The BROFIST is declared a HATE SYMBOL! (this is bad)


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    1. San LeeYang

      meh, i say fuck that, spam it and make fun of any idiot that thinks you're being racist.

    2. Sigurd Sigurd

      My favourite video ever...

    3. Marvelous Artist1920

      These particular "hate symbols" arent real. These are just people over reacting so they have something to be offended by so they can pretend to be victims of something that makes them feel special. People today are PUSSYS. Get over yourselves.

    4. Dank memes in my dreams

      *Divers causally diving* Diver 1: “You ok? Diver 2: *Does ok symbol* Diver 1: *”I’m disgusted”*

    5. Cinata Gemstone

      Wait... This is real? People actually... Wow.

    6. Troy Bad Boi

      It’s called despicable me for a reason


      Can we make a symbol that say America is joke.....ffs this country is bad.

    8. Joostitoast

      everyone gamer that said wp at the ende of the match *starts sweating*

    9. Jo Mo


    10. KidAAA

      Either PewDiePie is extremely naive or is purposefully doing nazi's dirty work for them. The fact he glossed over the "subscribe to pewdiepie" dude who used this symbol after commiting a massacre suggests the latter. Lots of impressionable teens watch this guys videos and this is the exact kind of content the nazis want.

    11. Sandaled Seal

      im gone for like 2 years, and decide to visit my good ol' school. they. banned. the. ok. sign. that is how i found out about it hhh


      When did pewdiepie start making videos like this lmao

    13. Neon Stalker

      A wise man once said "Crinkles"

    14. Cam's Crappy Channel

      PewDiePie uploads new hatespeech video on famous white power website BGsel.

    15. Subbaiah VIKTOR KRANE NM

      Is this a BGselr or a philosopher?

    16. Nuno Satiro

      Dems are a dumpster fire

    17. chavausca


    18. Raijikuno Shintaro

      thank god my country is not like this shit just a hand gesture was turn by the idiots to become in a hate list

    19. Melody

      Nice clickbait xD

    20. dezm101

      definitely the kind of video I expect from someone who gets a shout out moments before a mass shooting. I guess you will do another video why its ok to say the n word next.

    21. Cooper Foley

      I do that game school

    22. takaroshi kamimura

      Something tells me that each year, there will be more and more hate spreading everywhere.

    23. Happy_GAMER 773

      Who the hell would look at a hand symbol and just suddenly assume it means whit power like really.

    24. Nikolay Vasilev

      Finally a video that's not entirelly catered to the 10-year olds :D This was nice!

    25. Duncan F

      Me: what brofist a hate symbol Pewdiepie:dose not talk about the brofist Me: clickbate

    26. Dat1Fangirl

      *holy shit it’s aN OK SYMBOL GO BACK TO BED INTERNET*

    27. IB01

      Lmao ur strory sounds exactly like dark souls intros 😂😂 " yes indeed, there was a frog called pepe, the peasants raged against him! But from the ashes of pepe... A nightmare was born to take over this decrepit world. Nay is the time of resistance. For you are the chosen one... Nay is the time ! "

    28. nodrules2

      No everyone who gets upset over the okay sign needs to be shot.

    29. Jim the Enchanter

      Lol. Thanks for this. Haven't had a good laugh in a while...

    30. Osom & Friends

      This is getting ridiculous, people declaring normal things as hate symbols... Why? Just, why?

    31. Lorenz Canedo

      I'm gonna cut my arm, OK symbol's dead

    32. Guest the Robloxian gamer

      They think of one thing and is quick to announce what it means, they think the pure ones instead of the comedian ones, thus humanity has fucked us over, TV shows spread this announcement and unofficially declaring a destruction day to the innocent memes.

    33. FRA games

      atleast im not in that country

    34. Theresa Bohan

      I got a pewdiepie ad before this video

    35. Beasty


    36. Davin Fasci

      Those damn Karen’s 👌

    37. animações duvidosas

      Em Kay needs to change

    38. Ondřej Míka

      Pewdie aren't you just helping the white supremacists by reacting to reactions to white supremacists? Hmm Pepe

    39. IhazDaFun

      us intellectuals have to stick together

    40. Lily Loops


    41. Sonic The Hero

      I like the mosic.

    42. Máté Bodor

      This is 10x the content you usually do!

    43. LaserCreeper137 :D

      Ok hand sign

    44. Spidey fan

      Legend says if you comment fast enough. PewDiePie replies to you. Is that true?

    45. Steiner von Wolfkin Kreave

      I think this video is absolutely 👌

    46. Ziwelz UvU

      Ha, got em’.

    47. Relic Shield

      Pewds: Brofist declared as a hate symbol Riot Games: *heavily breathing*

    48. Luca Langdon

      Ok 👌

    49. Patricio Gonzalez

      Trash documemtary. How irresponsible can you be with a platform ? You are encouraging dog whistling with this trash. Can't tell if you doing this on purpose or not but that could be the point.

    50. Bee


    51. Kanami Exo

      In middle east, the "ok" sign is usually used when you want to curse someone..basically means damn or f*** your parents!

    52. Beldrama

      *Christchurch shooter pulls OK-sign after killing 50 people * 'Don't fall for the bait guys, they're just trolling!'

    53. Anusreeto Podder

      The Nazis used the Hakenkreuz not the Swastika. Even the Mein Kampf refers to it as Hakenkreuz. The English Evangelists translated that as Swastika which is incorrect and deliberate to distance the Nazis from Protestant Christianity and associate them with Paganism. The Swastika is symbol in Hinduism which is also used in other Dharmic religions like Buddhism and Jainism. It has nothing to do with the Hakenkreuz which is a Protestant Christian symbol from Lambach Abbey in Austria.

    54. Deepu M

      Comment section is a wonderful example.of how teens can be manipulated to defend the status quo as long as it is packaged as being anti establishment or rebellious even though it is the opposite of that. And the best way to make them do dumb shit is to make them think they are smart and logical 24x7

    55. Joner Pat

      I came in wanting to know WHY the brofist is a hate symbol. I came out knowing everything about memes.

    56. Valar Morghulis

      BGsel’s like button is the thumb of one race. Hate symbol

    57. LMGunslinger

      The premise that white power is bad is, is already a problem. What exactly are "white supremacists ideas"? Try actually listening to white supremacists groups. They're a lot different than what is portrayed.

    58. lùn nhím

      Wao Poods...this is amazing😮

    59. Smooth 560

      Best documentary

    60. douleur

      Thank you for the propaganda