MIxing Custom Enamel

Yvonne Williams

Yvonne Williams

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    Customizing your own paints and enamels is easier than you might think!
    30mm glass cabochon: amzn.to/2xEAxkm
    Nail Polish: amzn.to/2z8blUF
    nail art brush: amzn.to/2yn4Mjv
    pearlex: amzn.to/2hHkpIW
    Art N Glow resin artnglow.refr.cc/yvonnew
    Thanks for watching! If you enjoy my free tutorials and would like to support the creation of more of them, as well as participate in my fairy house give aways and monthly craft crates please go here: www.patreon.com/backtoearthcreations
    Facebook: Back-to-Earth-Creations-232879571674
    Instagram: back_to_earth_creations

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    1. natasha Woodbury

      Why do you sing/ eat/drink /talk about nothing while making these videos! Sorry I just can't stand excessive chatter! I came to learn!

    2. Shannon B

      I just have to say you are too freaking cute! ❤️ Thank you for sharing your talents with us. I just stumbled across your videos and can't stop watching! Much love!!!

    3. Francine Fantone

      Hi Yvonne I really enjoy your videos. I was wondering if you can help me out? I'm trying and trying to make 25mm glass cabochon dragon eyes. I purchased metallic acrylic paints and nail polish.I don't know what I'm doing wrong I keep practicing.Help what are the best tools to use ,paints,nail polishes?Please help

    4. ArcturiAnn Star

      You can use your pearly eyeshadows too! I buy L.A.Colors shimmering loose eyeshadow in Snow White at dollar tree. Thefugalcrafter has a video on it and shows you how to pop off the bottom to get access to all it.

    5. Cheech Wizard

      The "sparkle" effect has it all over the matte. It just stands out more, I'm using a lot of Dragon eyes as a wood inlay on canes and walking sticks I carve. I have a couple of questions: 1. Have you tried mixing the pearl ex into your enamel as needed instead of the whole bottle and mixing it with your brush? How well does that work? 2. What do you use to thin out your polish? Will acetone work, or is that a bad idea? 3. Have you tried this with any of the metallic acrylic paints?

    6. Truthification Chronicles

      Do you mix colors too?

      1. Yvonne Williams

        I do sometimes, but it can really muddy up sometimes and not be as vibrant as I wanted

    7. Karen Penix

      I like this idea!! Love sparkles too!!

      1. Yvonne Williams

        Thanks, Karen!!

    8. Leathersmith vlogs

      I just bought some glass eye things to make those eyes 😍

      1. Yvonne Williams


    9. Ann Jurgens

      You are a genius. I watch a lot of youtube videos. Thats how I learn the basics to do my own thing. I have'nt the money to go to courses. I have learned so much from you. Thank you Von for everything xxxx

      1. Ann Jurgens

        Yvonne Williams haha! Exactly love u girl xxx

      2. Yvonne Williams

        I hear you, Ann! I don't have the money to go to art school or anything like that, so BGsel University it is!!

    10. Ann Gabriel

      Yvonne is there something I can use when the nail polish thickens. Can l do anything to thin it out and make it useable?

      1. Ann Gabriel

        Yvonne Williams Thank you Yvonne. I never thought of clear Polish! I will try it.

      2. Yvonne Williams

        Heya, Ann! When my polishes start to thicken I add in a bit of a runny clear polish and mix it a few drops at a time :)

    11. Lee Barker


      1. Yvonne Williams


    12. Karen Ingram

      Does that nail polish have a really strong smell to it. I use to paint my own nails had to stop because the smell was to strong for me an I have asthma so that doesnt help any. Do you know of any nail polish that isnt as potent? I wish they could make some that doesn't smell as bad as some of them do. Thanks Von love watching your tutorials.

      1. Yvonne Williams

        Hey, Karen! This stuff is stinky, lol, and I have yet to find a polish that doesn't make me light headed; I always wear either a respirator or a painters mask when doing polish stuff and even then I always get a dizzy headache. #artistproblems

    13. Jamie Kimbrelk

      I just love your dragon eyes videos

      1. Yvonne Williams

        yay! I am glad you like them Jamie!

    14. Marcia McGuire

      Love shimmer !!!!! Love your visits !! (((hugs))) Marcia

      1. Yvonne Williams

        hehe, hugs back to you!!

    15. Old Hag73

      Löve it. But then again I adore most stuff you do... I'm kind of easy that way :D

      1. Yvonne Williams

        hehe :p

    16. Echo and Me A Service Dogs Life

      Von here is a tip take the fingernail polish the bottle and hold it in between your legs for a few minutes It'll warm up the fingernail polish and you'll be able to mix it a lot easier don't ask me how I figured that one out I just did hope you and Randy and the dogs are doing well as always *huggs from Echo & me* ps have you ever tried using the fingernail polish thinner I got some from I think it was that Sally store I had a whole bunch of fingernail polish that was old and gunky it made it look like brand new

      1. Yvonne Williams

        Right on! I am going to have to try this!!!

      2. Kathy

        Coleen Taylor I do the same thing! And yes it works so easy! :)