Orly Color Labs Customized Nail Color

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    In this video I took a quick trip down to Los Angeles to customize my own nail color! Orly Color Labs is a create your own customized nail color establishment in Los Angeles. The nail color is cruelty-free and vegan. The process takes 15-20 minutes and you leave with your custom color made by you for you! If you ever have a hard time finding the perfect nail color this place has you covered. I think it would be perfect for bridesmaid gifts as well!!! You get to name the color you create.
    This is a quick little video of my personal experience. I highly recommend it.
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    1. LittleMakeupChannel

      very nice shades...you're amazing to make these 👍🏻

      1. EverythingProof Beauty

        Thanks it was so fun to make the color. I definitely need to go back and try to get it a little closer to my bright purple color I was trying to match.

    2. Maci Beau

      your such a nice person speak soon x

    3. Maci Beau

      can i have a shoutout plzzzz x

      1. EverythingProof Beauty

        Keep watching videos and I do shout people out 4 times a year I pick people that comment on a lot of videos :)

    4. Maci Beau

      when its said name your color i was thinking Queen and then she wrote Queen 😮

      1. Maci Beau

        can i have shout out plzzz x

      2. EverythingProof Beauty

        Maci Beau I always try to answer as many as I can 😀

      3. Maci Beau

        omg you answerd 😮😮!!!!

      4. EverythingProof Beauty

        Maci Beau that’s awesome

    5. Leah Chen

      Your color is so pretty! Definitely subscribing and liking the video with notifications on!

      1. EverythingProof Beauty

        Leah Chen thank you

    6. Breeanna Danielle

      That's pretty awesome!

      1. EverythingProof Beauty


    7. Hayley Pettit

      I like how it turned out! Definitely a nice spring color

      1. EverythingProof Beauty

        Hayley Pettit I wear it a lot lately

    8. Saima Inspire

      Nice vid keep it up ❤️by the way just did a vid hope u could check it out 🖤

      1. EverythingProof Beauty

        definitely! thanks for checking my channel out

    9. Lee Couple

      hi friend Love the color =O great

      1. EverythingProof Beauty

        Thank you :)

    10. itsalexmimi

      That's pretty cool! But yeah I agree that it would be better to actually mix it yourself, still super cool experience 💃🏻

      1. EverythingProof Beauty

        AlexMimii87 yeah maybe they will allow that in the future or at least let us help pump the colors in

    11. Angeles Hines

      I can match any outfit!

      1. EverythingProof Beauty

        Angeles Hines right ! So fun.

    12. AquamarineWolf03

      That's super cool. I'd love it if they made a place like this for lipsticks.

      1. EverythingProof Beauty

        AquamarineWolf03 I think you can it’s called lip lab by bite. Besides lipsense bite is the only other brand I like

    13. Carter Confidential

      Awesome video! Wish you could have made it yourself!

      1. EverythingProof Beauty

        Carter Confidential right!

    14. Cynthia Espinoza

      Super cool!!! Love it!

      1. EverythingProof Beauty

        Thank you ❤️

    15. EnVy_Nexus _HD

      First like✅

      1. EverythingProof Beauty

        haha thanks :)