How ORLY Nail Polish Is Made

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    ORLY has been making nail polish in LA since 1975 and makes 40,000 polishes every day. See how its unique nail colors are created, tested, and mass produced.
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    How ORLY Nail Polish Is Made

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    1. Evelyn Animation

      O rlly?

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      Same video.

    3. Lndin Galle

      Nobody cares it's toxic. "like omg I made something with Mico plastic in it I'm so proud".

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      We all seen this kids

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      So aesthetic

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      I really need these to become cruelty-free

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      O rly

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      Where’s the lie

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        I love yoo

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      9th comment

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      How to make nail polish Step 1paint

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      Either this is reposted or its from another insider

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      Omg, that look bouityful

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      I swear I’ve seen this before?

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        Sofie Nguyen it’s fine lol

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        @ShuPaul Charles yea, last one was the same thing, they just changed the title (sorry for not being clear)

      3. ShuPaul Charles

        Sofie Nguyen No, it was definitely on how ORLY polish is made

      4. Sofie Nguyen

        Yea, i think the video was how nail polish is made, this is how ORLY nail polish is made

    19. Ylva