The Try Guys Get Nail Extensions

The Try Guys

The Try Guys

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    The guys get gorgeous nail extensions for the first time and experience the struggle first-hand. Will they nail it and survive wearing them for an entire night?
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    1. Nikita Pandey

      Honestly i feel like getting Keith's nails

    2. Nikita Pandey

      Damn eugene went all out!!!

    3. Petar Foolish


    4. Jaida Miko

      My moms a nail technician. So I always have long nails, I’ve just grown accustomed to really long nails. I add like a whole inch extra onto my nails with acrylic. And i do gym for school volleyball etc. And it’s so funny to see them struggle with such simple tasks I grew accustomed too lmao

    5. cass :3

      ned wearing overalls appreciation post

    6. DailyLola22

      0:21 "Damn I look good in heels"

    7. Natalie Fannin

      Zach is a holosexual confirmed

    8. BehindTheMask

      When I saw Eugene's nails I just went like "HEART ATTACK!" because how beautiful his nails are! Holy shit!

    9. Sucky Everything

      That moment Zach found out that he’s a holosexual!

    10. Ayato

      I think Keith and Zachs are the best. Neds are too simple for my taste, Eugenes have to much stuff glued on top of them ... but over all I'm not a fan of nails that long. Make the length half and I get them done too xD

    11. Keweh T-rex

      0:29 i just love when Keith does that face XD

    12. Tiffany De Goya

      “I’ve never created a reaction like that with my fingers.....well I...hmmm” 🤔 Lmao 🤣

    13. Bre Anne

      You can tell Ned is exhausted when he says, "It's the morning." 🤣

    14. Bre Anne

      Ariel has such a bright, beautiful face. Ned is lucky.

    15. Emily Quesnel

      I use my nails to do my contacts... just pop that fucker on the tip of the nail and bam

    16. Seth Moore

      I absolutely love how Keith is getting angry at not having his fingers lol "i need my fingers!" "MY FUCKING FINGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    17. NotMN

      The funniest part is that all these things are totally doable with practice, it's the fact that they'd never done this before lmao

    18. sophia karpoev

      I wore fake nails for two days this weekend for the first time and it was... awful. I didn’t care about how hard it made things, only the feeling of fabric on them. I have a really big fabric sensitivity, and touching fabric with them was like having my eyes plucked out. Never again, no matter how cute it looked.

    19. Addie Walters

      A bunch of girls in my grade wear nails like 3000000 times the size of those........I’m in 6th grade...

    20. Avery Baldosser

      We have a HOLOSEXUAL!!!

    21. That One Weird Narwhal


    22. Anne jiori chassignet

      Christine we found a holosexual

    23. The Fandom Master

      K, everyone talking about Eugene and, "I've never created a reaction with my fingers like that" but no one mentions the fact he's obviously in a gay bar

    24. Scribble Bee

      When I wear fake nails I've developed a way to pop them of so can re-wear them, I usually get ready in the morning and then put them on before leaving, i have loads and I love colour coordinating them with outfits!

    25. Pink101dragon hulio

      Cristine where r u??? @simplynailogicle

    26. Gemma Mul'e

      Why was the asmr good

    27. Jana Alyssa Almero

      I like Keith nails the most

    28. Kiskalexandra Gayatri

      Maybe you should watch Cristine's ViDeO @simplynaillogical :)

    29. Mimi_ Nerdy

      Mah nails are naturally long so like ya but i have not problems at all

    30. Alex L C

      I it just me or does Keith and Zack especially Zack looks flippin gay

    31. Gracie Baker

      Zach needs to meet Cristine from @Simplynailogical

    32. Camille S


    33. Keelie Winter

      Its 5AM in the MORNING🤣🤦🏼‍♀️‼

    34. Chelsea Wolters

      yall zach is a holo sexual (simplenailogicly)

    35. Lila Zalucky


    36. ben dec

      ned: gets a heart for ariel and wes bean: ...

    37. KatKorn101

      Omg Zach was literally at a trader Joe's

    38. Nevaeh Mann

      This is why I can’t do nails. I CANT DO ANYTHING!!!!!!!!

    39. Taja Devi

      i never had it and never ever will, i could not live normally at all, poor guys struggling like this,, it is not natural to have long stiff nails, not to mention dangerous, hope this trend dies fast

    40. jt bencin

      I get you Zack, I would bite my nails bit I have no more left 😬

    41. Darkness Inside

      Knuckle fingers people get along with it. They look hotter

    42. Martha Cox

      "i don't want to cut them anymore because i still want to bite them" biggest mood e v e r

    43. Cueva TwoThreeNine

      If the sitcom bit at the end was a real show I would pay a subscription fee to watch it

    44. Tyro Wolfe

      Zack is.... holosexual

    45. Shelby Little

      who else came to the comments to see if people were commenting about Zach being a holo sexual

    46. Anshu Kale

      Zach be Holosexual.

    47. Ella Allison

      Zack should watch simply nail logical because he likes HOLO

    48. Diane Nannini

      Radiation got to your ??? Not right, this shit doesn't happen... help isn't a possible. Never I just threw up

    49. Diane Nannini

      Soooooo disturbing..... no no no. NO

    50. dboy

      I'm much SMARTER and Better - Looking than all U ASS - HOLES. !!!!!!!!!

    51. dboy

      F***K-off Try GAY GUYS. !!!!!! I'm 11 years old and your STUPID SHOW SUCKS. !!!!!!!

    52. Jess HInchey

      Do try guys get braces they don’t have to be real but maybe have the same diet as the people who have them

    53. Marko Grepl-Malmgren

      0:26 😂 best part

    54. ella

      keith just roasted everyone’s nails the whole video

    55. cherii 0

      Did anyone notice that eugene went to a gay bar

    56. Abigail Seely

      Ned: “it’s about the morning”

    57. Fatima Anguiano

      Thank God I'm not interested in wearing nails

    58. Micah P

      Zach: I don't have anyone to admire my nails.. Maggie: ...

    59. Miguel Ramirez

      What about bean? NED?!

    60. Jovanna Cota

      I got stiletto nails one time and I was working at a call center ....they had thin ass toilet paper 🧻..... I ended up stabbing my asshole... Since that day I’ve never gotten em again because of that ass stabbing incident (And no I didn’t get shit on the nail)