G-Eazy - I Wanna Rock (Official Video) ft. Gunna


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    “I Wanna Rock” ft. Gunna Out Now! smarturl.it/xIWannaRock

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    1. Ty Truck. 。゚

      G-Eazy is so handsome,fuck.

    2. Ty Truck. 。゚

      Le queda tan bien parecer loco. Se mira tan sexy.

    3. Pederin Studio

      You just say you hate a cops ? My parents is a police officer ? Means you hate my parents ?? 🖕🏻 one middle finger to a cheater

    4. Vice Versa

      Malcom X - Royce Da 5'9 Vibes


      your music is still trash is see

    6. RUSEV sauve


    7. Sanele M

      "No limit, it's just Me, Myself & I. When I said it's her and I that shit was a fukin lie" All his songs 🔥🔥

    8. Bf langneh

      NYC song

    9. Benmc 165


    10. Pop Music Piano Tutorials

      There's a really good instrumental of I Wanna Rock. bgsel.info/video/video/ZN7AxKKdsYC6hdI.html

    11. keith lynch

      i wanna rock i wanna rock ahaha im sittin ere smokin rock im sittin ere smokin rock lalala

    12. Павел Василевскй

      G-Easy look like Andy Garcia in 1990-th ))

    13. Noemi Montoya

      Who gave him this hard ass beat

    14. Kaef Beats

      I was thinking how would gunna sound on this beat...then after hearing him I can say it s not what I was thinking of. it slaps

    15. LurKiiN Gaming


    16. strahinja cvetkovic

      wasn't this supposed to be a scary song?

    17. Chúc Thoại

      i hear Nip who else?

    18. Rhonda Sherrill

      Only one gunna and this isn't him but he's talented

    19. Nomsoplays _Beast

      G eazy will be better actor for joker

    20. Flownumero1

      If you pay close attention you can hear the dog bark @ 1:30 💀🤣

    21. Isaiah Partain

      Ok it's kind of obvious that he's trying to be like the joker.

      1. Ty Truck. 。゚

        Was just a reference.

    22. McPuff

      Fuck dude I badly wish this song didn’t have gunna’s trash ass 😂

    23. Ryan Bayne

      i click at 19 seconds and see G eazy talking bout "I want a rock", smh lmao

    24. Anas Syazwi

      Joker references everywhere

    25. jarteth fletcher

      Old stuff was so much better than his new stuff

    26. Mathias Souza

      I wanna coca

    27. damion rios

      I bought a rock

    28. Jamie Behrends

      I want the backside i make ur titties flop make them titties flop

    29. Michelle Ivanich

      I hateulol jkcomeova

    30. Ayoub Bousetta

      When I said it's her and I, that shit was a lie....

    31. Joyful Savage

      So “I swear most likely I’m gonna die with you” was a lie? SHOCKER😱

    32. Fallen Dream


    33. Markland Kim


    34. Zaid Ilyas

      he really wanna rock.

    35. Max Oh

      The beat though is a killer fucken 🔥

    36. Puddin

      puddin and Harley quin vibes?¿

    37. Helen Nagel

      Any one else think the nurse look like lil miquela

    38. Tmcjr

      What happened to the full verse in the song on iTunes :(

    39. Keith Burm

      Got a J0KER vibe and Dr. Quinnzel vibe lol

    40. Justin Seitzer

      Not a one hit wonder, this is why I'm hot (Why I'm hot) No Limit, all I got is Me, Myself & I When I said it's her and I, that shit was a lie ooooooo Shitttt

    41. Huncho993


    42. Yeets Cleets

      He looks like the joker

    43. komink Trisna

      Run mf run mf

    44. E P


    45. Nashea Richardson

      “when i said its you and i i lied” OOP

    46. Caleb Ennis


    47. Tommy Peachock


    48. Eldin Edo

      Came here for twisted sister, found this crap... -_-

    49. Angel Sanchez

      “ I don’t eat bacon, I don’t fuck with cops” 🔥

    50. lucifershell2

      I won a rock

    51. Gringo Oficial

      do not press read more ... . . . . . . Help me ? subscribe to my channel. peace!

    52. lil Pablo

      this song to good bruv

    53. Iced Out

      Kid buu popa

    54. Killer Kellogg


    55. DeportedMemes

      Music video looks like need for speed

    56. Emeka Ezenagu

      If 2019 songs were food, DaBaby and Gunna would be salt and pepper. Just shake on a little of those two to give the song extra flavor.

    57. Catherine Simone

      It sounds like he sampled goosebumps a little bit?? Only 80s/90s babies know🔥

    58. széchy vivien

      G-eazy... Who asked for, what your horoscope?

    59. széchy vivien

      Nobody Billie Eilish : I'm bad guy Camila Cabello :I'm shameless G- eazy: I'm gemini

    60. Tavarus Wells

      May 24 I’m a Gemini ♊️ yes best verse ever