Colour Acrylic Powder Mixing | How to Make Custom Colour Acrylic

Nail Decadence

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    Hi Peeps, just a short video to show you how I make my colour acrylic powders, I hope you find it useful. The company I mentioned is Mica Moma and the website is just in case you're interested.
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    1. Morgan W

      I do this as well! But I find if I am only using mica I don’t need the mortar and pestal.. i also don’t usually use white unless I’m going for a lighter look or I don’t want the color too be as pearly, and only then I use the white. I only put the clear acrylic in a small jar, add my mica colors I want to mix, put the lid on, and give it a good shake making sure to turn it all around while I’m shaking it. And I never have any clumps. Sometimes when I add white I have to shake it a little more. I only use the mortar and pestal if I am taking out my iron oxides /pigments which are much more pigmented and clumpy. But I usually will first use the coffee grinder. Anyways, thank you for the video. I love the colors you made!

      1. Nail Decadence

        I find shaking in a pot doesn't work for me, that's why I use the pestle and mortar, but if it works for you great, means less work certainly. TFW 🙂

    2. msmoneymaker33 Dixon

      We're can I find that mix bowl from?

      1. Nail Decadence

        Hi, it's called a Pestle and Mortar and it's meant for grinding herbs when cooking, although I keep this one specifically for mixing colours, as it wouldn't be safe to use for food anymore. You can get them in any shop that sells kitchen accessories or online. Thank you for watching, I hope you liked the video and found it helpful. If you did please click the like button 🙂

    3. Debby Reed

      Thanks chick loved the vid xxx

      1. Nail Decadence

        TFW hun x

    4. Tray's Nail Designs

      Great vid as always chik 👍

      1. Nail Decadence

        Thank you hun xxx

    5. marleykins LDN

      So creative

      1. Nail Decadence

        Thanks for the support sweetie, I really appreciate it xxx