My $700 Acrylic Nails Update... I Think I Got Scammed?

Millie T

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    So about 3 weeks ago I got my acrylic nails done by Cardi B's nail artist and got the most INSANE $600 nails complete with GENUINE Swarovski... or maybe not lol. Part 2!
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    I Got My Nails Done By Cardi B's Nail Tech...*HOW MUCH?!*
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    1. Millie T

      So after filming this video Jenny messaged me and isn't happy to say the least. She said she gets her nail art from which is a version of Swarovski where they supply their products for other uses including nail art. I took a look and I realise I should have done more research before filming the video I just didn't realise that Swarovski had so many other products for professionals to purchase. I didn't come across that website when I searched. I tried to keep an open mind throughout the video and when I got advice from a Swarovski employee I thought they would have told me exactly how they work but she must not have been aware. i wanted to leave this comment just so you are up to date and so you know all of the facts. I apologise as I should have done more research I just took what the Swarovski employee said when I should have still questioned it. I hope you enjoyed the video and please don't leave Jenny with any hate. I really didn't want to cause that I wasn't prepared for the reaction this video got. Thank you so much for all of your support though and I love u guys xxx

      1. Gabriella Montoya

        All those saying she should make a video apologizing, first explain how Jenny gets her crystals from that site when they don’t seem to ship outside of Europe? Then explain why the “crystals” weren’t chipping, but peeling? She reviewed a service she paid $600+ for, just like anyone else who paid that much, she’s entitled to her honest opinion. Let alone if they’re real or not, I’ll be damned I paid that much for my nails to be destroyed 3 days later, when I was told they’re meant to last at least a month. I think Jenny uses her legit product on her celebrity clients and fake stuff on a regular person because she already knows they’ll buy “Cardi B’s nail artist”.

      2. Nicole Nevares

        @Erin Deyell lol ur comment is so aggressive. You have no right to tell ppl what to do. Ur gross. Bye bye

      3. Riah Turner

        Millie T she ripped you off there’s a video where Cardi said she paid $200 a little bit before her and offset split up

      4. Lorraine Torres

        Erin Deyell she’s able to give her opinion I don’t see anything wrong with it Jenny charged her 600 for nails that are falling apart in less than a week so leave the girl alone

      5. Lorraine Torres

        Millie T you should’ve done more research before posting the video but that doesn’t take away how fast the nails came apart did you mention that to her?

    2. Madona Geci

      Actually it’s not Jenny’s fault if u keep hitting ur nails all over the place.. just sayin’

    3. Amber Savannah

      Me- **complains about £28 nails** Millie- **i just spent 700 dollars on nails** Me- **hmmm okay🤧**

    4. Ashlei Salmon

      I'm a kid stop swearing or I'll not watch you again

    5. sammy k

      Swarovski crystals aren’t that expensive check out scatter crystals

    6. Nique Nique

      “I’m such a clumsy lital bitch”😂😭😭😭

    7. Breonna Marshall

      If you are going to complain.....stay in your price range !!!!

    8. Alejandra Arteaga

      When you showed how you wipe >> 😂 I laughed so hard

    9. LearnNails WithMe

      Girl we only have 1 planet you know 😭 ps she was in the uk only a few weeks back

    10. Crystal Mcleod

      For 6/700 she should have flown to the u.k to come fix them for you smh

    11. Merary Pacheco

      For God sake!!!! How bad educated is this girl on nails and life! For sure she was picking on the blings.

    12. Tootles Pressey

      She shows us how she wipes her butt I’m dying hahahahaha and still why did her time say 17 if ours can only go up to 12

    13. Tootles Pressey

      Why did your time on your phone say 17:06 hours only go up to 12

    14. Amy R

      ridiculous to charge that much for plastic dollar store gems

    15. Honey Comb

      Now everybody see why Cardi b do a lot of talking versus tweeting nails are too long

    16. MyOwn DayOne

      Lol. They are not “real” for jewelry but “real” for nail art. I suppose designed to be lighter in weight and durable for hands

    17. Augestina Tobia

      you look like tana Mogo idk how to spell it😂 don’t come at me

    18. T F

      If you ever want nails like that again, i'm in Michigan and know the perfect person who will do your nails for much less and her glue holds for weeks.. I promise you..

    19. Emily Kelly

      lmaoooo new subbie here..... I'm from the Bronx and I use to go there BEFORE Cardi Was big and trust me them nails was 35 dollars for a basic set lmaoooo.. Cardi made that salon what it is! Ill never go there even as a billionaire lmaoooooo.. Imma head to my nail tech she's fire, from JA and I'll tip her NICE

    20. TikTok Queen here

      600 it says 700 on the tittle

    21. Mz. Kandi

      Sounds like your really rough on nails and clumsy like you said. The nail tech can do the nails as best they can but their not fort Knox if the wearer doesn't treat the nails like nails then the life expectancy is on the wearer not the tech.

    22. Jordon Smucker

      Totally scammed! She is profiting off being cardi bs nail tech and using Swarovski name.... I’ve seen better looking nails for $100...

    23. Emma Lawson

      Lol yea Swarovski jewellery crystals and Swarovski nail crystals are completely different. Thanks for the demo of how to wipe your ass with long nails 🤣🤣🤣 made me laugh so hard 😂😂😂

    24. Avril B

      Hahahahaha I couldn’t stop laughing at the toilet demonstration 😂😂 hilarious, I’m still in stitches 😂😂😂🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

    25. HOTTWHEELZ s

      You were not scammed nails are fragile they can still break

    26. chiara sophia 2309

      But you can just glue them diamonds right back on with some one dollar nail glue no need for tears honey😘

    27. Islam allan


    28. B W

      Those are 100% not Swarovski, I’m a nail tech and I can tell you those are from AliExpress. The stones don’t wear like that. Don’t let her intimidate you bc she’s def lying


      The thumb up is a MUST. Taking into account her tip to wipe an ass with those nails 😂🔥

    30. BeBes Journey ASMR

      "I have to use the balls of my thumbs" 😭😂😂😂

    31. Brittany Tyson

      lol i love thisssss

    32. Irini K Hndz

      What possessed you to fly all the way to NY to get $700 nails ..You seem smarter than that!!

    33. samantha castro

      whoa she really scammed you girl thats not kool i get everyone has to make their money but that is a total rip off what are you paying $600 for exactly? no freaking way she knew you wasnt from new york lol

    34. Jen L


    35. Sammy Sosa

      U dragged it those gems did not come off tht fast u jus tried to bring down tht nail tech smh stick to ur own culture and leave shit tht dnt concern u alone this is a staged ass video

    36. Ashley Ramirez

      Why don’t you just order a Real Diamond Or Gold Detector From Amazon ?

    37. Ashley Volkan

      You’re an idiot .

    38. Blacc Barbiee

      Hilarious how she demonstrated how she wiped her ass😂

    39. Stephanie Rogerson

      When she showed how to wipe your ass with the nails 😂😂😂

    40. AnneMarie McKean

      Girl I would have done them for 500 less LMAOOO

    41. Itzkiya Nae

      i really think she meant the nails themself , would last 5-6 weeks .🤷🏽‍♀️

    42. L M

      Why did the nail tech have to lie, make an honest living with out lien to your clients and changing insane amounts of money for the same job other nails tech do for $30-$60. 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

    43. Valerie Wong

      You are not clumsy, they just don’t stay on... I took her class as a nail tech and it wasn’t worth it at all

    44. Giavanna Zarrella

      deff not day 5..too grown out

    45. DEMZ M

      Benefit Cosmetics came out with a limited edition mascara tube that had Swarovski Crystals on it and the price from the the original was only $3-$5 more.... the handle was COVERED in them. These crystals are NOT that expensive.

    46. Trophywife Manhattan

      Can’t believe you really thought the Bronx or any other nyc nail salon was putting real Swarovski on your nails so naïve Doll they still looked dope 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 next time hit me up I will take you to a spot that does Nicki’s nails for 200 and if your really trying to get some ghetto fab nails done just go to Harlem they will charge like 60 or 80 bucks good luck 🍀

    47. joy joy

      You should take down the video this is very rude of you to do especially you are using Jenny for clout.

    48. Ms. Johnson

      Woooooww!! And they not even real!!! Smh straight played her and is playing everyone else!!

    49. Claire

      A waste of money..

    50. S G

      What does it even matter if the crystals are fake they are fake anyways swarovski is also made out of glass

    51. Michelle Frisko

      Nails like that you don't do NOTHING

    52. xQuinn Diamondz

      I love how you showed everyone how you wipe your ass with those nails. 😂😂😂🙌🙌

    53. lalaheaven

      Swarovski crystals flat backs come in many different colors so comparing colors is unfair. But yes looks like you just got acrylic rhinrstones

    54. Celeste Blanche

      Wow, that was a lot! You're so brave! I wonder what makes people devote their lives to this kind of public service? I mean, loosing sleep to fly to NYC, to get your nails done with plastic sparkle bits all over - anything could have happened to you. Then having to endure questions about ass-wiping, struggling to text, not to mention being lied to by the nail tech, "Jenny" (if that's her real name)! You had to deal with the unspeakable. Every day there were countless coins you couldn't pick up, the struggle to retrieve bank cards from ATM's, and each night you could have been choked in your sleep by a rogue Amazon bulk plastic crystal for nail art ($5.99). Bless you for your heroism. And Thank you for your service!

    55. xx_abigail love

      600 dollars for plastic smh 💀💀💀💀

    56. yessi Vlogs

      You said $600 on your first video

    57. ThickNessMakes

      Ok but imagine how heavy real crystals would be, especially ones that size! Then one falling off and not finding it...

    58. Claire Jackson

      What a rip off brilliant vlog very interesting 🧐

    59. Black Love

      I'm not a nail tech and I'm not in the jewelry business, but I can CLEARLY tell you the Crystals on her nails were plastic

      1. Black Love

        @Cryptic Moon lol she really wasn't. I'm not a subscriber of this woman, but that is something that professionals should take into consideration

      2. Cryptic Moon

        Black Love yes girl! And I don’t think ole Jenny from the block knew how much of a following Millie had or that she was going to go get the “crystals” looked at by a professional 🤷🏻‍♀️🙄💔

    60. Danielle Bracy

      You realize you have to buy each Gem you put in every finger. Like you’d have to buy each diamond. Which would be thousands, thats what you have plastic.