How to | DIY Color Polygel with Gel Polish | Polygel Ombre Nails Part 1

BeGlamorous Nails

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    Hey lovelies,
    Today I try a little experiment with polygel and gel for the First Time. Using Tones PolyGel and MadamGlam Gel Polish to create this gorgeous Tiffany Blue colored polygel. Hope this video is both Helpful and Informative. Enjoy 😘
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    1. Brytanika Gonzalez

      You didn't explain how you heat it. But ty for this i need to make black polygel and couldn't think of anything besides using black gel polish with clear polygel.

    2. Melissa Williams

      did u just add in acrylic powder or actual acrylic mixed with the monomer? great video! definitely gonna give this a try

    3. Tanja Firan

      Superb gemacht

    4. Pattie Savage

      Thank you duh use clear to get consistency was adding acrylic powder just didn’t seem right !

      1. BeGlamorous Nails

        Most welcome huni💖🤗💖

    5. krystle

      thanks can't wait to try this myself.

    6. Silvia Carranza

      Can you use regular polish too?

      1. Laura H.

        Nicole Welch thaaannks

      2. Nicole Welch

        Yes and eyeshadow

    7. tasha b

      Can I add markartt jelly nail gel polish with the clear or white? I have this perfect blue I want to use. And what colors would u suggest to make a cover pink in polygel. Thanks u in advance

      1. tasha b

        @BeGlamorous Nails what color polygel do I mix with the pink or nude to get a cover nude polygel. I'm trying to do a ombre like yours. Thanks for taking the time to help me, I appreciate it.

      2. BeGlamorous Nails

        Oh ! Pinks and nudes will give nice cover colors 😁

      3. BeGlamorous Nails

        ella braswell hi suga you can mix any gel colors you wish just add a little at a time. As for the jelly’s if you want the jelly effect use clear polygel if you use white you will lose that jelly effect.

    8. kumanthong cậu bé vàng

      I want to mix the black, how would you do it??

    9. Josie Evans

      Such a good idea. I do love polygel and the ease of it. This has me thinking of so many possibilities now. Thanks for this!

      1. BeGlamorous Nails

        You are very welcome huni! Yeppp the possibilities are endless 🤗😁

    10. Lorraine Ferguson

      excellent video!! thank you so much for sharing :)

      1. BeGlamorous Nails

        Thanks suga I’m happy to share 💙🤗

    11. kittenhoodie

      This is really cool. The mixture reminds me of the light elegance gels I've had my eyes on. I dont have a cosmetology license, so this is a great alternative. Thanks so much for this video.

      1. BeGlamorous Nails

        kittenhoodie you are very welcome hun I’m happy to assist... yessss! Save yourself some $$$ mix it you yourself 😁

    12. Harla Wood

      Why did you not use clear polygel with the Madam Glam instead of the white? Just wondering...

      1. jemika bates

        Harla Wood clear is gonna give a more translucent color, like jelly nails, White is gonna give you a solid color

    13. dead bro

      ive been wanting to get polygel for a while and this sold me! i didnt know you could mix it with gel

    14. Keithia Jones

      Can you add reg nail polish or it has to be a gel polish???

      1. Laura H.

        Keithia Jones i Wonder too

    15. Cici Nails

      Beautiful 😍

    16. PrincessChan Nails

      This is such a great idea! Your nails look amazing I can't wait to see the tutorial

    17. Honey Toombs

      🔬🔬 can wait to see the design

    18. Kereen Mars

      Gush woman you always come through with amazing vids!😍😍😍 Keep up the great work!!!

    19. shadaenailedit claws


    20. Ms. H.L. Hurst

      Oh I just Love seeing new methods and experiments. A++! THANKS SO MUCH!!

      1. BeGlamorous Nails

        feelingoodinblue Awww 🤓🔬🤗 thanks huni and thanks for watching

    21. BabygirlNails

      I tried using pigments and the lighter ones cured but the darker ones didn't. I used white and clear. I will try this. Thanks sweetie.

      1. BabygirlNails

        Oh you are totally on to something girl. I will shout you out in my video when I make it. 100%!!!! HUGS

      2. BeGlamorous Nails

        BabygirlNails 🔬🤓 🤗 can’t wait for you to try it let me know if I’m on to something huni 😉 lol

    22. Brenna Moyer

      OHHH. I can't wait! I've been wondering if polygel is the solution to my problem. I love acrylic but I'm vegan so I can't feel ok about buying the fur brushes. I don't find gel appealing, but I like this better...

      1. TheIvi26

        Hey fellow vegan! I actually found an alternative to acrylic brushes that I use to do my nails. Synthetic watercolor brushes work really well because they hold a lot of liquid. I recommend the Princeton Neptune synthetic squirrel and synthetic kolinsky brushes. Hope this helped 🌱😄

      2. BeGlamorous Nails

        I’ve fallen in love with polygel honestly especially on myself it gives so much time to play on my non dominant hand I’d definitely recommend it once you find a good brand Tones is my go to right now 🔬🤗😁

    23. Brenna Moyer

      I am so jealous of your rain!!!

      1. BeGlamorous Nails

        Brenna Moyer rain 🌧 is lovely but it’s it’s hot all morning then rains in the afternoon 🔬😁🤗

    24. Julie's Nails

      Your nails look pretty, I like du experiment with gel ,polygel , how was work with your mix was easy or sticky?

      1. BeGlamorous Nails

        Julie's Nails I was very happy with the way this turned out working on the actual video now to post soon huni 😁🤗💖

    25. Pam Miller

      Really beautiful, and so interesting to me. I shared it with a friend on facebook. I have other polygel colors I'm not nuts about, and was just going to add glitter to them, but now I'm betting I can change their color to something I like better. Thanks!

      1. BeGlamorous Nails

        Pam Miller oh definitely play around with them and make them into a color you like 😁🤗🔬 share them with me when you do huni

    26. Iscah Willis

      Who else ready for Pt.2??! 🙌🏾

      1. BeGlamorous Nails

        Iscah Willis 🤗🙌🏾🎊 it’s being edited as we speak trying to cut down the time it’s still so long 🙈

    27. MC Lala

      Ok you're smart lil cookie ... lol 🤣 ....will be here for the update and the set looks fabulous that you created 🤗🤗🤗

      1. MC Lala

        @BeGlamorous Nails I here for it hunty

      2. BeGlamorous Nails

        MC Lala 😂😋 thanks huni much appreciated video coming soon 🤗

    28. Juana Trejo


      1. BeGlamorous Nails

        Juana Trejo 🤗🔬😁

    29. Colleen A Steeves Bos

      That's wonderful.

      1. BeGlamorous Nails

        Colleen A Steeves Bos 🔬🤗 thanks hun and thanks for watching

    30. Sheila Daves

      Great video and Tyfs I hope that you have a wonderful day

      1. BeGlamorous Nails

        Sheila Daves thanks hun 🤗🔬 wishing you a wonderful day