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Michael Reeves

Michael Reeves

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    Go to buyraycon.com/reeves for 15% off your order! Brought to you by Raycon.
    If anyone wants to rent the tazer vests for their kids birthday party dm me.
    Thank you for letting me electrocute you OfflineTv
    Also I joined OfflineTv: bgsel.info/video/video/ebjN032OtI2wpaw.html
    Twitter: michaelreeves08
    Instagram: michaelreeves808
    Website: michaelreeves.us/
    PinkOmega - Dumplings (Prod. Holder) [Instrumental]
    jump man 93 - oldbandstuffs 1

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    1. LRC AJ

      You're bad for creating those 4:34

    2. Andrew Xiao

      Keanu Reeves : guns Michael Reeves : pain boi.

    3. InkTheOne

      Make a channel called 'end my suffering' where you just show you coding

    4. Menntes

      pro tip: just shoot someone with a real gun to inflict damage

    5. Luis Perez

      What about using these for a western style gun duel

    6. Ariel Scott

      you should bliud a robot that calls lily bommer or bommer zommer

    7. Alex isugi

      If you even see this, this an actual good robot idea: A remote controlled drone that can control a BB gun from a controller. I promise it's original.

    8. Gabe The Dog

      Are you Keanu Reeves' son?

    9. ice dragon

      lets dump 1.000.000 straws into the ocean

    10. Beebix

      Can you make a robot that encourages you to have a better posture by tazing you whenever you slouch?

    11. ultimate nutss

      make a wireless charging Cup that stored electricity to heat up the cup

    12. Lugiamasterbrony

      Wonder what he did with all the twitter bot stuff

    13. Salma Yamilet Hernandez Banda

      You should do a machine that taze people when they got killed in league of legends

    14. jimm7

      Make an alarm clock that slaps you to wake you up

    15. oP - vKillz ヅ

      Is that poki

    16. RAINY

      pokimane in full slav gear

    17. Tyler R

      How did you parents raise you

    18. TheEpic_Weir

      Make a whoopie cushion that tazers u if u move it off the chair that it’s on

    19. Kangang Studio

      Make a robot that tells you to eat Burger Kings crispy pretzel chicken fries every time you walk by it.

    20. Bob Roberts

      Please make more content

    21. Daniel L.

      Yes I'm a bad person. Whatchu gonna do about it?

    22. Albert Nave

      Michael looks like he's 15 but acts like he's 30.

    23. Superior Studios

      Make a toaster that moans when the toast is done.

    24. Kyle Holbrook

      When did Michael grow a jawline? The fuc

    25. Ethan Bakazan

      Make a roomba that hides under furniture and tases ankles when ever it sees them

    26. Luca Gamer400

      Make a driving piano you can drive while playing making my way down town

    27. Rexxa

      7seconds is the time it took for him to cuss

    28. Fraser C

      Make a robot that only talks to your guests and ignores you. Then explodes when you use its middle name to get its attention.

    29. plush king

      Where is ding ding

    30. Flipflopschlipschlop Studios

      “This is the d-“ “ *_OH MY GO-_* “

    31. Orionpax7000

      Video Ideas: 1. An asthma inhailer that makes your asthma worse 2. A robot that sprays you with water everytime you go to sleep 3. A robot that forces you yo workout by tazing you 4. A robot that hits you when you get a math problem wrong 5. A robot that yells boomer everytime lily says something boomerish 6. A light that only turns on when you scream

    32. Tanner Homo

      Make a robot that cuts the power every 5 minutes

    33. Mike Rodriguez

      You should make a Roomba with Taser so when it bumps into somebody it tazes them

    34. Giorgi 5056

      Here's my shitty idea make a gun that shoots plastic straws

    35. Kaymin Angeletti

      You know lazer tag now we have tazer tag doesn't that sound fu- Let me electricute you.

    36. Kasen Cole

      Make a robot that deletes all the bad robot idea comments

    37. Austin Matney

      you should build a robot that tazes you when you dont run fast enough on a treadmill

    38. Crusader McCheese

      Today, January 24, 2020, I found a meme using Michael Reeves

    39. Nani?! -_-

      Treadmill powered television

    40. Austin Stathis

      5:38 is funny af

    41. Emma

      I'm gonna say it...love the Ashitaka and Yakul wallpaper

    42. Connor Booher

      Your use of the trap dumplings beat is highly acceptable, papa franku would approve

    43. Hypər98

      He should make a phone that tazes anyone who gets the password wrong

    44. NateTheLoser

      Wait.... when did you get more subs than lily. You have like 2M more than her lmaooo

    45. laura

      You should make a third person "machine". With a drone flying behind you and VR

    46. Kaden Thiessen

      rig the house so that when anyone goes into a room, they can't turn the lights on but the lights turn on once they leave the room.

    47. Kaden Thiessen

      make a robot that does your calculus homework for you

    48. Marwan Abulibdeh

      bruh your account doesn't exist on twitter is it just me?

    49. Mr. Corkhead

      create some kind of weaponized glasses... example: wear a backpack with a battery, and when you push a button in your sleeve, it shoots a taser!

    50. Mr. Corkhead

      you are messed up

    51. Aron Retuyan

      Make a real robot like it walks it talks it has human body and it has like everything in a human but inside are part's you put maybe its a good idea

    52. CHaOs Shade

      Make a car that shocks you


      Make a robot that slaps your eye repeatedly and forces you to sleep

    54. 64porkchops

      hey crack head when's a new video

    55. Created Restoring

      This was good and may I ask how do you always get stuff built or coded in 2 and a half hours iv seen u say it in like 4 videos I just seen

    56. JustnAnimator

      Lemme electrocute you now

    57. Gu1v

      make a scale that makes your wight alot more and record their reactions

    58. Brock Casey

      You missed the opportunity to call it taser lag

    59. 픽스 • 10 years ago

      You should make a r- You should make a mousepad that automatically tazes your wrist when you apply pressure


      You like shocking people right??? So how about a robot that you drive/fly that shocks people remotely. Youd be unstoppable.