How to Make This Axe | Resin Art

How to

How to

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    1. Two inches thick Extruded Polystyrene foam sheets
    2. Electric Foam Cutter
    3. Acrylic paint
    4. Cardboard Box
    5. Plastic sheet
    6. Clay
    7. Masking Tape
    8. Petroleum jelly
    9. Plaster of Paris
    10. Cold water
    11. Wood Bark
    12. Epoxy Resin and Epoxy Hardener (2 liters)
    13. Blue Dye
    14. Green Dye
    15. Sandpaper 1000, 3000, 5000 grit.
    16. Rubbing Compound
    17. Gas Mask (while resin pour and hot wire foam cutting, etc)
    18. Dust Mask (while working with plaster, etc)
    19. Gloves

    1. Weight Machine
    2. Bucket
    3. Clay tools
    4. Electric Foam Cutter Pen
    5. Small Hammer
    6. Electric Buff

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