The 20 Types of People You Find in Every Office!!



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    Check out these 20 types of people you find in every office! Which type are you? Let us know in the comments below!
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    1. Melek Ulus

      1:30 me

    2. 「 Daria 」

      that black girl is everything 🥰

    3. Muội Muội

      Omg you look so cute that i thought

    4. Dwaco Malfoy

      I am the rage machine but in school...

    5. #btslover4ever and ever

      She is my fave

    6. OLEA WOOD

      This is so funny

    7. Gamer Girl

      2:38 *how kids use those at elementary*

    8. Chloe Walker

      From Tik Tok

    9. Rainbow Kids


    10. Maria Grafanhate

      My favorites were the flirt, the cute one, the everyone's crush, the vampire, the lazy one and the rage machine. 😂😂😂😂

    11. Medhat Shawky

      The bosses pet is so savage

    12. Medhat Shawky

      The holiday freak is so funny

    13. S S

      Sexy and shisha

    14. Samantha Mitchell

      Love the lazy one

    15. Coralie

      I love her acting🤩

    16. Buse Naz Arıcan

      Cok cirkinsin

    17. Glaze _2008

      I bet the gossiper is friends with the boss pet and the gossiper probably texted her about Jenny and Greg and she probably told the boss 😂😂

    18. Dikeledi Muriel Makhubo

      She is so good at acting

    19. P V A

      Русские тут?

    20. Fathima Shifana

      I love her acting...😍 normal acting than everyone

    21. Mahua Roy Chowdhury

      The vampires

    22. Maria Maximilien

      She should make a part two

    23. Kyky's_ world

      What's that song that she was listening too?! That was Bomb

    24. Sarah Chebbi

      7:00 finaly i listen to her voice Rlly i like her She is so fuckin cute OMMGGCGHH 💕

    25. Shi Yu Meng

      I love the girl(main character). The first time I see blossom it was she my favorite one😍❤️💛💚💙💜

    26. IdaK Skuggan Olsson

      omg so true 😂😂

    27. Caroo Peña

      Name of the actress????

    28. Familia Subhas

      Now English day

    29. ragoa soltan


    30. Aakanksha Kshirsagar

      I am sure after this video this girl is going to get a promotion

    31. Pxstel_ Lollypop

      1:45 I watch those shows in the background. My favorite is harry the bunny Omg i remember chica

    32. Lesly Escamilla

      U know baby girl t bc in the most creep when she was staring at the girl I saw some frames about baby first

    33. Esther A ovelinha do Senhor

      Quem é umas das meninas que alisa... o cabelo e seu chá atrás do mesmo gueito eu sou assim 🤫

    34. Rojina Giree

      I am like rage machine

    35. غزل احمد

      My favorite girl😍😍😍😍😍

    36. Eve :3

      I love that girl is funny :3

    37. Margarita Dimitrova

      But in chili publish not

    38. Susanaplay

      1:56 Lol this is funny

    39. Melanie Carlos

      Everyone's crush❤️❤️👍👍🏼❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    40. Melanie Carlos

      The rage machine👍👍🏼🤣

    41. Melanie Carlos

      The cute one👍👍🏼

    42. Joruri Amaya

      I'm the vampire one lol

    43. Ashley William


    44. lk cvr

      4:58 definitely me:)

    45. crunching._.asmrx x

      Who else is from TikTok?

    46. Sindhu Nagasuri

      Her voice is so sweet

    47. Maya Civonitram

      How many wigs tho haha

    48. DN Sharma

      The rage machine was like 😂😂

    49. Lexie Gardner

      8:28 what is that song and she pretty

    50. Ava Casey

      This chick really tried to blend in with the wall

    51. Jay's Gallery

      I can severely relate to the unplugged headphones. But instead I turned it up higher because I couldn’t hear it. Then I was immortality embarrassed. That’s was fun…

    52. Araceli Gutierrez Ovaldo


    53. SamiraPlayz Roblox

      l watch this every day kfj why😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐

    54. Me • Myself • I

      They NEVER talk in a video. So what even happened now?????.

    55. Lydia A

      She is so handsome as a boy 😅

    56. Bimali Baddegama

      2:31 does she know how many germs are in that wig😂

    57. Peyton Eide


    58. ambra pagani

      the nosy creep remembers me death note's L

    59. Ms. BobaTOTES

      I like how the theif was dressed

    60. Isabella Rocha

      Love like