KSI & Logan Paul Rewatch The First Boxing Fight - 40 Days


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    1. Abbie Holcomb

      Logan Paul sucks

    2. Oleg Pustovoy

      No one:Logan Paul: ”KiD”

    3. wolfie boi

      Go logan

    4. Ernesto Aguilar

      KFC fuke you want to fight

    5. Sunay Ahmadov


    6. zoe magin-upshaw

      8:16 well this didn’t age well did it jake

    7. Jonathan :

      After KSi winning I came back to this video to say how they keep talking about knock outs when they could barely last 2 rounds

    8. Sarah McHendry

      Why does Logan call him ‘Kid’ When HES older than Logan?

    9. Robert Turner

      Stop acting

    10. ItsAndrew2x

      Shannon and Logan only reacted to parts where Logan did good. Ksi owned up to his mistakes and things he shouldnt have done. Logan just said " i lost energy'. Like come on bro.

    11. Allmund

      Ksi hits worse than Logan.

    12. Azhar hussain 2019

      Logan:- where is Russia located Shannon:- let's go map

    13. Brodki Man

      Looking back I think it was actually a draw to be honest Logan won round 1,2,5 ksi won 3,4,6 so yeah p.s I’m a ksi fan well done on the win my g on the rematch

    14. Georgia Passi

      ksi has more energy, and speed than logan because logan is so self absorbed he didn’t mentally prepare himself he just went in with his ego and left feeling empty. he literally said he was stronger, and way better than ksi like 200 times but then BOOM ksi wins



    16. Tyoriswat Fortnite

      who's watching this after the fight

    17. Katie Turner

      Logan’s to cocky and is dumb to fight you

    18. Nuh Remy

      Ohhhhh just the FUCK UP LOGAN AND KSI. U GUYS CANT FIGHT. Just do what u do best

    19. Dabaso

      Logan before fight: I'm gonna rip his head off. Logan after fight :I wish him the very best of luck.

    20. Michael Sad Fish

      Logan: starts laughing Logan loess: Jake starts crying

    21. FireyWolf

      I kinda want them to work together

    22. Pixelkiller 574

      Who is here after ksi beat Logan Paul in the rematch

    23. Marta Zezelj

      Ksi WTF WTF WTF

    24. Holly Harris

      I love you Ksi xxxx

    25. Fredi drm

      Like who thinks that logan should win

    26. Janice De Jong

      Logan sucks at boxing 🥊 but you are good and I like your song Down like that

    27. Potato

      Logan:I’m ten times better KSI:won

    28. Betty Tannahill


    29. Medin

      Logan: i'm a 10x better of a boxer and athlete than ksi Ksi: *say sike right now*

    30. Jay Moo

      Who’s ksi? A pile of shit apparently who got lucky

    31. Eleonora _*

      BABATUNDEEEE! Let's go congratulations man! U are beast!

    32. Jaedin Kline

      Logan Paul won you suck

    33. XxX Sunlight

      Why is logan fucking calling him kid

    34. Fatal_ Treysio

      This man said “I never thought I’d be a pro boxer”🤣he thought

    35. milan Damhuis

      6:39 god even hates logan paul XDXD

    36. Duffy the cat slayer

      Ksi claims he'd destroy Justin Bieber 😂my13 year old son could do that👊 I'd love to fight this guy in a ring or a cage preferred

    37. minho choppy

      And he is white

    38. ali man

      Logan: im on my period Shannon: Letsgo tamp

    39. Ahmed Bilal

      8:29 you see it? Money

    40. Miles K

      You have don the uk proud

    41. Juray Cando

      This looks like kids boxing

    42. Ladge

      KSI IS THE BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    43. Th3_D4rk_Pumpk1 n

      I wanna see a rematch

    44. ›››IRON-RON‹‹‹


    45. Antonis motitis

      when logan said i am going to end this kid when someone saw the second fight :no i dont think you will

    46. Margaret Hamm

      they shoud be a fight ksi vs jake paul

    47. Christian Poorman


    48. One Shot

      And he loses num 2

    49. Chris Rus

      I think KSi should win because who is interested in watching another boxing match from Logan I would rather see who ksi is fighting next and for him to come down Logans ego

    50. CØZMIC

      Logan: I’m going to beat the $hi+ out of this kid Logan’s sneeze: I’m finna end this whole mans career

    51. Llogan Gough

      Jake acts tough even tho ksi would have decked him

    52. Benjamin Garcia

      Ksi did not win he's not even swinging correctly

    53. Amyethest Asset

      Logan:there’s an animal inside me Also Logan:He’s sadistic

    54. Deko Daud Ali

      Paul the kid is older than you

    55. Raptoraide

      And he ended it

    56. Rookie

      Logan Took The Loss Like A Champ, Respect+

    57. lenzing koyu

      KSI isn't a boxer, he isn't boxing ... He fighting not boxing

    58. Huy Hong

      I like how they accepted that they did something wrong and some little compliment to the other side 👌

    59. J reserved

      Headahh lookin ahh boi

    60. Jack Collins

      Logan Paul said in a video straight after the fight saying the KSI won 4 and 6 round and how he’s saying 3 and 6. He was lucky to get a draw.. but who cares he got beat in the rematch. 😂😂😂