The 2002 Mercedes-Benz SL500 Is the Last Old-School Mercedes

Doug DeMuro

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    The 2002 Mercedes-Benz SL500 Silver Arrow was the last old-school Mercedes. Today I'm reviewing this SL500 and I'm showing you all around this great example of the R129 Mercedes SL. Then I'm driving this 2002 SL500 to show you what it's like to get it out on the road.
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    1. LS3ftw

      Who else thinks of the movie Liar Liar every time you see an R129 SL?

    2. Andrew Hall

      These are beautiful. I, too, have always loved this styling!

    3. wa2804

      If someone is interested in the way the roll bar works: (historic footage)

    4. Steve d

      FAKE NEWS!! Hey dummy do some fricken research you got a lot wrong on this review

    5. Thomas Horneman

      why does Doug always have cuts on his face and fingers? what does this guy do on his week ends??

    6. Ivo Fixzone

      From here I can see a sloppy paint job. None expert can see the car has been repainted.

    7. Kev27RS

      Love this one! The R129 generation in general is awesome! By the way, the R230 SL generation came out in 2001 not 2003. It was designed around '97 - '98. So yes, the R129's design was already kinda outdated by the late 90's. Still a lovely looking car model (R129) nowadays though!

    8. Osama Nasri

      17:53 ok boomer

    9. Sompasong Phalikhanh

      Hey! Can you do video about W140 S600?

    10. Deepanker Mathur

      Hi Doug, big fan here. I have watched all your videos. Can you please do a video on Bentley 2020 flying spur? Its an amazing car and it would be great if you review it. Thanks a lot! @Doug DeMuro

    11. paul Paul

      Doug is the type of guy to act sick on his day off.

    12. Vas Kount

      Doug the type of guy to drink water with a straw

    13. FA20StockBlocker

      Shout-out to thing 1 and thing 2 for the professional roof install, 1 minute

    14. PapaLuLa

      Doug, the type of guy that...what? we aren't doing these anymore? (expletive deleted)


      Hey Doug, just so you know Scotty Kilmer is using your name in the title of his videos to trick you tube algorithms so he draws your audience to his channel. Kinda of a scumbag move if you ask me.

    16. faggy mcfagboy

      fuck me in the pooper

    17. nostickpeople

      Doug Just saw a disturbing video of Scotty Kilmer putting ya down over your recent purchase. WTF Dont y'all get BGsel money! He drives a freekin Toyota!

    18. Gabriel Retort

      Looks like the interior is made from panda leather

    19. Eliot Brooks

      What happed to the la ferrari on the doug score spread sheet

    20. Joseph Torres

      Do a trokiando truck review 😂😈

    21. Buzzwire

      Mob car

    22. Justin Calandra 'student'

      The next gen looks so much better tho, boxy isn’t for me

    23. Musical ED

      It looked like the Roll Bar whold do nothing for you. We need a taller roll bar

    24. Kobe Watkins

      So ready for Doug December 😁

    25. Mel Low

      Back in 2004 I visited my ex girlfriends dad in fort Lauderdale who was rich. He let me take this car out like it was nothing to him. EXCEPT it was the v12 version. I was barely wasnt even 20 years old driving a v12 Mercedes around the streets of florida like I was a boss lol. Good times

    26. Michael Schmitt

      I cannot believe you don't know this Doug! That car, the 1989 SL, was the first convertible in the world with an automatic rollbar. You are talking about other cars having that like it is not a distinct Mercedes feature, but it is. And in this car that you are featuring here, it also still moves up when the vehicle detects that the car is about to roll. Mercedes would never ever let the driver make the decision about crucial safety, I am surprised you would even think that. Makes no sense. Other than that giant blunder, a nice review :-)!

    27. akaNudr

      SL500 benz with the amg package and the rare gucci jacket with the cartier glasses just to match it

    28. Lloyd H.

      This Doug DeMuro always makes me laugh at the end. Great sense off humor 😄

    29. Werner Van Bastelaere

      The roll bar will always pop up autmatically regardless of its position whenever the sensors detect an imminent room over. As far as I know It was back than the only car on the market with that unique feature.

    30. Nicholas Evans


    31. Filip Gereg

      ako nemas ideje douglas dmemuro

    32. therealknapster

      The last until coming soon , rich husbands wife vehicle . Beats top comment with likes all will be revealed .

    33. The Jojoloop everything channel

      Review the Toyota Tundra the best half ton truck on the market

    34. John Finley

      I remember when these were new, and I worked for the Mercedes dealer in Dallas at the time. Biggest POS. However, I had to drop one off at a client's house one day. The owner and her maid were out front arguing with meat cleavers. It was like Karen Walker from Will and Grace right before my eyes.

    35. Jaime Aguilera

      We have an 02 SL600 Silver Arrow, beautiful car. 100 made I believe.

    36. saratov99

      I dreamed about this car since 1993.

    37. Hammer

      Always liked this, it's a great drive. Mark V with the 460 next?

    38. Doosh Dashcams Australia

      The cocaine is stuffed into the headrest in case you don't have the time to look yourself

    39. Никита Уралов

      Please make video about Ford Crown Victoria

    40. Rem

      Doug, come on... do your research. The roll bar pops up in the event of a rollover. Automatically...

    41. Shitsdope

      Please do a MB e430 w210 Review :)

    42. Ficon

      Does the Silver Arrows package come with a swastika flag-convertible top? Not sure celebrating anything German from 1930s is a great idea.

    43. Toby Corbin

      6:13 did he yank the door handle so hard that it bent the mechanism? It doesn't quite return to the same spot.

    44. FoodiE

      rip bmw x3m

      1. Frank

        Doug is the kind of guy to delete his own work

    45. Christopher R.

      DOUG REVIEW AN AUDI SQ5 for a VETERAN... so many features and you’ll have a good lengthy video.

    46. Ilya _ First1

      Doug, will you please do a review of Ferrari SF90 Stradale 😈😈😈 I'm from Russia and I really want to see this video

    47. mike mo

      Doug is the type of dude to take a shower at a Planet Fitness in a swimsuit.

    48. Dereck Quiles

      Review plymoth cuda

    49. Give me some Chupa!

      Like i said before do your homework about the car before making a video about it!

    50. mavgt302

      Hey Doug, how are you? please Make a video with a Mercedes from the W124 series, preferably the E60 AMG which in my opinion is the ultimate sedan of all time, and also because the W124 series has a reputation for being indestructible as a taxi today in many countries for reliability and reliability. robustness. Thank you and a big hug from Sao Paulo - Brazil


      Shame Mercedes and a lot of cars nowadays are very unreliable with a lot of plastic in old days a car was often passed on from family member to another family member but now it will be lucky to get pass its warranty period before it is replaced so it is not entirely the manufactures fault.

    52. Susan Spaulding

      *WOW* !!!! LOVE the ending!!! #DougDeMuro

    53. gosponbreeze

      cmon Doug, while there must've been the first Mercedes to be called the Silver Arrow (Silberpfeile), Mercedes racing cars, and especially F1 cars have been called Silver Arrows for literally decades. If you don't know that, then wtf are you doing car vlogging.

    54. normski52

      My '95 SL Mille Miglia had rear seats, even though they were almost useless

    55. SirTheOnlyPixel

      Huracan Evo in the future? :o

    56. DUNE YXZ

      Those two weaklings could barely hold the roof!

    57. Lothar-René Wurth

      There is on more storage compartment in the center console // Nice car - i love to drive it

    58. Jon Boy

      Doug - Your comments about the roll bar are completely wrong! There were two obvious leading technological breakthroughs with this lovely car, the first was the automatic folding soft top that everyone noticed and the other less noticed, but all the more important one, was the automatically deploying roll bar that, when set in the down position for visual effect, deployed in a millisecond to protect the occupants when the cars' computer detected a rollover! I have a silver 1999 SL320 with the panoramic hard top. If you think the tin lid you had fitted was heavy you should fit the panoramic one! However. once fitted it gives a fantastic feeling of security and space on bright winter winter days and the roll bar still deploys in a rollover inside the roof space! This car is so under rated at the moment and will undoubtedly start to gain the recognition it deserves soon!

    59. Ronald Scott

      Btw, the roll bar still pops up in the event of a roll over. Still making up facts I see...

    60. Ronald Scott

      Back when "luxury", meant "quality", and "technology"... unlike today 😣 This is still one of my dream cars, and it's on my "bucket list".