Vetro No 19 Gel | Product Review

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    In this video I share with you and swatch 15 new colours I brought into my Vetro No. 19 Gel collection.
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    1. Randi Rollins

      I found Cari's channel yesterday and I love it ! I have probably already watched 20 + videos at the least .. Cari you are so cute and fun to watch .. I love that you are naturally a little silly (so am I) and can laugh at yourself. It's blowing my mind that I haven't found you sooner . I'm 29 and am hoping to get into school with in a year. I've done my own nails for years and am continuing to grow in passion for the art of nails. I love that you didn't let anything, especially age keep you from starting a new career and passion. Keep up the good work and keep the videos coming !!

      1. Randi Rollins

        Elite Nails haha exactly .. and pretty much .. i love nails .. it is an exciting art and I can't wait to be able practice it full time . See you in your next video !

      2. Elite Nails

        Thank you Randi. What is age....pfft, I'm only 28 ;-) Wow, I hope you didn't binge watch those 20 videos. LOL .

    2. Gloria Palomares

      Están hermosos

    3. Ai4Love

      New Subs! I love the way you do swatches and how you show all the swatch stick at the end!!!!!!!💗

    4. Lynn Jones

      Great review, you made me lol at the end. Love the products!

    5. Susie's Nail Hauls And 50 Plus Skin Care

      Could you please leave a link as to where you purchased them

    6. Danielle's Home Nails

      Hey hun love the vetor gels just a question do you know if they are a product you can get world wide as I would love to get my hand on them Here in Australia

      1. Elite Nails

        Hi Danielle, I'm not sure if they are world wide or not. I know they just became available in Canada last year. I just wish there were more places to purchase them from. Try to see if they can answer this questions. :-) .

    7. Kari Johnson

      Great video!!!. I love love love Vetro. Such a great product. You have some beautiful colors. ❤❤

    8. Peach Manifesto Jessie

      Great review!

    9. Kate Moseley

      Can you give me a link to the best place to get Vetro products for the UK x

      1. Kate Moseley

        Elite Nails thanks for getting back to me I will have a look around xx

      2. Elite Nails

        Kathryn Moseley I'm sorry I don't know. I'm in Canada. Have you tried to Google a UK distributor?

    10. Twyla Martin

      Thank you for another great, and fun filled review! I only have 1 Vetro color, but one will have more..