Nail Hack! Mixing Vetro Gel "Leaf" Colors, Making Custom Colors (Easy Tip)

Tabytha Scott Nails

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    This is so easy (if you haven't thought of it already) I just HAD to share with you guys! Buy all 6 colors and your going to be able to make nearly any "leaf" color! Feel free to experiment with the Vetro "Crysta" colors too! (Sheer/jelly colors)
    Purchase Vetro Gels from Vetro USA or Skyline Beauty Supply!
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    1. Melanin&Curves

      My vetro pots are on the way!!! I can’t wait to use then

    2. Courtelizz1

      are these soak off?

    3. jessica ortega

      Hey i had a question. I started doing ny own nails and i use nail primer but im not sure why nails keep lifting i make sure not to get in on my skin and stuff but im not sure why they still lift. Do you have any recommendations

      1. AA B

        jessica ortega could be ur application or it could be the way u prepared the nails before acrylic application. Try using a no lift primer. Hope this helps even tho I'm months late😂

    4. ccain68

      Can you please do a vid on how you use the loose halo glitter from wildflowers ? Thanks

    5. ccain68

      Wow. Thanks. Can't wait to do purple

    6. LaMonica Toussaint


    7. Susan King

      I love, love the peachy orange you made! Stunning colors! xoxo

    8. tubes200708

      Love these so beautiful. 😍

    9. Meg Peterson

      Amazing work!!

    10. Melissa Nailz Cliques

      Thank you so much for sharing! gorgeous colors!

    11. chulita´s nails

      omg beautiful colors ♡♡₩

    12. Nailsbysharon34


    13. nails_by_L

      that is Amazing thanks for sharing will have to try☺☺

    14. thaoox3

      Which one do you like better? Pods or bottles?

      1. thaoox3

        +Tabytha Scott Nails thanks! I'm trying to get some but they're always out of stock 😭 do you know if we can order from the international website?

      2. Tabytha Scott Nails

        For the leaf colors, I like the pods better...don't know why, just preference lol