How I Made Custom Nail Dip Powder Colors : DIY


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    I'm totally obsessed with dip powder nails!
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    1. Ami Myers

      Girl, you have a fan! Do you know how many videos there are but not like this. I don’t use gel. Thank you! The possibilities are endless with this idea. I think I need the large tub of acrylic now

    2. Alfie Charlie

      What other clear polishes came with the kit? Apart from top coat and base coat. Small tip: mix the micas/ iron oxides before you put them into the acrylic powder.

    3. Crystal Smith

      I wonder if you can use kool-aid for the color?

    4. Laila Becerra

      Just stumped onto your video as I was about to click the purchase button on etsy...Do you think we can do it with eyeshadow powder?

    5. Kristie Matt

      What pigments are you using??

    6. Sharon Dalessandro

      Wow great job!

    7. Rara Avis

      Cool. I didn’t know, what dip nailcolor even is, honestly. Have been using the Alessandro Striplac UV system for years. One thing that sucks though, is that the lacquer is expensive and only available online. And it’s been pretty much hit or miss for me...ended up throwing away about half of them, because I didn’t like the color, after all. Maybe I‘ll give this a try,,instead...I just don’t have the patience for regular nail lacquer 😄

    8. Megan Rivera

      Hi Rachel! You're so cute, I love all your videos. I'm really interested in beauty/makeup/etc so this is right up my alley. Hope you and your husband and pets are doing great! ♥

    9. Cyndi Heimburger

      This is great! You can really customize them! If you brush it off over paper you would loose even less.

    10. Vyvoom voom

      How do you take off & where do you get pigments & clear acrylic.. sorry I didn't catch it. Ty! Love the video!

    11. MeganW17938

      Quick tip, do your dip nails over a piece of paper so that any powder that gets out of the container or brushed off your nails gets caught on the paper. Afterwards you can just pick up the paper and fold it to dump the fallen powder back into the container :)

    12. Emma Clancy

      I love the green, it came out so well! Just one thing I need to mention, please do be careful with that nail prep bottle. I saw you got a little on your finger, usually those kinda prep coats are acid based, so be careful with skin contact, if you get it on your skin, over time it can cause nasty reactions! 🌻

      1. chezlin

        Thanks for the heads up! I'll try to be more careful next time. I'm not sure if it's an acid based primer or a ph dehydrator, but it's better to be safe than sorry! 😊

      2. Jessica Lee

        Most home kits don't include acid primers, and at beauty supply stores you need a license to purchase them. It most likely is just a ph dehydrator.