How to - Make Your Own Nail Polish!


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    This video is a re-upload. It was originally uploaded in 2013 but my channel was hacked and it was deleted.
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    1. Umesh Yadav

      I love the nail polish It is so easy

    2. Caitlin Hay

      2020 anyone?

    3. Fame alcasa

      2020 anyone ??? Ok just me 😞😞😞

    4. Funwith Joy

      Whose watching this video in 2020

    5. Imani Harris

      this is how i discovered her 🥺 subscribed when i found this video and look where we at now 😩💕

    6. Walton Tab

      Anyone is watching this at 2020 smash a like

    7. 박현미Park Hyunmi

      i feel so old watching this-

    8. Ashley Wallace

      l didn't get to watch in twenty nineteen2019

    9. Isaac Magdalena

      Every helpful😀

    10. Typical Potato

      Who’s watching this in 2020? ⬇️ ⬇️

    11. Don't look back text Messages

      2020 anyone?

    12. Tha Sung

      6 years ago omg

    13. Shatha Ibrahim

      Anyone in December 2019?????

    14. Tiktok Videos with Catherine

      So cute and little!

    15. Jessica-Lynn Wells

      If you put small 2 beads or ball bearings in your bottle it will mix it easier

    16. RainbowCookie 295

      Who's watching this on Novemeber 2019?

    17. Shanice Ball

      You should have made a Polish with the purple mineral eyeshadow and I had an idea for a name ; Purple Poison 😊

    18. lizi lizi

      Baby chloe💜

    19. Diane snyder

      Hi ty I made some just now it’s brownish ))))) ty

    20. # Ayesha's world Bangalore

      Yes Mia it is 2019 oct

    21. # Ayesha's world Bangalore

      Why in 2019 because this is 2019

    22. Savannah Marie

      I remember watching this 5 years ago bc it was on my recommended she is famous now

    23. Ganesh gane sap Sap

      Wow super 👌👌👌👌👌

    24. Saaylee P.

      faltu bakbak 👎👎👎

    25. Mia Paros

      October 2019?? Anyone no okay

      1. Daz Realz Boiz


      2. Jaime Tay

        @Gachalife Panda me

      3. Gachalife Panda

        how about December 2019

    26. Abbasi Abbaxe

      Lol dont know u r soo idiot and stupid3

    27. Shanice Ball

      Could you please do more of these nail polish videos?

    28. Sana Amina


    29. Lisa Banner

      Where did you buy the mineral eye shadow from

    30. Yashashree Hajare

      You know you talk to much

    31. Milon Mahali

      Verry smart

    32. QueenSky

      Roses are red 🍃leaf is green No one cares If your watching this in 2019

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    35. Cepio 1953

      Cloe it’s 2019 how am I finding this

    36. Niurka Valdespino

      I remember watching this and I tryed to make nail polish by copying her, when I watched this video I was about 6 years old and now I am 11, wow time passes😩😭❤️

    37. Briana and Gaby

      I loved this vid when it came’s 2019🤦🏽‍♀️😅🤣

    38. Abigail Roman


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      I remember this being the first video from your channel I watched

    40. Precious follabee.x

      2013 wow

    41. Divine 15

      Dang you're good 🎇

    42. Dearbhail Graham

      Anyone watching in 1997

      1. Laura E

        Nope I'm watching in 3097

    43. Amina Yasmin

      Sooo ur not making nail polish ur just adding ur own color with eyeshadow

    44. Karla Vega

      Chloe can you PLEASE tell me what the name of the label maker is

    45. Salma Siad x BTS

      Omg u were so cute!!!! 2019

      1. Nabila Bushra


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      old cloe ;'c

    47. راجية الجنان H

      She looks so cute🥰

    48. Anna Bond

      7:24 lol

    49. Egypt Taylor

      I'm new and I was satisfied

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      You're so cute!!!!😍😍😍😍😻💜💜💜💜

    51. RO M

      So much talking !!!

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    53. Creative Claire

      Oml I Remember when this first came out! Wow I can't believe that was 5 years ago...

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      She was talking so fast

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      2 0 1 9 ?

    56. YourAdopted

      7:24 😂

    57. DAVINDER Singh

      So beautiful

    58. Minasha Azari

      Dont think your a baby too much


      Can u also add paint to the nail polish?

    60. Keeli Baines