How To Make Your Own Nail Polish At Home | Customize Your Nail Colour


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    Nail polish is available in a dazzling array of colours and I’m totally obsessed with painting my nails but sometimes it gets really boring to use the same old colours. So I perk it up by mixing polish shades together for vibrant new hue!
    I find this to be such a fun and easy way to get totally unique colours that you would otherwise have to really hunt to find and by doing this your always going to have a cool new shade to match your outfit without having to go out and buy a new bottle of all the time.
    Let me know what's your favourite colour mixing options.
    Riya Jain.
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    1. Mohd Anas

      You're so cute and funny and cool

      1. Glamrs

        Hey Mohd, thanks for watching this video! We're glad you liked this video! -Team Glamrs

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    3. Somen Singh

      Pagal kutia kaj nahi ata tuje bhosadiwala✋✋

    4. Nitashi Kapoor

      Just a wastage of our beautiful nail paints actually main thing is u dont know to make nail paints Wastage & only wastage 😑😑😶😶😫😫

    5. Raylene keys

      Great video I do these all the time just with besy colors Thanks

    6. Anya S

      What's the topic? Making nail polish? Not mixing duh

    7. Loriann lovebug


    8. Rossana P

      I can't stand the accent! Hard to tell if it's English or not

    9. Priyanka Sharma

      This green wht name

      1. Glamrs

        Hey Priyanka, you can mix the dark green and white polish colours to get that turquoise colour! -Team Glamrs

    10. fight me i eat ur toes

      hi! u are so beautiful!just a little more practice,and it will be *perfect* a tip:the polish isn’t supposed to touch ur cuticles. new sub here! btw to people who says it’s not “making” nail polish,at least she did something to entertain us maybe her English is weak or smth. don’t need to judge so fast right. srsly get a life

    11. Dora dolls

      I love the video

    12. kang Maureem

      Very nice didi superb

      1. Akash Sign


    13. Piyush Thukral

      Hey ! I am janvi and new to your channel. Loved the lavender colour most.

      1. Piyush Thukral

        Hey thanks for❤

    14. sarmistha saha

      Nail polish + nail polish = nail polish!!!!!!

    15. Maryam Ansari

      It's great idea... I love it

      1. Glamrs

        Glad you thought so, thank you for watching! - Team Glamrs

    16. prirncess challanges

      Too gud and aws

    17. Casey Clasby

      this is stupid!!!!!!

    18. Ronak M Suthar

      Thanks for this idea

    19. ASHRAF Andooru valappil

      I didn't like the video because you said how to make nail polish in the title and you show us the mixing up of the nail polish.Am l correct.If you agree pls leave a like plsss.

    20. Wajeeha Qaiser

      That's not make a nail polish that is mixing nail polish

    21. Marne Maritz

      Thats mixing nail polish !?

    22. Marne Maritz

      Yea but she paints like a asshole

    23. Raheen Fatima

      Why are the Indians English accent is so bad and they if the like the word is really they are gonna say reaaaaaaallllllly wtf

      1. Raheen Fatima

        Glamrs I know sometimes my accent goes like that too no problem but if u mind it than I am sorry

      2. Glamrs

        Hi Renu, our accents should not be the prime focus while watching the video, but the content. We'd like to know your thoughts on the video content instead! Thanks for tuning in. - Team Glamrs

    24. Gurveer Singh

      please tell me how to make white nail paint

    25. Umair Khokhar


    26. Marija Kved

      Today were gonna make our own nail polishes you will need : Nail polishes THAT'S NOT MAKING NAIL POLISHES THATS MIXING NAIL POLISHES

    27. Kiranjeet Cheema

      Great dii

    28. Harshita Manoj

      you're so beautiful sister

      1. Glamrs

        Thanks for the compliment, Harshita!

    29. Subhraketan Chakrabarti

      I am totally new to your channel... But I subscribed for this video was very simple but creative.... Tysm

      1. Subhraketan Chakrabarti

        Glamrs I'll try more of your videos....Love your channel... Xoxo... Bye:)

      2. Glamrs

        Thanks for the sub and for taking the time to comment :) We hope you enjoy watching more of our videos! - Team Glamrs

    30. Sarbjit Kaur

      i lvd the video n learnt forming new clrs by mixing them up