He’s Been Living Under Her Bedroom Floor..

Life of Luxury

Life of Luxury

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    In this episode, Parker and Chester investigate a situation for a woman (Jennifer), whose parents left to go to their winter home. Jennifer has been hearing noises coming from under her floorboards at night, so Parker and Chester go to investigate.
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    DISCLAIMER: These videos are produced with the intent entertain and for artistic purposes. Do not try to replicate the acts you see at home.
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    1. Life of Luxury

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      1. Jim mathew Meneses

        parker and Chester is this your last vid...?

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      5. Emaan Ahsan Khan

        What was that thing?

    2. Sean Jullian Dizon

      People around the world:"Panicing" Live of luxury:We are still gonna make vids even in this pandemic Me:Yes Me:holy f*ck that was a scay vid

    3. Sayorozu Sacha Phommavongsa

      En tous cas jme pisse dessus en regardant les episodes x)

    4. Viki Kiki

      This is really scary

    5. Owais Nisar

      Make more episodes please

    6. Mortiツ


    7. mIx mAtCh :roblox

      What man puts on a nappy and walks like a frog lol

    8. perla torres

      This is my fav my 2 fav

    9. QueenLoindra Wolf

      E horror 😰😰

    10. Unicorn_naomi Lewis

      The creature walks funny

    11. Miiko Lakso

      Next time buy a sword

    12. Act10n

      ПРИВЕТ С РОССИИ🇷🇺 Hello from Russia 👋

    13. RYTH❻❻❻

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="750">12:30</a> This is my cat when trying to open the door

    14. Ереке KZ

      Шын ба

    15. LilJJ 999

      Has anyone noticed that he sleeps with his sunglasses

    16. M416 хай

      Кто русский пишите сюда пуст англичяни думали что тут что-то интересное 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    17. юра Monteea

      Again, the lunatics are like the stench of the hospital.

    18. hanan tuvic

      This monster was in the house from mi Sister😥😳😬

    19. XxWolfie_GamerXxxx

      That is so scary

    20. _enya_eilish_

      Just casually sleeping in her jeans in a room with nothing but a bed in it? OK

    21. Соня

      Русские, вы тут?)

    22. Elaina Sweeney

      Next episode: he’s been living in her vent

    23. *Gotcha_ wolf*

      Oh hell NAH I’m out

    24. Kurt Yumang

      I think she's bed is under is monster


      Pa shout out po ako birthday ko po bukas sana mapansin nyo po

    26. Aaronkendall Linaban

      The monster uses headbutt.

    27. Beast gaming

      When will next video come

    28. Æ Æ

      Yo how much did they pay this guy to wear nothing but a baby mask and a mam diper

    29. Lucille Jang


    30. KWIKWI08

      Thank god I don’t have a basement

    31. Geht dich nichts an Bruder

      The creature was Gollum i Think 🤣 Bro i shitting me in my pants 🤣(Sorry for my bad English i am from Germany)

    32. Sofo4Ka PRO

      То чудовище слишком страшное, я кирпичный завод открыла😰

    33. kysha Brena Kym Bolima

      It s' so creepy and your videos is so fun😇😮

    34. Адай Ельчубаев

      Русские вы тут аууу

    35. Snezana Lazarevic


    36. S i n

      Me : " ..Hmm..Oh This vifeo pops up Let me just..Click it.." *Sees the creature* Me : "...The Hell- Wow He got Angry Because..Its blocked up.." *The Creature Break the floor* Me: " Oh..I didn't know it was so strong..I guess..?"

      1. S i n

        Sooo...She is save..I think..

      2. S i n

        But It is just in her house I guess

      3. S i n

        Anyway I Hope I'm save in my bed..

    37. it's John

      Click baite

    38. Leong PuiShan

      The creacure was just like in 2020. It want to go out but the government block all the place. 😁

    39. Vitz Bangaroo

      Hey parker and Chester can you guys make a video about SCPs plz

    40. Vitz Bangaroo

      Chester: Jennifer Jennifer wake up wake up

    41. Thomas Paris Windfeld

      So many furnitures

    42. Analiza Valdez

      Whoa the monster destroys the board like a minecraft

    43. Analiza Valdez

      She said she check everything but she didnt see the hole

    44. sugas expensive glasses

      My heart is literally shaking but these comments lmfaoo "hEs bEEN livINg iN hER rEFiRGerATOR tHE WhOLe tImE" IM-

    45. Jim mathew Meneses

      unn Parker is this your last video cause i always watching this video

    46. Nour Talyor

      Why am I scared from her not the creepy figure

    47. samad. ouardanielallam

      I don't know how they might not be afraid to put the cameras in that place =O??

    48. King Tacazon

      That thing like didnt aye for maybe 10 years and hes so strong to make the floor crack

    49. Genelia Alexiariby

      It like a crazy alien dog.😱😱😰😨

    50. Jacobgabriel Bolivar

      Plot Twist:The Monster Was Just Her Friend But The Door Was The Place Where They Have A Sleep Over.

    51. Ko te

      Я вас конечно не понимаю, но видео крутые

    52. Иван Иванов

      Я здесь один русский?

    53. ThroneFriend5 Garcia

      I think your channels are really good because they're kind of cool

    54. Kritsawan Phurahong


    55. Princess tupaz

      That thing was strong it just break the floor wow

    56. soundeagle

      these guys are now paranormal investigators lololol

    57. Nevaeh Hays

      I like how when he said “go in there your a lot smaller” but yet he goes in there too

    58. cypress Hk

      Hole in the wall. There was a fucking door next to it.🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    59. Rexy Gamer

      When someone is ordering pizza <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="783">13:03</a>

    60. Raven Trips

      Hes like SCP 096

    61. Qwimston's best friend E4654

      Cover me boys. I'm going fullscreen

    62. Isaac Beliveau TV

      Waiting for new uploads

    63. Jodie Bowe

      These monsters are fak😎😎😎

    64. SamboMarkutb

      next episode: he has been sleeping in her broken freezer

    65. Pie Pie Pie

      Isnt that SCP 096

    66. strawberries and lemons

      𝗪𝗵𝘆 𝗱𝗼𝗲𝘀 𝗲𝘃𝗲𝗿𝘆 𝗺𝗼𝗻𝘀𝘁𝗲𝗿 𝗵𝗮𝘃𝗲 𝗮 𝗱𝗶𝗮𝗽𝗲𝗿


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    68. Nada Rajawiya

      Hello brother lwish for

    69. Kirk Harrington

      Why is it only girls? And the monster is a boy?

    70. Cedric Lindsey

      Is it just me? But does it seems like all these people are possessed or on something?

    71. Aliya Mohammed

      Where is the next video

    72. OhRainer

      This Girl looks cute enough to me. Wanna sleep necxt to her, then fuxk that creepy fuck op when he start fuxking around

    73. Jane Lockwood


    74. Anna_Kolk# chan

      Lol thats just a man in costume with only underwear on

    75. xxx xxx

      New episode of them omg we find something living in her butt oh its just a butt plug

    76. xxx xxx

      Imagine they just find two guys in a hottub in the basement and thier five feet apart cuase their no gay

    77. Addison 4 ever

      It’s at 135k come on next video

    78. cpt_ninja

      Next episode he's been living In her shoe

    79. Ava Chavez

      Next vid he's living in her hair lol

    80. Aaron Lachino

      Y’all should get guns