Easy Nail Art Designs 2020 | Nails Art for Beginners

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    New Easy Nail Art Designs 2020 | Simple Nails Art for Beginners bgsel.info/video/video/nrrWkmmO04atnLQ.html
    🔴 Products used in this video (without brand names): nail polish / gel, top coat, adhesive tape, stripping tape, beads, brush, tweezers, toothpick... Nail art designs with minimum tools, you can try make at Home!

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    1. 20 Nails

      New video - Only simple nail design... Easy enough to try for beginners at home...

      1. Бану Нажимова

        Если бы оставляли ссылку на магазины, где приобретали все гели (и не только), которые использовали, то было бы ещё лучше!

      2. Yessenia cuevas


    2. Aurora Heard

      Im re-watching your vids bc they are amazing Love you💖

    3. Aurora Heard

      0:47 That is a beutiful rose! How the heck do you make it so pretty!?🥰

    4. Nhạc Khmer Remix 2k19

      Đẹp quá😍😍

    5. Ali Jehada

      ngddfhj. #+ض٧هوةؤ

    6. شروق الشمس


    7. Оксана Советова

      Умничка, все варианты хороши!))

      1. 20 Nails


    8. Julia Lashed


    9. Lovari Tashano

      Я лудше могу, чо-то как-то по дебильныму!!! 🙄😂

    10. BuBbLe WrAp BRAT

      *8:32* Cristine would be dissapointed

    11. Вика Великая

      ьопеегщннп9шенеаепроьлбьтмсвмиттпаввмивмивсмчывсмс мсмаапекапекапн7еапн7ае6нпн р рггог

    12. حسين علي الفتلاوي

      واوووو روووعة

    13. кристина Ивонтьева

      Спасибо за идеи!!!

    14. Maria Clara Santos

      Essas idéias são muito lindas quero fazer na minha

    15. Dee Gee

      Love ur videos! Do u use gel polish or regular polish.

    16. Чолпон Мырзатаева

      Класс проста

    17. Sweet Girl

      Is this gel nail polish?

      1. 20 Nails


    18. Sandhya Mistri

      Very beautiful

    19. Letizia Agostinello

      Fantastiche unghie


      These designs are beautiful

    21. KaJ uN

      Fantastic inspirations! Love the pre painted rose and 2:20, 3:45, 5:20! 😍😍😍 & 8:55

      1. 20 Nails

        Thanks Kaj uN:)❤️👍

    22. Sarah John

      Also I am going to be trying the 2 Nd one

      1. 20 Nails


    23. Sarah John

      I absolutely loved the se

      1. 20 Nails


      2. Sarah John

        I mean I absolutely loved the 2 Nd one

    24. Kkrissy187 Kkrissy187

      All right I must be weird because I find these videos incredibly relaxing and soothing, I could nearly fall asleep!...except they are way too damn entertaining LOL

      1. Александра Шляндина

        Kkrissy187 Kkrissy187 алансфилз095умоцбд

      2. Maria Clara Santos

        Eu não sei escrever en inglês

      3. KaJ uN

        @Kkrissy187 Kkrissy187 I've been teaching myself acrylic application, I just completed all ten for once lol I just found this channel, too. Great inspiration! I can't wait to play with all the ideas. Acrylic is tricky, but I found it makes the nail art last a very long time and supports the natural nail to grow and not peel or chip. That's a game changer for me. I usually have ten different nails lol!

      4. Kkrissy187 Kkrissy187

        KaJ uN I just found this channel and I am really enjoying the videos. I have managed to change my own nail art more than once in the last week thanks to all this good stuff! LOL

      5. KaJ uN

        Me, too!!! I'm so addicted to nail art videos and my own nail experimenting. I'm definitely weird and proud to be 😁 This is one if the top channels I've found.

    25. Nails 4 the Week


      1. 20 Nails


    26. ღMinty Chocolateღ

      me watching and realizing i don't have any of the things in this video (i have some of the colors but they aren't the same exact colors)

    27. Lenny Lenny

      Beautiful ,,the Best

    28. queen xøx


    29. حنين العالي

      كتيررررر حلو

    30. Lex P

      omg these nail ideas are so pretty

    31. Valinka Valinka

      Wow za kolik by jste mi udelali nehty Proooooooooosim.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏👩👩

    32. Carlotta 2014


    33. baby stacie

      What is the clear that you use it looks so nice

    34. Allison Allison

      omg ily so much

    35. It’s a Nail Thing

      Gosh I wish I had as many viewers as you do xx great video xx

    36. Luanne Smith

      #Love YN

    37. 久美


    38. татьяна ш

      Все как всегда супер!!!!

    39. Rhonda Love

      Have GOT to try these, absolutely brilliant. Thank you.

      1. KaJ uN

        Me, too. I have a folder just for this channel of designs I must try 😁 Good luck with yours

    40. Annabelle Davis

      I am going to try this out later when I get home!!

      1. Haroon Rasheed

        Go. T I 4sew rrr2 hi

      2. queen xøx

        we're did you go

    41. Varaporn Nernginn

      the first one had tools!

      1. 20 Nails

        heh 👍

    42. violeta otoño

      Me fascina 🤗

    43. 響子


    44. monica neufville

      At 3:32 what nail Polish is that

    45. Елизавета Максимова


      1. maria Trinidad Linares Rubio

        Елизавета Максимова para que sive la semilla d clalabasa Para q sin ( la semillas d calabasas

    46. Victor Mejias

      me en cantan tus tutoriales

    47. Елена Бражникова

      Красный, со шнуровкой - просто бомба!

    48. Ivy748

      Simples...pero elegantes jaja guta guta!! 😍😍😍

      1. Ana Neri


      2. Ana Neri

        Bbjk km

    49. Joalis Cordero

      Hello from Puerto Rico 🇵🇷

      1. 20 Nails

        hello Joalis:)❤️👍

    50. Цовинар Карагезян

      Просто чудо!!! Всегда смотрю с восхищением!!!!БРАВО!!!

    51. Its's zoe💖

      Who else id here cuz they where going to watch a gacha life video's and click on this so u just watched it

    52. Lina Korba


    53. عبود انا

      اخخخخخ بطني

      1. عافيتي عافيتي

        هههههههههههههه ليش شبيك واخيرا لكيت عربي عراقي ههههههههه

    54. Haymet Herrera

      Felicidades tecnicas simples y modelo hermosos. Pero tengo una unica duda, ¿Porque se elimina toda la cuticula de rededor de la uña?

      1. KPOP Jung-Eunbim

        @Haymet Herrera de nada.😊

      2. Haymet Herrera

        @KPOP Jung-Eunbim lo de la cuticula para la semipermanente estoy de acuerdo. Gracias por la información.

      3. KPOP Jung-Eunbim

        se le saca la cuticula porque la cutícula puede estar dañada o de mal estado se lo sacan para que quede mejor 😊. lo se porque mi prima mayor hace manicura. y más se le saca la cutícula cuando son semipermanentes. 😊

    55. Leni M