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    Ever wish time would stand still for just a minute?
    Careful what you wish for, because we are hitting the pause button at the most inconvenient times ever.
    Wish you could use a pause button on your friends?
    While you’re waiting for it to be invented, share this video with your friends, obviously!
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    1. Tasha McGehee

      Maybe you can get a

    2. Haziq Mehboob

      i think jessa is from 5 minute craft!

    3. Sofia Abri

      Hello dear my friend

    4. Caprice Jones


    5. Salekferdous YT


    6. Lady Envy

      This her kid love u guys

      1. Merhawit Kahsay

        I LOVE Pizza

    7. UnicornOlivia Girl

      6:22 to 6:35 How did she do that with just lipstick?

    8. olivieta Felisita Tangulu

      can u guys pls do a voise reveal pls I want to hesr your voise

    9. MD Afnan Qureshi


    10. shreya prasad

      I dont find Tabasco sauce spicy at all, it just tastes gross

    11. Haley Connor

      Your mean

    12. Riza Kamran

      That is not even a mushroom pizza

    13. Kerenza Hand

      1.2.3 GO

    14. Stacey Hartman

      Day one of those nights that

    15. mosic kurdi


    16. Surajit Roy

      2.29 what else was starring at the person(vicky) choking at the back

    17. Elizabeta Latinski

      Pause and mute chelindže

    18. manoj r

      That milk prank was so nasty!

    19. Lalrinmawii Hrahsel

      I ❤️ u 123 go

    20. Mango Productions

      I honestly hate this challenge

    21. Strawberry Toast

      4:44 Effort starts with an E not an A...😅

      1. Yasmin Taylor


      2. [THIRD] Gamer

        You, dont get the joke.... do you

    22. dette aredidon

      That's not the pizza their ordered they order mushroom pizza not pepperoni pizza and i think the iron is unplug

    23. dette aredidon

      That's not the pizza their ordered they order mushroom pizza not pepperoni pizza but I like the others

    24. Saylor White

      This is epic!

    25. maro samuel

      Please subscraib I'm from Egypt

    26. Pepita Manalac

      Lily is so mean to jess and when she paused jessica from eating the pizza,i felt angry of lily

      1. Pepita Manalac

        But when jess pause lily, it was only a few minutes, and she gave lily a biscuit bar. Aw thats so kind jess

    27. Jeff Cravener

      5:18 the hello so funny

    28. luna

      i can't be the only one who clicked because they realized the girl in the thumbnail is from 5 minute crafts

    29. S m B

      Hoo hates school not me

    30. Charls Gaid

      Scripted lol. It should be natural :3

    31. Frankie Mahmood


    32. Chona Lagunzad

      8:47 so rude much!!

    33. Chona Lagunzad

      My least favorite character is jessa

    34. Dale Bagondol

      Wait that girl that drink milk was from 5 minute crafts....

    35. Jason's email

      Love to have you over for dinner can stay cray fuzzy first guy his if go into it's him high kiss you get high into getting get to use you though Hugo give give c Cochin docking I'll just giving office you know on fuck icing giving gifts coming home good?

    36. come play with me o


      1. come play with me o

        Dance and music

      2. come play with me o


    37. Taylor Harris


    38. Red Beard

      Hrgfgnggg. Hojhhhh

    39. Nikki Robson

      That is a waste of food

    40. Mahder Takele

      I love you!!!!

    41. alison taylor

      i lice it


      ** 1:48

    43. Coco & lili

      2:40 Lol what is happening in the background

    44. resh ,


    45. Jashmi Bista

      Crd(comment reading depart ment)

    46. Raina Snowflake

      I laughed like a maniac the whole time.

    47. Lene Hansen


    48. Farah Issa

      ,j Joying your Nan

    49. AlyzzaJewel Olaira

      Im sad to say this but lily that was bad so bad espacially the beach part

    50. Nithya Rajan

      More 100 layers challenge

    51. Evzen Jessani

      I love jessa

    52. Kristen Samiah Villareal

      1:19 i guess they have to clean all that mess *its not funny girls its not i'd rather sub to troom troom and 5-minute crafts their more positive and has useful hacks

      1. Srikeerthi Thandri

        Kristen Samiah Villareal these aren’t hacks, these are pranks..kinda.

    53. Rachel Hall

      “Jess: Move over Lily I need to put on my FaCe!! “Me: YOU HAVE YOU’RE FACE GURL XD

    54. Gacha Girlz

      Actually my cuz Kenlee spilled a whole gallon of milk

    55. Apeksha Patel

      When the video stared I loved Jess ouffit

    56. Gacha Word

      Why cant they just remove the things from there heands before they clicked!

    57. sonia sonie

      I love your videos 😍😍 😍.....I enjoy your videos always

    58. Cheska Bartolome

      How did they didn't noticed the guy and a woman in the back ? And what are they even doing 😶

      1. Cheska Bartolome

        The guy and women in the back