Victoria - Tears Getting Sober - Bulgaria 🇧🇬 - Official Music Video - Eurovision 2020

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    Victoria will represent Bulgaria at the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 in Rotterdam with the song Tears Getting Sober.
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    Twitter: victoriageorge_
    Facebook: VictoriaGeorgieva.Official
    Music & Lyrics: Borislav Milanov, Victoria Georgieva, Lukas Oscar Janisch, Cornelia Wiebols
    Video Credits:
    Produced By Ligna Studios
    Producer - Genoveva Christova
    Producer - Rosen Savkov
    Production Company - Four Elementz
    Executive Producer - Samuil Djoganov
    Executive Producer - Lyubo Yonchev
    Directed By
    Victoria Karakoleva And Victoria Georgieva
    Creative By
    Victoria Georgieva And Victoria Karakoleva
    Director Of Photography - Rosen Savkov
    Production Designer - Kristian Lekov
    Set Dresser - Dobromir Tanev
    Set Dresser - Georgi Petkov
    Stylist - Grozdan Mihaylov
    Hair Stylist - Zdravko Kumanov
    Makeup Artist - Nikola Ivanov
    Movement Coach - Elena Kolarova
    Production Photographer - Lora Musheva
    1ac - Emilian Atanasov
    2ac - Kaloyan Ignatov
    Gaffer - Manol Mitrev
    Electrician - Penko Ivanov
    Grip - Martin Yakoimov
    Key Grip - Alexander Petrov
    Sfx Supervisor - Velizar Djabrailov
    Sfx - Andrei Gulyashki
    Sfx - Eleanak Krosneva
    Prosthetic Artist - Lyudmil Nikolov
    Movi Xl Technician - Ivan Blagoev
    Location - Cinemotion
    1st Ad - Philip Andreev
    Script Supervisor - Diko Boutchoukov
    Organizer - Miglena Savkova
    Production Assistant - Anastas Shipkov
    Production Assisatnt - Rosen Tihov
    Production Assistant - Nikolay Tsvetkov
    Post Production - Studio Blend / D-Attic
    SGI - Janeta Peneva And Tihomir Rusanov
    Color Grading - Mihail Kostantinov
    Additional Song Credits:
    Cello: Magdalena Petrovich
    Flügelhorn: Aleksander Wladigerov
    Mixed: David Bronner
    Master: Zino Mikorey
    Recorded by: Ivan Boshev, Borislav Milanov, Jivko Daskalov, Fredrik Toremark
    Conductor Orchestra: Vladimir Djambazov
    Orchestral Scores: David Bronner, Dorothee Freiberger,Borislav
    A collaboration of Ligna Studios and Symphonix International

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    1. Eurovision Song Contest

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      1. Paraskeui Vasileiou

        I go with Switzerland 2020

      2. dima matveev

        очень вторично, девочка решила хайпануть,но безвкусно и дешево...

      3. Здоровье


      4. илья букин

        Хорошо исполняет... ❤️❤️❤️💘❤️❤️❤️

      5. Mina Stoyanova

        Прекрасна мелодична песен! Музика, текст, видео, изпълнение-всичко е прекрасно!

    2. Artemkhramtsow

      Billie Bulgarish❤️ love your song🔥

    3. Axl Sammut Elmer

      i can't get enough of this song 💜😭

    4. Lazy

      It seems to me that the voice is similar to the voice of Billie Eilish. Great song and great performance❤️.Greetings from Russia 🇷🇺

    5. Lazy

      I like it. Greetings from Russia🇷🇺

    6. Tolik Tolik

      Recalls the style of Billy Eilish

    7. Tościk

      in order for you to stand out on the jury's high rating, you must come up with something different and not copy the billie style. your song is very nice but it doesn't convince me to win so much because it approaches billie songs. sorry this is my opinion and I don't know if the jurors should allow this song even for Eurovision.

      1. Axl Sammut Elmer

        Why shouldn't be allowed? Because it is inspired from Billie's songs?? Alcohol You is more similar to Billie than Tears Getting Sober. And if this is inspired by Billie, it shouldn't be disqualified. Copying a song and getting inspiration from it are two different things. Also you should know that Billie didn't invent this genre.

    8. salam tvTM

      My winner eurovision 2020

    9. elektra mc

      She's copying Billie 😑🙄😞

    10. Mario Gab

      Tragic copy of Billie to take points.... so sad!

    11. Alvin F

      When this came onto the radio I thought Billie just made another song again x)

    12. daniela gärtner

      wonderful ,bravoooooooooooooooooooooo

    13. Daniel Hughes

      I think if this eurovision was on she will win this year

    14. Uku Paidu

      Very nice Song GREETINGS FROM ESTONIA!

    15. Христо Димитров

      Superb! First place for shure!!!!

    16. Ruben Onclin

      I really like this song😃 You will win next year! good luck from the Netherlands.

    17. klea k

      Love it. Greetings from Albania. ❤️

    18. ben109862tom

      Why does This sound like Billie Eilish does anybody else agree?

    19. lukimanblaster gt

      Is so good song like norway

    20. Blue Eyed

      Amazing song, enchanting.

    21. Drit Krasniqi

      *Billie Eilish joined the chat*

    22. Dgamerbud

      That song should of come 2nd 1st Lithuania 🇱🇹

    23. Jebooiii

      This song not winning ESC is one of the most unfortunate side effects of the COVID-19 pandemic :(

      1. Frederik Mikkelsen

        according to wikipedia (so of course it's 100% true) she is going to represent them in 2021, i don't know if it's with this song tho

    24. Παναγιώτης Κακούρος

      Βικτόριά μου καλό το τραγουδάκι σου αλλά τη Billie την Eilish δεν την ακουμπάμε έτσι. Όλα κι όλα!

    25. Clayton Romão

      Inspired on Lord's song. Liability

    26. FİX GUK

      12 points from 🇦🇿

    27. asdf jklö

      Everyone who tells me that VICTORIA is like "a new Billie" or "a little bit inspired by Billie": You suck. You never heard of Evanescence?

    28. vessley

      this is the song that should've won 2020. I SAID WHAT I SAID.

    29. K-Bean Mixes

      so I'm not the only one who saw the Billie Eilish in her voice?.

    30. DanDavPat

      Great song. I listening you all time!

    31. Maximilian Gönczi

      Perfectly like Billie Eilish

    32. Τάνια Κάρτα

      My favorite this year!!!

    33. Dino XD

      I cant stop watching this song is so cool

    34. VLA TOD

      The worst thing of 2020 is not Covi-19! The worst and most sad thing is that this powerful song wont be heard of many! it could be the winner and bring a message to the entire popullation! 🥺🇧🇬

    35. eduard gevorgyan

      Болгарская Билли Айлиш - очень даже не плохо !

    36. Klaudia

      sounds a bit like billie eilish xD hah, but it's still cool :)

    37. Astri Elinor Steneng


    38. Majken

      This is just magical. I love her.

    39. Proud King

      This sounds nothing like a Billie Eilish!❤️❤️❤️

    40. Janja Kavčič

      Did anyone notice her earrings? What is that huge black thing? Is it earpiece? It seems a little bit too low...

    41. The Enchantress

      She's trying to be like Billie Eilish I bet

    42. Prince Henry The navigator

      Finally some more meaningful music in Eurovision! But this reminds me of Billie ❤️

    43. jayjay lopez

      Can definitely feel the Billie Eilish vibe... but I like it, this if definitely the strongest song this year

    44. :Г:Р:У:Т:

      ГДЕ В КЛИПЕ БОЛГАРСКИЙ ПЕРЕЦ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    45. ishei

      Billie Eilish wannabe?

    46. Maisie Mckinna

      The only good one was Bulgaria

    47. ZoRe Eee

      Hello bulgarian billie eyelash?

    48. Kaja Holewińska

      huge inspiration of billy eilish but come on, this song is beautyful

    49. Chris Page

      Am I the only who gets old disney movie vibes? Specially towards the end

    50. zielona777

      Why so many unlikes?

      1. Lenny Vassileva


    51. M. angel Fernández

      I love the song :) it's so sweet but with it's power, beautiful voice and nice chorus, just amazing.

    52. Richard Bray

      I just wondered what it would do for me and if I could meet up for you tomorrow I would love you and I’ll have a good weekend with him thanks again thanks so sorry for your late message hope you’re doing better I have to get my car is your time I will be there in the afternoon I will be home in a few days thanks for your help hope your week and your day have fun thanks and I’ll tell everyone you know I know that they have

    53. Աննա Ս


    54. SoFiAnN _

      I love this song alot! However I don’t think it’s going to win. In the last few years it isn’t just about singing, it’s about the stage present. So how weirder and funnier it looks on stage, how more point you’ll get. (Still one of my favorite songs tho :) )

    55. Timotej Trampuž

      She is officialy my winner of esc 2020. See you next year. 🏆🥇🇧🇬

    56. N G G

      Главное что бы Билли не увидела* P.s - Азис с мразишь порвал бы всех.

    57. AnneRiya

      That is literally the only song from this year's playlist that I'm skipping. It is so boring it distracts me from doing work so I can skip...

    58. suseal

      everything is copied, guys, you can't deny that. if you had listened to Billie Eilish enough, you would instantly heard that when hearing this song for the first time. and i'm not saying that it's bad, it is a very good move. live it wouldn't be as apparent though, they probably did that specifically for the track. sad this year is cancelled, would love to see this song compete

    59. Dominik Krokosz

      This is not the typical Eurovision song and that's awesome!! Love form Poland 💕💕

    60. setheurovision94

      This song feels like it never gets going, like it's stuck in 1st gear throughout. It frustrates me, 'cause it's got the right ingredients for a stunning song - it just doesn't go for it.

    61. DaveDaveTor

      Who's Billie ? Her name is Victoria.

    62. Chris Page

      Definitly my winner, Bulgaria had the win this year, such an unlucky country

    63. porrabi

      La mejor canción del 2020 Enhorabuena Bulgaria .

    64. guillermo mendoza

      this song like a disney movie song XD i love this music!!!!

    65. MIKA PRO

      Predivno draga, želela sam da pobedis sa tom pesmom do sada bi se Eurosong 2021 održao u Bugarsku SVAKA ČAST sa samo 23 podsećaš me na Bilie Elish BRAVO!!! 🇸🇷🇧😊❤

    66. Tural Yusifli

      Good .Respect from Azerbaijan 🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿

    67. Arregi Gamer7

      Beautiful! 12 points from Spain

    68. Avocados Nest

      That could have definitely won the competition

    69. Giannis


    70. Nikos L

      She copy Billie Elish. Billie 's songs are very better

    71. Arregi Gamer7

      This is the winner of eurovision 2020.This is a masterpiece.

    72. Irascible

      She's good but no one beats my boy Kristian

    73. Ninsunin

      Billie Eilish

    74. Kampi

      I don't think I'm the only one who heard the song like Billy Eilish

    75. Bela Bleri

      Like who thinks he has the voice like Billie Eilish

    76. mel s

      I'm reading comments comparing her to Billie and o boy, am I getting mad... 1st of all Viki is 22 years old. Billie is 18. 2nd Viki became popular in Bulgaria in 2015 through xfactor, while Billie was still in diapers. Billies 1st signal was released in 2016. Soooo,you should say Billie is like Viki,not the other way around. Not to mention that Billie was born in LA where she has a lot more chances to be noticed than Viki. Educate yourself before making comments. Viki,you are great! Keep up the great work and hopefully your songs make it to LA

      1. mel s

        @mari vardosanidze everyone needs to unleash anger one way or the other ,you are welcome !

      2. mari vardosanidze

        just reading your comment unleashed all my anger at once, thanks a lot

    77. Chrysa Petsinou

      Billie Eilish??


      Billie eilish music /:

    79. Toutsi77


    80. Toutsi77