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    I recently went to the best-reviewed nail salon in LA and decided to bring you all along. This place that I found on yelp has so many reviews that I just couldn't resist and go check it out myself. It wasn't like a fancy high-end Nail salon as you can see in the video but they had very good customer service and Nail artist or at least my nail technician was very experienced and knew the latest nail trend and designs. I have kept the place anonymous for many reasons but if there are lots of you who want to go there then I might post the name of the salon. Gah, It's so hard to type with my new sets. I probably should have made them a bit shorter. OK I am going to end this now.
    Top: Prettylittlething
    Sunglass: Quay & too faced
    Pants: Zara
    Oh and by the way get ready for my Halloween videos. Going to start posting them in September !!!!

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    1. ahmad kfah


    2. Abrakadeborah

      I have the Aprés Gel-X Nails I bought online and I do at home myself. They are super easy to do and not comparable to a liquid and powder sculpted nail. To get a true feel for that place you should go let them do sculpted nails on you. The technique you had done...is already a full nail that is glued on by Gel. They have to be removed instead of filled too.

    3. jermis suizo

      You inspire me alot. When I was ten I used to watch all you princess transformation videos now I'm sixteen I don't watch your videos that much like I used to but everyday I try to at least see you latest videos

    4. Allison Blakeney

      Dope2111 please reply to my comment😢

    5. MyBABSON

      Loving your fake nails!! SEXY!!

    6. Leanne H

      I liked your review however one comment got under my skin and that is the one regarding the amount of time it took if you were having your hair done you would be happy to sit there for hours but because it’s a nail service people have the misconception that it only takes a little while to get your nails done you had a full set plus nail art plus you wanted to diamonties . All that work if you want it done right takes time as does your hair if you want it done right please stop thinking nails is just quick and easy there is a lot more to it than you think

    7. covergirlx2i5

      So she adheres the tips using the "gel" base. But what is applied on top of the adhered tips? Is it acrylic? Powder? Apres Gel??

    8. Justoria

      where are the gloves

    9. shook

      a full set of long acrylics, gel, and designs/rhinestones using non MMA acrylic is £20 lol. would never pay $80 for nails

    10. lil lani

      Wait she uses gel as nail glue to glue the tips on ??

    11. Cindy Gonzalez

      This is Jasmine’s spa nails in Pasadena near pcc

    12. Sarah A

      3:32 im not trying to be rude but its soo annoying when people say this. Same way as anyone else does🤦🏽‍♀️

    13. Intuitive Healing Tarot

      Is that Pasadena? 🤔 looks familiar

    14. Natayah Belcher


    15. CRK Productions


    16. Hibiscus Angel

      She’s probably like “oh shit it’s promise phan !!!” Nice she did a great job

    17. Darling Mimi

      Not trying to be that one, but of course her nails will come out good, your asian, specifically Vietnamese. That’s all who works in these types of places, plus you can actually talk to them.

      1. Darling Mimi

        Izzy T they don’t. That’s why I have to be super picky what nail salons I go to.

      2. Izzy T

        Mariah S you’re kinda saying that they don’t give the same treatment to other races/ethnics 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

    18. Amora Isonguyo

      It’s so pretty

    19. MsHeartAttack 27


    20. Die Familie

      hey check youtube Channel --> Alaa&Abbas ♥️

    21. Lili Tersztyánszky

      wtf 2hours?

    22. Yu world

      This movie was totally awesome🔥

    23. Moon Paints

      She is not buffing. She's making the surface rough so the material will stick better

    24. Belinda Dei


    25. QueenBee Rae - Hiv3

      Wow that pink Torch u can get for like couple of £ off eBay hehe :)

    26. olivia cafaro

      I go here lol yes they are really good!

    27. MariaV0071

      Great video, short, to the point

    28. Monday Tihut Fernandez

      Buff the nail plate. Nail plate! Nail bed is under the nail plate

    29. Dixie Sosa Bravo

      Wow they are really nice 💚

    30. Miami Marlins 27

      I love going to nail salons because I love the smell

    31. - Camay -

      Cardi B voice

    32. Sandy Huynh

      You luck buy for you frist

    33. Teresa

      She said she didn’t want to have long nails but to me those nails are really long

    34. du ngo

      Sorry girl, u went to the best reviewed make up salon, and your nose still looks pretty flat after the make up, from the side view, you have a pretty high nose bridge , but from the front view , your nose seems blending to the color of your cheeks,and I'm not a Make up artist, and I have none experience of doing make up,but I think whoever did your make up should have done 2 shadow line run along both side of your nose to make your nose look high in the front view , sorry for my English , but i hope u understand my points of view since English is not my first language

    35. Life is Beautiful


    36. Gloria Torome

      Ladies have their nail length to their preference. It's up to them if they like nails or no nails.

    37. Lia Johnson


    38. Ariel In luv

      People: *goes to worst reviewed nail salon* *not liking it* 😐then why did you go there if you know it’s not good

    39. Aymoni Honer


    40. ptys099

      They look nice but cuticle area definitely too thick

    41. laura lee

      How much did it cost? 😊

    42. brittana kenlock

      Your manicurist should have on her glove

    43. Bill Sawyer

      I have a very big Penis

    44. 🥀roblox and video🥀

      My mom has LONG LONG nail and she hates when people say how do you wipe

    45. NikitaCalifornia

      Great makeup and nails as well 😍🍉

    46. ReRe Rapunzel

      I WOULD OF NEVER GUESSED YOU WERE THE PICKY TYPE! I couldn't tell by your perfect make-up, princess pink top and immaculate hairstyle. YOU PICKY??!! NOOOO WAY!!

    47. Rosie Foucht

      How does women wipe their butt with long nails have you ever heard of 🧤

    48. Favour Aizotoigbe

      Did Anyone notice that she already had her neon nails in minute 2:06

    49. Rahat Rasul

      Her nails were nice be for but it is ok

    50. lionz

      Your shape is not on point but that's ok if your happy..the nails are okay. Salon looks clean ,Thanks for the video. Also the gels are not as strong as acrylics just in case you didnt know .did they last a while?

    51. Made2glitter Cookie

      Ahhhhhh. I cringe everytime I see people touching the nail beds when they are being prepped. All I keep thinking is "stop putting oils back on those nail beds!!!!" Overall they did a really nice job. I see people saying how long you had to sit but when good work is rushed the outcome us not as good. Good quality work does take time so it's nice to see nail techs actually take their time to do thing proper instead of trying to get clients in and out.

    52. Kaylor Tyndall

      No mom son soon ozhgs

    53. Medina Omirzacob


    54. Alice Cream :3

      You don’t like something that was a lot reveal a really bad because some people work in there and they are kind a rude and mean

    55. Xochitl Manley

      Omg I always wonder how they wipe too lol

    56. a olivestone

      I would love to try this nail salon I’ve been looking for a new one ? What’s the name of the place and we’re in LA is it located

    57. malak Maria

      Hawa you

    58. malak Maria


    59. Qt moon

      I want to get my nails done but the thing is.. I ACCIDENTALLY BREAK THEM🥱 And my mom doesn’t trust me with nails now😶

    60. p

      omg i love ur makeup