Voting Machines: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)


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    John Oliver discusses how voting machines work, how they don’t, and how we can fix them.
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    1. Hannah Hannah

      In Canada we vote on paper and count them via hand

    2. Alicia Gravel

      What the fuck? In Canada it's all paper with a x made by a pen, sealed and count by hand, for provincial and federal elections. I worked for both and it's maybe more "traditional" but it works and have my trust.

    3. Miriam Mone

      shithole country.

    4. game freak

      Pencil and paper gang, rise up

    5. Michael Barreras

      Voter print out?

    6. Betty Lynn

      Other than the makeup, everything in euphoria is pretty accurate

    7. siobheanne

      In Canada, we use the pinecone-birch bark system. Foolproof, if bulky.

    8. yodasecondave

      Canada: Where we just use paper ballots, count them by hand, and never have any of these problems

    9. Yuki Magica

      why not use pen and paper like most places?

    10. Clubparty98

      Dude no joke I have literally seen Stan Stanart in real life before. I live in Harrison county Texas and I once walked into a public ceremony where he was giving a speech about the upcoming 2016 election. Never thought he would end up on John Oliver's show lol

    11. Kim Jong Un

      Holy shit why didn't I think of this!

    12. The King Of Norway


    13. DPWFG

      In Canada we just put a check mark in a circle, give it to witness, they tear off the registration half, then open the box, you put in your ballot and they close the box...

    14. Rob Elliott

      The internet is short for the World Wide Web... so in fairness sending it via a modem to a direct location is not connecting it to the internet, just like using an old school BBS wasn't the internet. It was a network but it wasn't the World Wide Web.

    15. Courtney Sch.

      We in Canada use paper and pens... and people are hired to count them...

    16. Scott L

      That isn't the "internet". It's a direct dial over the telephone network. There is a difference.

    17. Snack Time

      Man, I could go for a tooth fairy blowjob

    18. tubatim

      Go back to paper and counting by hand. Ain't no voter fraud by hacking up here in Canuckistan. Instead, we just have idiots in Alberta voting conservative, to the point where you could paint a bale of hay blue and it would get the most votes. Alberta: the stupidest province in Canada, and that's after Ontario voted for Doug "Dumb Fuck" Ford.

    19. KipperBill

      I honestly wonder why John Oliver never became my high school Principal.

    20. Paresseux Irrévérencieux

      Well, USA were using floppy disk to manage nukes until recently, weren't they..?

    21. Jonathan Norton

      How many countries use electronic voting systems other than the US?

    22. Sean C

      Ok so now I'm curious.....are tooth fairy blowjobs a thing?.....I'm asking for a friend of course..... Also, breaking in to Fort Knox is silly. Instead you just steal the entire Fort and deal with getting in later, obviously :/

    23. Barded Wyrm

      Paper ballots. Marked in pencil. Counted by hand. In the presence of not less than least 3 witnesses. Including interested members of the public and candidates (or their representatives). Functionally Unhackable.

    24. Nomi Malone

      Canada is superior again. Paper ballots are hand counted by two people for every ballot box. The results are never in question, the process only takes a couple of hours, and is WAY more secure.

    25. Roger Furlong

      Danglin Chad's ahoy matey!

    26. 105d11

      Pencil and paper. Used in Canada, and in an awful lot of other democracies. We get results in an hour or two. What's this US fascination with voting mechanisms and electronics?

    27. Joseph Alavi

    28. Steve Jarvis

      They test the machine by shaking it like a Christmas present lmao. Hacking into those voting machines did seem way too easy. I believe sometimes, the older ways of doing things were indeed better, in order to reduce vote tampering. Putin knows what he's doing that's for sure. Sad thing is that he might not be the only one in on it. There are hackers out there that can do almost anything. One thing I can agree with drumpf about is that paper is good when it comes to voting. You can't hack paper votes I guess right? I would hope not.

    29. Xiilnek

      That map of states that used paperless voting did not include my state, but I always vote on paperless machines so good news everyone: it happened in more places than he said it did

    30. BackWhereYouStarted

      this is a great & informative episode but would it exist if trump had lost? I hate the guy but none of these arm chair liberals said anything about voting hacking before the election

    31. Natalia Storm

      I'm in Canada and I didn't even know voting machines were a thing until today.

      1. Jay Luck

        Booths of all kinds have been eliminated here in Canada. Voting, telephone, kissing... 😩

      2. Collex

        Yup, we still use the good ol man7al system here and it works. I've seen a voting machine once - for a mayoral election in London, Ont. They were trying them out - I don't think they liked the result.

      3. Emily Fitzowich

        The only reason I knew they were a thing was from watching School House Rock as a kid

    32. Jose Hernandez

      12% = 88% does use the best machines so dont get panicked by the word millions of people still vote with these machines.

    33. murderoustendencies

      Nevermind the paper trail, just vote on goddamn paper and have humans count the stuff. We do it in Canada and we don't have any issues ! This is the US in a nutshell, just complicating things to give itself the impression that it's ahead ! -_-

    34. Stoodmuffin Personal

      I am happy John Called that reporter cause I was worried he was going to BE like that reporter 🤣

    35. Jose Hernandez

      Another keyword the update dindt happen in only ONE state. so just keep ur ear alert for these keywords... SOME, ONE, maybe etc. its all over this video like ...CAN BE 14:00 all small possibilities of small examples not the majority. Its like me saying we CAN BE hit be a meteor tomorrow so just go and blow out all ur money.And that's just assuming all of his statements are true.

    36. Jose Hernandez

      7:02 Trumps wants to keep the jobs and industries local. this was 2007

    37. Jose Hernandez

      6:43 Keyword again is ONE machine....So idk how dum is this audience or who really falls for all these keywords with an agenda.

    38. Jose Hernandez

      3:16 keyboard here is SOME of our equipment so if you actually listen and dont just go for the narrative you will see the agenda behind this is to delegitimize our current president. Also see comment below.

    39. Jose Hernandez

      Notice 2:31 the key word here is TARGETED... so did you know this happens all over the world? If the status quo power would have hacked our last election then we wouldn't have an independent president we have today.

    40. Evan Putterill

      Happy to be Canadian. Independent elections commissions, independent electoral boundary commissions, no gerrymandering, no voting machines, no politicians in charge of the voting process, 100% uniform voting standards for federal elections no matter where you vote, 100% paper ballot system. We still don't have proportional representation but it will come eventually.

    41. CLP

      Florida in 2000 was a red herring. The introduction of voting machines in 2004 flipped over 2 dozen democrat held districts to republican and gifted Ohio to Bush.

    42. carmen uljanicka

      Do you have a new writer? I sense a change in humor, but I think it's a little too much

    43. Christina Post

      I just don't get it. Just don't use machines. They are unnecessary. Expensive and insecure! Use printed ballots and a pen to check the candidates! It's really not hard at all O.O

    44. Unkastriertes Männchen

      The best democracy money can buy!

    45. Yeah Nah

      So many ways to rig an election in the US&A! Also: its always Russia fault.

    46. Damilola Agbaje


    47. Cheisea Stone

      its not the internet.

    48. Dzaid Din

      Is this the first time John and Trump agreed on something?

      1. Glittering Positive

        They both said they want to get rid of filibusters just like how both don't want to google Tiffany's birthday.

      2. Team VLCN

        Infrastructure was another one.

      3. CLP

        They also both like Ivanka's ass.

      4. martianunlimited

        even a stopped clock is right twice a day.. :)

    49. horizontal120

      this seems interesting to me when trump was saying voting was being hacked be4 he got elected everyone was saying he is an idiot .. and now u all doing it .. interesting how things go ... (btw i'm a lefty politically .. i just see the hippocrase )

    50. 396phickman

      after all these years i still find it so fascinating that a brit cares more about how we yankees conduct politics than american politics ever could.

    51. Elliander Eldridge

      This problem won't likely change unless someone hacks enough of these machines to say that someone ridiculous won. For example, Adolf Hitler or Vladimir Putin, or Kim Jong-Un. Or what if someone hacked the machines to randomly replace a candidate's name with one of those three and the general public started seeing news announcements of the results of each of these three candidates. I guarantee you that would result in immediate change the entire process.

    52. hkistreet

      Finland got mentioned! To the market square everyone!

    53. Whatzitmatter

      "There is no voter fraud" - Democrats... "These machines can give fraudulent results!" - Also Democrats. "Voter IDs are racist" - Also Democrats. You just can't satisfy them unless you hand them your vote and some cheap illegal laborers to cut their lawns.

    54. mohd ifham

      Awww look at all the Europeans in the comments section taking pride in their simple pen and paper election system!!

      1. Mirage-

        ...should we not? It's the only safe system...

    55. mpz

      Actually the potato vodka is Polish. Cheers.

    56. Eilís O'Mahony

      3:59 ...yes

    57. hedgehog3180

      Jesus fucking christ never use electronic voting all cybersecurity is literally just based on complicated math and nothing is actually secure especially something made by any corporation.

    58. Bound4Earth

      See the man on the street questions are a loaded gun. This has been proven in the past. You can ask literally any question and do something called editing to make it fit the narrative. This is why you mostly on see garbage like this on the Jimmy Kimmel show or similar shit. Because a normal question like who was the first president can be turned into a failure across the board, one like how do you know government got voting right, is beyond loaded as fuck and almost no one can answer that question. It does not belong in a show like this unless the show has devolved into shitting the literal bed. This is no longer satire and you are now shilling for the far left. He pretends to make fun of the premise to help keep the shows legitimacy, he then goes on to set up an idea that the man on the street interview had a good premise somehow. You cannot be against an idea and support it at the same time, yet somehow John makes himself look like a far leftist. Ignore reality all so you can push an agenda and somehow get a laugh for disagreeing with the same premise. Maybe, just maybe you should contact Jon Stewart because whoever is running this show has lost the fucking plot. They even prove it in the video. They link a video where someone pretends to be showing you how to get access and even claims all you need is a ball point pen and yet doesn't show that part, she shows everything already completely taken apart and just mirrors movements. This is why you cannot just believe anything you watch. Perhaps that is all it takes, but without a real demonstration it is pure sensationalism. This is why people look to ignorance like Trump because at least with him you know what you get, no reason to have to dive to look for the subversion that is buried. This is why people do not trust the news. He then goes on to make the startling jump from a voting machine being connected to the internet is the same exact thing as programming a card that the machine will later use be connected to the internet. You have to understand technology to see that this is how Trump got elected, because people in the news have absolutely no clue how any of it works. They trust their far left researchers that push an agenda today instead of pursuing the truth so most everything is not properly fact checked just enough to support "out bias."

    59. Add E

      Putin has no fear, man.

    60. lol :P

      3:58 Actually, yeah that sums up (at least my class in my school) pretty well 😅