Mixing Pigment Powder with Clear Polish

Essence of Polish

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    Here are some pigment powders I got from Hobby Lobby. They cost $5 and came out to be very metallic. I think these powders, along with other colors when I purchase them, are going to look so good on my nails and I can't wait to use them! Let me know what you think about a "Let's Do It Together" series. Pearl Ex is not paying me for making this video.
    Hope you enjoy!
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    Click here for my previous video:
    ► bgsel.info/video/video/h9jN2Wl6zJ3Hi9I.html
    Polishes and supplies used:
    ►Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments Brilliant Gold→ amzn.to/2MyG0BT
    (I could not find Aztec Gold but this gold is just as beautiful)
    ►Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments Reflex Violet→ amzn.to/2OTV9Pr
    ►Sally Hansen Crystal Clear→amzn.to/2OTXUAh
    ►Nail Art Brushes→amzn.to/2OnEdQy
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    Canon PowerShot ELPH 180
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    Targus Grypton Pro Flexible tripod
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    Mainstays Metal Gooseneck Desk Lamp
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    Great Value LED Lightbulb 14W Daylight A19
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    1. Human Tales

      Have you tried mixing the two color pigments together to see if you can create a color shift combination? Color shift like these colors: bgsel.info/video/video/prayq6in3KfViNY.html Can you please make a video for this

      1. Essence of Polish

        I will do a video on mixing the pigments but the link you added will not load

    2. Cristal Domingo

      Great!! Idea..luv the purple!!!

      1. Essence of Polish

        Thank you so much ☺️

    3. wentelteefje

      There are also nail polish pigments that you can find online (on Etsy as well), that are much cheaper, like 1 or 2$ per bag of 5 grams :) That way you can get even more colors (and glitters!) and experiment to your heart's content! Thank you for the video!

      1. Human Tales

        wentelteefje can you please send us a link.., I can’t find any thing for 1-2$ for 5 grams !

    4. Barbie Flygerian

      That pigment with white acrylic would be beautiful the gold one

      1. Essence of Polish

        i tried doing acrylics before but it was an epic fail lol i can definitely do a white and gold manicure using the pigment though! 😊

    5. Ron Morgan

      I love love these. I use them all the time!

      1. Essence of Polish

        I love that they're metallic.. So pretty! 😊

    6. formarjoram

      I love this idea, it looks so good!!

      1. Essence of Polish

        Thanks so much..i haven't used it in awhile but its been on my mind to start using it again

    7. Kelli Flores

      Can you use it for stamping?

      1. Essence of Polish

        I tried using it for stamping and even though it didn't work out for me i do think it's possible. i just have to keep trying til it works. I have a video titled My Stamping Nail Fail if you would like to see my attempt on using it for stamping

    8. QueenChas

      I could only imagine u could some amazing at home diy stamping polishes with these!!

      1. Essence of Polish

        +QueenChas Great minds think alike because i already tried lol but i failed at it and part of that is probably because the pigment powder drys a little fast and the other reason is because i cant stamp anyway lol i have a video on my attempt if you would like to watch it..its entitled My Stamping Nail Fail

    9. bubbies67

      Love it! 😊. Thank you!

      1. Essence of Polish

        +bubbies67 You're so welcome and I'm glad you liked it 😊..welcome to Essence of Polish and thanks for watching!

    10. Julie's Nails

      Will try it 😊😊😊

      1. Essence of Polish

        +Julie's Nails Im glad i could inspire you to give it a try! Feel free to comment any questiins and hope it works good for you! 😊

    11. Tameka Renee

      Love the colors 😍

      1. Essence of Polish

        Tameka Bradsher thanks 😊

    12. Melinda Richardson

      I love it the purple is my favorite thumbs up can't wait to see what you will do with it. also do they have it in teal I will love to see those two colors together.☺🤓👏💅

      1. Andrea

        Essence of Polish can't wait

      2. Essence of Polish

        Melinda Richardson the closest they had to teal was the Duo Green-Purple. i will get that color next and do a video with that and the purple

    13. Andrea

      try using it as mirror chrome type of powdee

      1. Essence of Polish

        my name is unicorn n' a half ok I'll give it a try 😊

      2. Andrea

        Essence of Polish i use it on a little bit wet polish and add a top coat use your finger or a silicone sponge

      3. Essence of Polish

        my name is unicorn n' a half i tried buffing the gold onto my nail and it came out VERY sheer so i will get a no wipe top coat and see how it adheres then..or better yet i can see if it adheres on top of a normal and gel polish! 😃

      4. Andrea

        Essence of Polish i meant using the pigment because i use matallic eye shadow and it turns out into a gorgeous shimery nail art

      5. Essence of Polish

        my name is unicorn n' a half The only chrome powders i have right now are from the Born Pretty store and they dont really turn out the way i hoped. But thats a great idea for me to try when i do get some better chromes. I think i will still try it with the Born Pretty chromes just because lol