker was talking the two girls were nodding their heads consistently like they knew what the worker was talking about

    58. Maya Madden

      I wonder how all that nail polish smells....

      1. Olivia Pink

        Maya Madden I like the smell of nail polish... lol

    59. Ligia Odom


    60. Kaydee Otake

      if you watch Sharzad and Susan just nod their heads when the guy is talking its real funny😂