DIY / Mix Your Own Nail Polish

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    You can find out more information about the kit here:
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    1. Debbie

      Can you please get to the point? You just kinda babbled on and on and didn't want to listen to unnecessary dribble.

      1. MissBudgetBeauty / Mikhila McDaid

        Debbie, if you don’t like wasting your time I don’t know how to tell you this is no longer available 😂

    2. Moin Foxy

      Pls u can say how to do base coat

    3. LoveLoveLoveTropical

      It sounds really strange but have you ever tried nail polish from George? It's amazing considering it only costs like £1-£1.75! I swear by the stuff.

    4. Leonora Simons

      Agree with Sandy M - been doing this successfully with ordinary polish for 40 yrs so colour possibilities really only limited by the variety of polishes u have! ps. use a cocktail stick thru the neck of the bottle to help stir/blend the colours better - u need to be persistent but it will then mix much better

    5. Alexandra Gardner

      LOVE these extensions!! you look amazing with this length hair x

    6. Catherine S

      I always mix my nail colours that are running low to create my own colours - saves me wasting the bits I can't get to with the brush and I get some unique colours! :)

    7. sandy M

      I have been mixing nail polishes for literally 40years😞 This just seems like a way to get money for the company. Totally unnecessary in my opinion.

    8. Rebecca Widnall

      i saw this and thought it looked fun but for £25 i think i could do this with regular nail polish and have fun and still save money. so thanks for saving me £25 quid lol i can use it to buy lipsticks lol

    9. Elizabeth Dhokia

      That does look like fun! I think my younger sisters might find that a fun project to play with.

    10. Laura 18

      I dont see the point of this with so many shades available from brands in the shops

    11. Molly Sequoia

      You look nice today

    12. Amber Steele

      Could you review the new sensationail transformer? I know you've had the gel kit before

      1. TinyShiny Star84

        Yes!! I was going to ask that too :-)

    13. Georgia Marsh

      We're you suppose to leave the ball inside?

      1. Georgia Marsh

        +Nicole Williams thank you

      2. Nicole Williams

        they help polish mix and not settle. some of the really old Barry M ones have them in and i think the MUA ones too.

    14. Annabel has no name

      5th comment

    15. Charlie Sharp

      You're one of my all-time favorite youtubers because you always seem so honestly excited about whatever you're talking about, but you're always so obviously honest. You're great!

    16. Jude Channell

      Great video! Looks like an interesting idea. Does anyone know how much this kit retails for?xo

      1. Jude Channell

        +Freya Morris Thanks:)

      2. Freya Morris

        I think it's about £25

      3. Jude Channell

        +Chloe-Louise Messenger Thankyou! :)

      4. Chloe-Louise Messenger

        £25 for the 2 piece or £50 for the 5 piece :)