Polygel nails with nail bed extension | Pink & white tutorial


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    Finally I tried Pink and white with Polygel. It looks as good as acrylic gel sculptured pink&white but it's way easier to create a crisp and even line.
    Have you already tried pink&white with polygel? What do you think?
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    1. Sincerely Kenzie


    2. Angel Rodriguez

      Do you have infill video of pink and white with poly gel?

    3. This is Cutie Ringo Joy

      How Long does it take to apply a single nail??

    4. This is Cutie Ringo Joy

      Does the slip solution dry? If so I will keep having to dip in the slip solution

    5. Laura Ke

      Is iT easy to do?

    6. Rózsa Beatrix


    7. Ericka Niko


    8. American - Brit Chick

      Hi 👋🏼 I really like the polygel product. It is so easy to apply and requires very little filing post-application, because there is plenty of time to perfect everything during the application. I find there is less waste with this product. But in adding up and doing costings, I discovered that despite less waste, this product is still less economical. This product is definitely more expensive to use than acrylic or hard gel, based on materials alone. However, due to less time filing, it may balance out in the end. I will have to consider the value of the total actual time saved, in order to calculate the true cost of this product, when used in a business capacity. Have you analysed this at all?

      1. Nailcou

        That is something to think about. For one color nails it definitely takes me less time and less filing. But not with Pink and white yet. So I think when the technique is mastered so it takes one hour - 1,5 or less, it will be definitely money wise choice.

    9. charley Pink

      Do you not need to build an apex with this product?

      1. Nailcou


    10. Mari Mynxx

      Thank you for this, I am a beginner with gel, I do my own nails only, so this video was really helpful.

    11. candice bergstrom

      Can this hybrid product be applied to the nail bed, but use regular acrylic on the tip?

      1. Nailcou


    12. TheClo1101

      .... Soooooo nice but soooooo expensive!!!

    13. Jennifer Wyatt

      Great video! I have issues with the Polygel getting caked into the bristles of my brush. I am using the Polygel polytool brush by gelish. Do you find that a synthetic hair brushworks better? I fear I am doing something wrong in my application. Any suggestions? Thank you!

      1. Jennifer Wyatt

        Update! So I found out that my original bottle of slip was from a bad batch. As soon as I opened a new bottle of slip, the problem stopped. Loving my Polygel now!! Thanks everyone!

      2. Dark Horse Nails

        The polytool is definitely the way to go, the firmness of the bristles allows you to press firmly for adhesion and the shape is great for the cuticle area and pressing the product along the nail without creating dents. Keep an eye on how much slip is in your brush - you want to dip and press it all back out in your dappen dish, then press on paper, then work the ball of product. As soon as you feel the brush start to grip at all, dip back into slip, drain in the dish then on paper and keep going. Err on the side of re-dipping in slip more often than less, but make sure you're not leaving the slip on your brush - slip is only for conditioning the brush, not for adding to the polygel - too much slip will dilute the product and make it weak. If you have old product in your brush grab the brush restorer and use that to clean it out and you'll be all set. HTH any other questions please feel free to hmu :)

    14. Nina Ottosson

      If i dont have slip solution, what els can i use ?

    15. Christina H

      Idk why im even watching this I dont even do nails but it looks so nice. I wish I could do this.

      1. Nailcou

        Thanks, Christina. You can find a salons that offer Polygel extensions and get your nails done :)

    16. Shana Derefield

      GELISH recommends curing the white for 2 min. I just watched a video tutorial from the nail tip convention and a GELISH rep. Said to cure polygel white for 2 min. Hope this helps....

      1. Nailcou

        Thank you very much, Shana! Yes, I ow I'm curing it longer and applying a little thinner, it works better

    17. מיטל כהן

      What about an allergy? Is it suitable for those who are allergic to acryl?

      1. Pat Boertee

        Works well for me... i cannot handle acryl for my own nails

      2. Nailcou

        Yes, I believe it might be a good solution

    18. Cheanaven’s Nails

      I really like the polygel but my only problem is the drilling it clogs or build up my file or drill bit. Anyone else?

      1. Nailcou

        Yes, I noticed it happens if it's under cured - usually hen the layer was too thick. When I tried thinner application the files where all clean afterwards

    19. kikka raggio di sole

      Salve dove posso acquistarlo

    20. Terassa Thompson

      Do you think you can use dual forms with the polygel? Cure for 60 - 90sec in the beginning (to " get through ' the form)?

    21. jacjorjac1 Jennifer Phillips

      Hi there - did you need to cure underneath the nail as well? thanks

      1. candice bergstrom

        No, only if you use it to sculpture the nail.

      2. Ashley Inman

        jacjorjac1 Jennifer Phillips cure underneath for what?

    22. Leann Nulph

      It's all part of my whole business, acrylic, hard gel and PolyGel. I love them all!

    23. Rachel Mashoko

      Love it!! I would definitely use poly gel.. the problem I have with the gel is the filing.. I am not sure when to stop.. only after applying the gel polish I can my mistakes 💅🏻

      1. Chris Hilton

        im the same way..

    24. Jojo

      J'aime ça! ❤️👍🏼💅🏼

      1. Nailcou


    25. TriciaM 01

      I love using the polygel but I agree that you tend to pat and shape it forever because you can. I spent like ten minutes just messing with one nail before I realized I need to just cure it already! I use gel only and have never got the hang of acrylic so this product is amazing to me. I bought the trial kit but I will definitely order more colors. I'm wondering if I can mix different colors into it but it's so expensive, I don't want to waste it trying.

      1. Tanya Lee

        Tricia Warren you can mix gel polish color and colored acrylic powders!!! There's a polygel help and discussion page on Facebook!

    26. Charonda Motley

      would love to try it , it look much easier the acrylic but to expensive for me right now.U did a good job it looked nice.😄

    27. Cindi Atkins

      I love the poly gel and have changed from acrylic to this.

    28. Lisa Smiley

      Hi. Can you talk about fill Ins and removal of the polygel? Thanks!

      1. Ashley Inman

        Lisa Smiley polygel is like hard gel.. it must be filed off.

      2. Nailcou

        Lisa, here is the fill in -bgsel.info/video/video/lNK6tXCnuXaThNY.html and removal coming up next week probably

    29. Rosana Antonini


    30. shihtzuluvr two

      Love it!😍

    31. Emilia Campbell

      Beautiful work! I would probably add it to my services until I feel confortable using it, and then I might decide to replace it! Thank you for your video, they are all amazing!

      1. Nailcou

        Thank you, Emilia