The Morons Of Coronavirus



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    1. chris batzis

      i really love your videos h3h3 but these clips make me lose all hope for humanity

    2. riothero313

      I usually only wear one condom in public but, lately I've been double baggin'. I can peal one back like an onion.

    3. Sadie Brubaker

      People are saying that Contagion is the movie coming true, but I would argue that it is more of a Contagion/Idiocracy hybrid...

    4. Fabio Inacio

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="306">5:06</a> very interesting how u “censor” the word fuck but u still say the coronavirus, u getting demonetized anyways my dude lol

    5. Ryan Rafter

      coronavAAArus! coronavAAArus!

    6. Kitty

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="234">3:54</a> highhhhhhh lol

    7. Hacktivist

      This guy still exists?

    8. Nadine Craft

      This is great. Here's hoping jontron might upload a weird corona virus video too. I'm curious as to what he would upload.

    9. Joseph Sloan

      I love Ethan calling out all peeps who thought meh. I'm not going to die. Now the US might have over 100k deaths. Stay home!

    10. Broke Ass Dollar Store Ellen

      Yeah my mom used to take my temp with a rectal thermometer. i fucked hated it lol

    11. Amara Blake

      One dude eats a bat in China and I can't leave my house

    12. Edu

      70 dollars a bottle my gosh

    13. BivenG


    14. Cracked_ Nebula

      I feel like people don't even know what a virus is.

    15. PowerLord83

      If you think Kacytron was serious, you obviously dont know her and how its an act she puts on so good that its believable

    16. TheWHEATISH weet

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="260">4:20</a> fat Riley Reid

    17. Brit-Flick Reviews

      Can I get any bets when the first “MAN SUFFOCATES WITH BAG ON HEAD PROTECTING HIMSELF FROM CORONAVIRUS” headline will be? And if it’s gonna be in Florida haha

    18. pat dunne

      Using Hila as clickbait is moronic. She's the only reason I'm here.

    19. Og Skrumps

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="261">4:21</a> at the end of that I literally felt my organs hurt with cringe...

    20. ShoeNice 22


    21. Sleiger

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="715">11:55</a> *heavy breathing*

    22. Neku

      ok if they start uploading again i might subscribed again.

    23. steveo314

      Silver....what is COVID a Witcher monster???

    24. Mad Titan

      First it was h3 not it's leafy. You can't make this shit up

    25. King Meed Spin

      virus is not serious. that guy that said that came out from the potty hole university of harvard

    26. YNA ent.

      About time they uploaded a real video

    27. SamuelNiemirycz

      UK is no more part of Europe. Pls stop reffering to UK as part of Europe, thank you.

    28. mia suzie

      the thing is, the stats are showing that there are more people with no underlying health problems, and young people who are dying from the virus - it really isn't just the elderly and those with immunodeficiencies.

    29. Ginger Bread

      Rudy Goburt

    30. Lenext Owens

      DAMN that woman on twitch is heartless

    31. Matthew

      I’ve got a lower immune system and I’m 18 if I get it I will die so saying old ppl only will get effected is bullshit

    32. Joseph Berkeley

      When we have an individual to focus our ire on, the greed and sociopathy innate to unbridled capitalism reveals itself for what it is. A disgusting and amoral system that preys on the less fortunate and needy. However, when faceless corporations operate in the same manner they are often lauded and roundly applauded for it. It’s a symptom of the larger manipulations of a broken system that rewards evil.

    33. Joseph Berkeley


    34. Prod. SUENAMME

      Yeaaaa Ethan I see you throwing up B’s suwooooop

    35. melon

      you are so smart to know silver solution doesn't save you, but believe a Chinese eat a bat is the cause of this worldwide apocalypse LOL

    36. H4R_Dy

      Welcome back after 9 months ;)

    37. Em Dee

      Kenneth Copeland looks like Hoggle from "The Labyrinth". "The flu...or whatever else thing (because I'm too stupid to know what it's called)"..."your job's not your source (you don't need money to live but give me all of your money)"... Jim Baker had to read the name of his own product he was advertising to know what it was called. Would a God really confide in stupid people like that if they existed?

    38. William Ytterby

      Well natural selection here we go

    39. Thomas Linnemann

      The priest dude looks like a guy in a mask.....

    40. Really_gay.Gacha-Stuff

      Funniest fucking thing is im moving to Nashville lol

    41. MezaZG

      When people are scared and they try to hide it behind comedy.

    42. Tyler Morris

      Remember when h3h3 was good?

    43. Joshua Montaño

      I miss Sean.

    44. Tracy tru

      tithing puts u in a position to be blessed. it breaks the curse. its not for the church or churches its for your heart to not be so attached to money(which is the “curse”), and thats when it becomes the root of evil. it can be whAtever amount it doesn’t have to be thousands of dollas just whatever u can giv happily

    45. JacksonTheBarb


    46. Mac Leal

      Price gouging isn’t bad, it’s just supply and demand, thought that guy is selling his items too high.

    47. The Lolleski's Cave

      The rerurn of the queens

    48. dehydratedcactus

      lol kpop stans arent viruses they're cancer HI FELLOW TAEHYUNG AND NAMJOON STAN PLEASE DONT ATTACC ME JUST A JOKE

    49. Viktor Medojević

      Look at face of these people you can see their IQ is same as my bank account. And that is 2€

    50. KAPITURZ

      king return

    51. Jeannine The Cool Mom

      I see nothing wrong with the plastic over the stroller. The fucktards on spring break just wow! I heard most of them got the Corona virus.

    52. U238

      That moment when you were raised Christian and a Jew knows what a "tithe" is, but you don't.

    53. bruhmieter568

      It's hard watching videos seeing as you guys are just as bad as the people you rant about now.

    54. Lol

      Sadly, this vid is not differentiated. Ethan, u used to be better!

    55. Red Alexander

      Hell must have froze over if this channel is getting a video

    56. Emotion Emotion


    57. Happy Chappy

      Damn! Save some intelligences for the rest of us.

    58. Sean Pavone uploaded

    59. David M

      New actual h3 content makes this virus worth it

    60. Lenoquo

      imagine showing this video to someone six months ago

    61. ClockworkNinja X

      I think these are good things. We need these people. The world can stand to lose half of its population. Humans are cancer and the planet is trying to fix itself by killing the cancer. I hope the planet wins. We deserve to die.

      1. ClockworkNinja X

        @MeHateMochi Jokes on you. You assume I have loved ones.

      2. MeHateMochi

        Ain't gonna be the same when u or ur love ones get it

    62. Lauren NotMuhName

      How old is Ethan

    63. Olivia Proctor

      "soul-crushing capitalism", but... "Amazon removed his account"...and once again capitalism solves itself. Amazing how the free market works.

    64. SylletBang

      Of course they can use Corona as a title and get away with it.

    65. rusty shakleford

      "Wow ethan, great moobs. Keep it up. Proud of you."

    66. Hypo Flump

      Waaaaaaaaatttttt wtf.......FIRST LEAFY THEN OG H3!!!!! Wow

    67. Ryan Tatar

      damn, this made me miss the old h3

    68. Stephen Harrison


    69. Blue_Squirrel

      Teddy Fresh More like Teesh Frddy

    70. budafuka

      Goddamn, Kaceytron is still at it? That is a commitment to an act I don't think I've ever seen anyone do.

    71. Qyilz

      Thank god you finally did something other than that awful podcast

    72. Cole Daeschel


    73. Way Too HyperNova

      Legends tell of the hero who would rise from the depths of the great mountain in our greatest time of need... Ethan is not the hero we deserve, he is the hero we need. Hila is not the heroine we deserve, but the *-heroin is bad-* heroine we need

    74. 1m subs without vids

      Some are not being morons, those are just resourcefulness.

    75. Laura Bell

      Holy shit Vanessa blew my fucking top off with that shit holy FUCK!!!!! .. This video was suuuuper funny guys. Love ya!!!

    76. TipZiiy

      Well well we’ll look who’s come crawling back

    77. Carrie W

      Pure gold! God I missed this format!!!!!

    78. deni_.senpai

      Daddy’s back

    79. Abel

      When was the last time i heard this intro😭😭

    80. Drake Liles

      Hey actually that, “Nashville undefeated” tweet came after we had a really bad tornado rip through like three towns. So like, that’s kinda shitty of you to not do your research.