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    When I was a kid, I mixed my nail polish all the we can all do it legitimately in a REAL Nail Mixology Lab! I LOVE 2019 so much! Since Coachella is moments away, this gave me a real excuse to go ALL IN and make something that was festival friendly. Let me know what you thought of the color, and if you could name a color anything what would you name it?

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    1. Barefoot Scientist

      We love Orly!! Especially their Breathable collection. Your custom color is GORGE, Erin. xo, Dana

    2. ¥ Kawaii pokey ¥

      *30 moths only* Me: *has nail polish that is 5 years old*

    3. Nora Brock

      How do the fumes not make you pass out explain

    4. khushi patel

      i really want to do this but i dont even have nails lol they are smaller than a fly and i dont live in la and i would rather do it there also i want my first nail polish to be white like pearl wait i dont even know what i am talking abut

    5. i See Kings

      You can hear her disappointment.

    6. Ashley Thurgood

      Love this video 🥰I must do this for my trip to Cali 😌

    7. Simran Singh

      It looks so good Erin!😍💅 I love the name too!👌🎡

    8. I Gallivan

      I love how you went all out!! You go girl!!😋

    9. Throw Away

      Why did not I see this video before my visiting family 😭

    10. Nikiah Mickle

      I would have called it mermaid scales or just mermaid

    11. Kaia McDaid

      Ferris wheel seems like a fun name

    12. Janet M

      What’s your ig ?

    13. #cookies squad ʕ•ع•ʔ

      Do they do matte

    14. Madison Lang

      Now I kinda want to be a mixologist and go to like beauty school and stuff lol 💝💝💝

    15. aljude.m budalama


    16. Isla Foster

      The lady:is that ok for you? Her:I need a little more purple The lady:*adds the whole purple bottle*

    17. Tasha S

      You should try bite lip lab making your own lipstick

    18. Elissa Pasqualone

      omg I love this already yes queen go slay those nails💜

    19. FanGirl AlieRiver

      I need this to come to Austin

    20. Shakira Adao

      I watch someone else doing the same thing at the same place

    21. Jessica Gonzalez

      The music @7:33 “WHATS GOING ON EVERYBODYYY” If you know, you know.

    22. handoverthecoffee

      Did beauty trippin copy you tho

    23. Channing Collins

      It would be so cool if they had a nail salon in there too, so that way you can make your own nail polish and then put it on

    24. Jennbeth24

      I'm so happy she used hers in the video unlike the clevver video

    25. Make Time Now

      I mean... I love the color but I'm kinda disappointed in the final look that the salon did to your nail (not ORLY) but I was hoping it would look more like the inspo pic.

    26. Laura Celis

      Didn’t Clevvver just do a beauty break at this place

    27. Riley’s Vlog channel 101

      Oh my God remember of this on beauty break

    28. Leticia Melgar

      You should had named it mermade shimmer

    29. Sara Loscalzo

      Clevver just did this... 🤭

    30. Kylie Roth

      Why'd I think this was a beauty trippin 😂