Dual Form Nails - Common MISTAKES


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    Dual Form Nails - Common MISTAKES
    In this video, I will share common mistakes when doing nails with dual forms. I used polygel technology as an example, but most of these problems refer to any technology - hard gel, acrylic or polygel.
    Top 10 Dual forms Nail Extensions mistakes -
    Choosing flat dual forms
    Sticky layer - remove from the base coat
    Fitting the dual form - smaller
    Application - too thick near cuticle / side walls
    Application - too flat all over - no apex
    Application - not enough product near cuticle - bubbles+
    Pressing too much - the product squeezed out
    Too close to the cuticle
    Not cleaning the product underneath
    Filing the cuticle area and sidewalls / underneath
    Which of those mistakes have you ever done?
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