Surprise Patio Makeover Reveal!

Ryland Adams

Ryland Adams

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    I hope you enjoy today's video :)
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    1. SkijeuBerry

      And here I am worrying for when it rains and the whole patio's gonna be wet. ackskfkdk but that's just me living in a tropical country 😂 I reallyyyy loveee Ryland's designing skills though! 🥺❤️

    2. It_ _Bleh

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="758">12:38</a> Ryland: Talks and being himself Andrew: Acting awkward and innocent (Also this quarantine is making us binge watch all of his vids, but I'm not complaining here! 😊)

    3. * D E P R E S S E D _ T O R T I L L A *


    4. Maya Rachel

      hun become a fucken designer (what are they called lmao). that's honestly suchhhhhh talent. good for you boo

    5. SAM l

      Ummm - I liked the shed and the beauty room - the panic room in the old place. THIS SPACE ??? ALL THE FURNITURE NEEDED TO BE CHUNKIER. The furniture looks cheap because it’s a huge space with not expensive thin legged furniture. Even the fire could have been up to ⅔ bigger. Get a huge expensive outdoor rug - MOROCCAN plus 2 or 3 matching smaller ones to section the huge space into huge plus 2 small spaces. Get lots of bedouin rug like floor cushions to pile up on floor rugs every space + a Full size white Bedouin tent with sides that all open& place over main couch area for all weather sitting IKEA has all the carpet crap and the white pretend tent PLUS pretend palms & massive red glass & brass outdoor candle holder lighting - nicer than the 2 u got - sorry Oh and piece de resistance - really large rattan fans circa British empire Indian ceiling fans. NOT RATTAN NORMAL CEILING FANS - large rectangular door like pieces hung horizontally from ceiling and moved back and forth for air via attached narrow poles connected to Indian servants. U can get simple pneumatic like struts instead that work without servants I guess. Couple more of your large pretend palms & like Xmas - the pumpkins out for only 30 days a year cos they make the front door look cheap. “You’re Welcome” - Ciao” SAM 🤍:

    6. Emily D.

      We STAN Ryland renovations

    7. Martha Carrillo

      Sooo what about if it rains?

    8. Chloe Daniels

      Well done Ryland💕

    9. Jenn S

      Morgan, if you can BBQ with propane, you can roast marshmallows with propane :)

    10. Jenn S

      I like your decorating videos :) You're very good Invest in a pressure washer. It will make the patio cleaning a million times faster and easier. Good for washing the G wagon too

    11. Elle Neve

      Shane is a whole mood and his face reactions are a mood too😂😂

    12. Sandy lt

      You should help me make my room look nice. That’s what you should do when Covid is over. Design a fans dream room. Love you guys!

    13. Emilie Desroches

      Ryland: hey you guys! Good morning Shane: hey you guys! Yes

    14. Sxars Fade

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="758">12:38</a> we love Andrew. We do. We just love him. If you watch he ends up just smileing to himself like. He's so fucking wholesome and cute 😍

    15. fridolin

      i love how appreciative Andrew is 😔💖

    16. Naomi Alvey

      Plz do more house transformation videos!

    17. Thea Quiñanola

      i hope ryland would do more videos like this

    18. Cass D.

      Andrew putting the stuffed animal down so gently ❤

    19. Isabella Zhang

      ive been binging all your videos and playing them on loop. first I LOVE YOU and second can you be an interior designer for my house?

    20. wasp

      I don't know about your complete situation but whatever her name is needs to get her own life and stop sucking off of you and your boyfriend. Sorry this needs to be said.

    21. Arielle Fears

      Shane"s hat reveal though... heart eyes

    22. GoGirl311

      Every vid Ms Morgan is in....its yall feeding her face, her insecurities and she never makes eye contact with the camera unless you all are pushing her to feed your fish (video content).....its horrible. Shes so beautiful but there's never video of her with shanes journey....and yall dont encourage her to be best for her health.....youre having at her expense to feed her shit.....and she follows, from low self esteem ....

    23. GoGirl311


    24. Kayla O'Brien

      Ryland needs a tv show!!

    25. Corgi Lamp

      you become a home depot dad when you go to home depot every other day to get some obscure item that no one has heard of but you.

    26. Sharon Main

      Uno is such a classic Labrador I love it ahaha 💕💕💕

    27. Paige Trosen

      Andrew putting down pouh <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="910">15:10</a>

    28. rachel c

      their is honestly the best, i wish my friends group was like theirs

    29. Alyssa

      Ryan is so freaking good at decoratingggg

    30. cloudfan1010102

      So then whats gonna happen when it rains? Genuinely curious

    31. Rhylie Garcia

      Wheres the part two ??? Mmmmmm

    32. Donna Lambton

      I watch you at 1.75 speed - its hilarious xxxxx

    33. matilda w

      Where is the pool

    34. Ally Stewart

      OMG this could be made a series called renovating with Ryland or is it just me that thinks this lol 😂

    35. Amanda Swartz

      Can these all be complied into a playlist??

    36. Sherlyn Castro

      Ryland come sail from a candle and I’m pretty sure Shane cut him self from his root beer

    37. Ivy Parreñas

      Ryland is so talented omygod

    38. Erica A

      It looks great!

    39. lorna breadin

      “For sale but dead”

    40. Creaky cove girl 101

      Biooo it is not hunted it was the can of root bear! 😑

    41. Beel 858

      Is it just me or does Ryland look like Jared Leto??? Shane walking out to see the revile is me when the quarantine is lifted. Lol.😂😂😂

    42. susan lewis


    43. Brooklyn Scully

      Where’s Garret?

    44. Skittyyy

      They have made every kind of Oreo imaginable. But yet they still haven’t made a reversed Oreo.

    45. Paige Tripp

      I NEED HONEY!!!!!!! 🥰😍😍😍

    46. Rachael Runge

      do a house tour

    47. Episode TV

      ryland come and decorate my house i beg you

    48. Jessica Somerville

      This is gorgeous but what about trellis with vines across the top to block the sun out

    49. Jessica Somerville

      Jesus fucking Christ the only thing this bitch ever thinks about is eating in every shot she’s in she’s shoving her face in every video she’s shoving her face like you wonder why your fat yet your fucking lazy and eat eat eat she’s so annoying like all she does is stand or sits by while people do all the fucking work like in her office makeover there’s no way she actually did the work her brother probably did it

      1. dancingmoons

        Jessica, I have no idea how you can comment such a heinous, disgusting comment, and then leave an innocent "this is a gorgeous renovation, try using trellis." comment right after. There is no reason to be so rude to anyone. Morgan has also recently lost a lot of weight, as this video is quite old. Just the fact that you even commented this is absolutely deplorable. No matter what you have against Morgan, there is no reason to be rude to her.

    50. Kai

      I HATE that Ryland didn’t use a ruler

    51. lola the weirdo

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="756">12:36</a> Andrew in the back

    52. DrēãmśÑèédTøBēFrèé

      I love Ryland he definitely NEEDS to be a and exterior and interior designer

    53. Lilyogurt Mars


    54. Agm mowry

      Mystery oreos? Remember when Shane did the $1000 mystery box and Garrett bought the mystery oreos and everyone hated them

    55. FlipperFlapper

      I love these vids a lot but how can he keep doing them I wonder what rooms he can decorate after his shed decroation

    56. Nicole Acuna

      Does Andrew and Morgan live with Shane

    57. Red Head


    58. Hinana224

      Holy shit ryland is always so good at makeovers

    59. Julia Bruder

      take a shot every time Ryland says “I’m not a fan of maple”

    60. lps gameslilyanna

      Ryland: Oh i'm not a huge maple fan All us Canadians: **slightly hurt but it's okay**

    61. Emily Garcia

      Ryland is literally the next mr Kate

    62. vxiolet -

      Ryland • I’m not a huge maple fan. Canadians • *So you have chosen death.*

    63. Addison Miller

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="836">13:56</a> wth was he saying lol

    64. Joy Pederzani

      @Ryland Adams I would LOVE for you to come decorate my first house I just bought a year ago down here in Texas. But I don't have the money for it 🤣

    65. Mia Reitellep Aim

      Ryland: im not a big maple fan All the canadiens : unsupscribe

    66. Undercover Goose

      Ryland acting like he's never tried mystery Oreo's. we all remember the old days.

    67. Ch3rry_N0ir

      wow ryland your really good at decorating

    68. DarkLunaneko

      The kid crying in the Target? Iconic

    69. lauren haubrich


    70. Erin Tweedy

      Ryland it's time to redo the master suite.

    71. Becky David

      I love it!!

    72. Ice Mendez

      I just love you Ryland 🤗 I love the way you decorate your amazing at it!

    73. Abby Campbell

      anyone else miss garrett

    74. Amaya Pereyra-Rios


    75. Peter Stoop

      Ryland you should anchor the table and the sitting area with a area rug. The transformation turned out amazing!

    76. Makayla Thrasher

      Honestly love how calming these thing are for me. Like you live in so much more luxury than me but you make these ordeals relatable lol

    77. C S

      I need Ryland to come make my patio/back porch amazing and beautiful.

    78. Elisa Ribeiro

      I just want Ryland to do a makeover for my bedroom... I mean come onnnnnnn

    79. Taya's Talents

      if your seeing this corona is taking over the world send help the :)

    80. Alexandra Matta

      I think I’m in love with Andrew 😂