Making Our Own Custom NAIL POLISH! (Beauty Trippin)

Clevver Style

Clevver Style

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    We love a custom beauty product, and honestly, we’ve been looking for a way to do DIY nail polish for a really long time. ORLY has finally answered our prayers by opening its brand new “COLOR LAB” right here in Los Angeles. Joslyn, Drew & Naz visit the beautiful space and create their own custom colors. Not only that - they get to name it! (Uh oh…)
    Shout out to our girl Erin for visiting the ORLY Color Labs too! Two videos are always better than one!
    What custom beauty product should we make next?! Let us know in the comments!
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    1. Clevver Style

      Happy Spiceeeeeey Birthday to our queen, Joslyn Davis!!! What's your favorite Joslyn moment?? Comment below!!

      1. Kaylee Marie

        “ is that safe to eat, asking for a friend”

      2. Keelie Winter12

        If I were Joslyn, i would have names it Prune😂

      3. Michelle Barrow

        Happy half birthday 🎉🎂🎈 Joslyn

      4. Plebby Potato

        My name is Joselyn

      5. Kurt Volkman


    2. Eliana Sierra Konold

      The theme of the shop is great, but the voice of those 3, specially the curly one, is suuuuper annoying

    3. anna

      joslyn made this so damn hard to watch. she was yelling and talking over the other girls and the workers

    4. Emma Angon

      I can’t stand josalyn she’s so high pitched and talks over everyone, made this so hard to watch 🤮

    5. Stacy Angelo

      I confused on whyyou named the polish like a baby.

    6. Tanu Roy

      Can u guys stop overreacting so much. It's just a nail polish

    7. Lilith.N.Morning

      “You should have people wish on the balls” 😂😂😂

    8. addison

      the girls don’t add an y that’s basic um 😶

    9. loveMeeBoo baby

      Copy od cristine and safiya

    10. Kagome Moonstar

      I feel like out of all three girls, Joslyn seems like the one who isn't very smart >.>

    11. Adriana Franklin

      Go v vg(

    12. name

      You should have people wish on the balls 💀

    13. Sasha Knox-walker

      You guys love your nails lol

    14. Antòn Jonker

      Omg The girl with the white and poofy hair is so annoying

    15. ARTASTICC987 Haque

      They literally copied saf🤦🏻‍♀️🥴

    16. Thea Dillistone

      What do the two metal balls do?

    17. ObessedwithMakeup5

      Jocelyn is old and cringe

    18. Bronagh Donoghue

      What was nazes nail polish name?

    19. Olivia SHARKEY

      I’ve literally bought a nail polish like Jocelyn

    20. Anna ._.

      Hold upppp I have been here in a MINUTE what Happened to Lily??

    21. May Sanchez

      Sup yall

    22. Mimi Vazquez

      Why did they put the ball things 👇🏻

    23. Cara Parker

      “ i wanna know what you named your kid “

    24. Asmaa Fodio

      Pls where is the shop located

    25. Asmaa Fodio

      I seriously thought you where making lipstick

    26. Loraine Umurwaneza

      I love beauty trippin

    27. M Aggarwal

      Bday party vibes

    28. Jai Davis

      I watch them on Snapchat all the time

    29. Araceli Ambriz

      My name is stacy

    30. karen thompson

      why does alex look like she needs to be in clever

    31. Alyana Howard

      Watching her make your colors was so amazing and satisfying 😍

    32. Emily Tyner

      “Wish on the balls”


      What state is this in ??

    34. iiCaxtusii

      Stacie Stacy!

    35. wsp.btcsss

      drew couldn’t have tested the color cause she already had hers done! edit: (to everyone saying they should’ve put the colors on their nails)

    36. Isobella Vlogs

      The paint mixer soinds like the drill that they us at the dentist to grind the rott

    37. cxkezplayzz 241

      imagine how much this would cost for getting an grey , pink and blue color nail polish ...

    38. Franciszek Ploskon


    39. Maryam Ziane

      This would be great for a birthday part

    40. It’s JusJess

      I wanna do this ughhhhhhhh

    41. Fluffy Cloud

      The second one is really boring...will be better if she just go to the drugstore

    42. Mystery Chacon

      Omg you named your polish my name

    43. Happy 566

      CRISTINE NEEEDS TO DO THIS AND THEY NEED HOLOOOOO beyyyynnnn needs to come with her to 🤣🤣

    44. Samantha Vlogs

      What’s the place called ?

    45. Daylin Menendez


    46. Naomi Cope


    47. Naomi Cope

      That is so cool

    48. mykayla wicklund

      lol they are all so loud compared to the mixer 😂😂

    49. Hasan Alsahli

      8:38 the chat is shookith

    50. Wierd Person

      “You should wish on the balls” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣

    51. Madison Dyche

      She didn’t tell us what she named her nail polish 💅

    52. Nora Richardson


    53. jocelynn johnson

      My name is Jocelynn

    54. It’s me Rachel

      *Wait I wanted to know what you named your kid*

    55. Carmen Ayala

      she’s like there mother

    56. Alexa Rossi


    57. Mariel -_- Mendoza

      I'm disappointed that there is no H💿L💿💿💿💿💿💿💿

    58. Annabelle Lecter

      All the screaming was annoying.

    59. Tally Mix


    60. Hitomi Silver

      wish we could have seen the colors on their nails after!