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    If you have been trying to treat your nail fungus and it doesn't seem to be working, you might not be doing the most important step when treating toenail fungus...NAIL DEBRIDEMENT!!!
    Go see a foot specialist (Chiropodist or Podiatrist) near you who may be able to file and thin your fungal toenail, which can help increase your chance of getting rid of your toe fungus!
    TOEBRO SEASON 1 on A&E MARCH 5th 2019!!!!!!!!!
    Nail debridement is just the fancy term for filing or thinning the nail. If the topical medicine can't reach the fungus, it won't be able to work!!!
    Routine nail filing is extremely important and should be done on a regular basis (every 1-3 months) to ensure maximal penetration of a topical treatment.
    The only way to see results of nail fungus treatment is as the new nail grows in, the part with the fungus grows out. It takes approx. 1 year for a new toenail to grow, so if half of your nail has fungus, expect to treat your toe for at least half a year. If your whole nail is affected, expect to be treating it for possibly a full year!
    Bye, bye fungal nail for now.
    The Toe Bro
    PS...How pumped are you toes to see Season 1 of the Toe Bro on A&E?! Save the date!!! March 5th, 2019 @ 10pm!!!
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    1. SAGE Sehyann

      I love it

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      Bet that stinks🤭

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    4. Pedro Rojas

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    5. Peacock

      *Just cut the foot off*

    6. SunnyLite

      Can the same go for fingernail fungus?

    7. Kia so cute 13

      Eww that’s nasty

    8. H_Tube14


    9. Curtis Michael

      Why not just remove the nail completely?

    10. W1ll __L

      This isn’t ski mask?

    11. 0ofzer

      This made me depperessed how it really made me grossed out

    12. Xoxma1013

      I just throw up a little

    13. Vian Mus

      I used to have that but not that bad it was white and I didn't know it has a name 😂 I just cut the nail clean it all and but Alcohol on it twice a day and it is all gone

    14. talkingalwayz

      Watched the video.. so im pretty qualified now (grabs the dremmel and tea tree oil lol)

    15. Adam Matthews

      That guys whole foot was dirty with dirt on it. Guess he doesn't wash his feet enough

    16. DaBank

      Scrap that and put that on someone’s Mac n cheese with breadcrumbs

    17. Ghostly _

      trying to look at foot fungus ski and i ended up here....

    18. Kayla A

      Can this be done at home? My boyfriend has this in both toes and refuses to go to a doctor. I mean could be dying and he wouldn't go period.

    19. Stonestar_Squolf

      Damn that's TOEtally gnarly (Yes it hurt me to make and reread that ... I'm sorry)

    20. syafiatul khusnah

      this ppl really disgusting 😷

    21. Raviela Calapatia

      Now that is disgusting but still always clean your nails

    22. Luis Carbo

      Dude i just searched for the ski mask video and it auto played wtf

    23. mudassir shahzad

      What medicine you applied on nail? During cutting nail there is any liquid. Please tell the name

      1. phiksit

        Vicks vaporub or any kind of salve with menthol in it.

    24. Nick Boucher

      I havbe a footr fetishj

    25. Nick Bloodborne

      just throw the f*cking toe away!

    26. Hector Diesto IV

      I can smell it

    27. Mrssewhardtoplease

      I’d be wearing 3 pairs of gloves.

    28. Mrssewhardtoplease

      I’d be wearing 3 pairs of gloves.

    29. Mrssewhardtoplease

      Indian feet....always, he’ll never do what is expected of him, too cheap.

    30. Ben doritos !

      lol i got here cause of ski mask XD

    31. john johns

      Hydrogen peroxide, I will give this secret away free I had a bad case of this over a period of 20 years then I watched a documentary about how the earth evolved and a lot of talk about hydrogen peroxide and what benefits it had in an evolving earth and its creatures, then I put two and two together and used hydrogen peroxide on my fingers were my nails used to be over 8 weeks and they grew back so try this if you have this problem and you will be amazed and it's so much cheaper. Let me know how it goes

    32. danny lee

      hows peroxide?

    33. Lin Lin

      Why wasn't the entire nail removed? I'd think what was left might impede the fungal growth.

    34. John Blaine

      Have you tried using Holy Water in your feet treatments?

      1. phiksit

        cloves of garlic and wooden stake.

    35. Marylin Collins

      Where are you at dr. Other foot drs scam and clip. Down. Your bad nails a pinch so you have to come back for thr rest of your life you gave this guy new nails. His toes look wonderful are you ever in philadelphia or know someone thats good as you. Please let me know. Your good i never saw sutvh a good food dr and your honest please help thanks

    36. Zara Latifa


    37. Zara Latifa


    38. Glory

      Why am I watching this at 12am on a school night

    39. Gianna Shrimp

      I'll pass

    40. Oscar Woolrich

      I would have been in the Army already if it wasnt for this. Got to wait 5 months.😪

    41. Face

      I don’t want this in my Burger King foot lettuce

    42. I Stan OT4 JenChuLiChaeng

      It's gross yet satisfying to watch

    43. Funky Town

      Oh, hello people falling down a rabbit hole of BGsel videos

    44. Eddy ‘

      I was looking for that stupid Big Chungus song and accidentally typed Big fungus lol

    45. Ej20062

      I didn’t know all that was below my toenail

    46. Going Pretty Fast For A Sloth


    47. jose Rivas

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    49. Heidi Webb

      Is this the same nail fungus ladies get from nail salons?

    50. •*LightRxses*•

      The fungus looks like the reg dirt under ur nail

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    55. Mui Rothwell

      I immersed my whole foot in straight bleach and I am cured!

      1. phiksit

        that sounds pretty extreme 😎 congratulations tho!

      2. Mui Rothwell

        @Duayne Sanford bgsel.info/video/video/arC73qmJxqy4o7g.html

      3. Mui Rothwell

        @Duayne Sanfordnope

      4. Duayne Sanford

        Mui Rothwell did that not burn?

      5. Mui Rothwell

        Duayne Sanford , No I am serious. A case of toe nail fungus, had nail pulled out twice by doctor but grows back thick and yellow within months. Used bleach straight out of the gallon bottle from store, immersed entire toot and bleach turns cloudy white and even the dead skin underneath feet came off. I'd cover my face with a wet cloth and do it in the open as the bleach smell is strong.

    56. Lee Speyrer

      You can cure this with gold listerine soaking . or very warm vinegar . You do it at your own discression and look for results as you use them . You may try 3 times a week . This is a natural remedy passed down to my wife from a nurse

    57. PA Florek

      Go SPY on you own lovers' toes! pootie

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    60. Jar head

      I have a one toe like this and you do too if you watching this!