How to Apply ORLY GELFX Builder in a Bottle™


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    1. J Elis


      1. Natalia Vanderlan

        J Elis @longhairprettynails PLEASE TRY.

    2. mawwi

      is there any way to use a form to apply the polish under if you want longer nails?

    3. Brianna Stevens

      Can you use stamper polish with this ?

    4. Jen Michele

      These nail forms DO NOT WORK! They're SO wide. Nothing works

    5. Ely Nails

      This is great I was always using acrylic ...... now from acrylic to this one ...... it’s a huyuuuge difference ..........

      1. Guitar Man3YT

        Ely Nails, here is a link to another great video for this product

    6. Spotify Music

      hi how long will it last?

      1. Liza Knight

        When I use tips I get 2 weeks out of them, when I use forms like they did here I get 3+ weeks

    7. 6mcube

      Hi there. Thanks for this video!!!! Question, at what point do you add no chip polish if you wanted?

      1. Amor Renee

        Hello saw your comment and wanted to help. Usually with enhancements they normally don't chip so you wouldn't need to apply a no chip polish. However, primer/bonder is usually used to correct the chipping. Which after the nail was buffed you'd apply the product. Then your color then your top coat. Hope this helped !!

    8. nannypans

      How can this be used for a simple overlay?

      1. Bertdell Estep

        nannypans do the exact thing just over your natural nails. No form. Brush in the gel and cure, then add structure in the center and let it level. Cure and finish all the rest of your nails, then follow the same steps for the rest of your nails.

    9. nail & nail