How Nail Polish Is Made And Tested



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    ORLY has been making nail polish in LA since 1975 and makes 40,000 polishes every day. See how nail colors are created, tested, and mass produced.
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    1. Pragya Jain

      Which material use in nailpolish ?

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    3. Kathryn Louise Bruening

      Who can smell this video

    4. Nancy Arellano

      I worked for Max Factor, Almay and Revlon and Avon Companies for 20+ yrs..and i must say i had the time of my life. I'm now a retired Cosmetologist..its been a fun journey

    5. Orly Hait

      When your name is Orly Lol

    6. honeyhive hirdhu

      So..44k girls liked...2.4k.boys disliked..🙄🙄🙄

    7. Ruddy Solang

      Orly has their own Lab, like so you can make your own colors

    8. Koberg _eq

      Simply Nail Logically? 😂♥️

    9. Sudipta Majumdar

      Who is seeing in 2019 ?? Hit the like button

    10. Torche Co

      Insider is the master of reuploading how its made video or using a clip repeatedly

    11. Rakibul Hossain

      Very nice

      1. Rakibul Hossain

        It is very important the girl

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    13. Maria Victoria

      Clearly you need to learn from "how it's made"

    14. SSJR Dude

      Can I get whole drums of nail polish?


      GEL POLISH is taking over. Best idea ever. No smudging & you don't have to reserve an entire week waiting on your nails to dry

      1. June

        Oh yes!! I switched to gel polish, but i only get gel at the salon since i don't have the light to cure it. It doesn't chip, and it doesn't do too much damage and it's just so cute, the only problem i have with gel is that its so difficult to take off.

    16. MMj Lee

      How.come this brand is soo expensive n they’re brushes is ugly so skinny hard to work with their brush not worth the money 😭😭

    17. MMj Lee

      How.come this brand is soo expensive n they’re brushes is ugly so skinny

      1. MMj Lee

        Sentient Sloth right n inexpensive but really worth it

      2. Sentient Sloth

        I agree and the colours are ugly too. There are much better brands

    18. Cockroach Cookroach

      I love your nipples

    19. Sarina Mehta

      I hate to say it but Refinery29 is way better at these types of videos.

    20. Noura Madougou

      N’ira manaw


      I am fond of nail polishes .....I love nail arts and I know more than 30 nail arts

    22. laurendudleyx

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    23. Christina Alterado

      *So that's why I found a silver ball in my nail polish.*

      1. jxminct

        I haven't watched the video yet (I'm just reading comments) so I'm confused why you would find a ball in your nail polish

    24. Diane Vogel

      I didn't even explain any of the ingredients in it

    25. Demi xoxo

      Imagine the smell😂

    26. Valeria Izquierdo

      Wait, so where are the tiny balls in my nail polish containers. It's like they disappeared.

    27. galaxycatgacha 789

      I can not imagine how it smells in the factory

    28. avocados11111

      Insider: ok guys we need 36 clips for this video Also insider: k we have 27 thats enough we’ll just repeat them over and over again

    29. Anne Quitzow Montserrat

      This is how it’s made? O RLY/ORLY

    30. Olivia Vlogss

      Imagine the smell....

    31. Natasia Aggarwal

      Roses are red Violets are blue I came here bc of the thumbnail And so did you

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    33. Marla S.

      Ah QC something Jaclyn Hill never did.

    34. mehtehrealdoge

      Can you imagine the smell-

    35. Xx Maryam xX

      *SimplyNailogical (Cristiene) will be impressed.*

    36. Lily Cuellar

      This is the worst “how it’s made” video they don’t even show it !

    37. Absynthe

      They did show how it is made. They choose pigments to make the color choice and mix the pigments with a base. That is how it is made. It is not that difficult to understand by watching what they show in the beginning before they show the mass production. 😂

    38. 5K Subs Without Vids

      It must smell very strong

    39. Stephanie Coco

      whats the balls in the bottle for?? is it for weight or something else?

    40. Sweet Star

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      Who's niece is she? Idk why they keep putting her in this videos

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      Especially if it was HOLO

    45. Maria Hurtado

      Christine would have loved this

    46. Oxiclea N

      I thought it would actually say how it’s made

    47. westfamilyful

      It dosent tell us any ingredients!😡only bottles and caps that’s all! What a rip of😡😡😡😡😡😡

    48. Maria

      Oh the little balls!! I always wondered where my ex’s balls were.. ORLY uses them duh!

    49. Alessandra azzurra

      Sinplynailogical now is scream aaahaahahhh

    50. Mathilde Gelardi

      But how do they MAKE it?

    51. রূপের রহস্য

      wow amazing

    52. Katlyn b

      Is it me or does that look like liquid starch or other people say sta-flo on 1:11

    53. Ross

      When you smell it thru the screen

    54. Shutting down sorry

      *i am having a headache due to this MUCH pink*

    55. Paradise09100

      This is just Terrible. It didn’t explain how it was made and processed at all

    56. Minh Mẫn

      imagine working there and smelling nail polish..

      1. AdriyanaHill716

        Minh Mẫn that would be amazing. What’s so bad about the smell of nail polish?

    57. Vicky rainbow Squishes kawaii

      I am a holosexaul

    58. Vicky rainbow Squishes kawaii

      I can smell the nail polish really strong

    59. Josselyn Casaleno

      So how is nail polish made?

      1. 'diva williams

        Josselyn Casaleno 🤷🏽‍♀️