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    On this episode of Beauty With Mi, our host, Mi-Anne Chan gets Cardi B's signature nails for the first time. Cardi B's nail technician, Jenny Bui, applies 2 inch long acrylic, bedazzled nails on Mi-Anne! Press play to see how Mi-Anne handles Cardi B nails!
    Explore the craziest trends, most unique treatments, newest products, and strangest subcultures in the beauty world alongside Refinery29’s very own beauty writer, Mi-Anne Chan. We dare to find and try the fringes of beauty - for better or worse.
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    1. Refinery29

      Would you ever get Cardi B's signature 2 inch long nails? Share with us here!

      1. Âme Heureuse

        They are incredibly ugly so no, never!!

      2. R S

        How will u wipe of ur ass with these nails?!!

      3. Pineapple Person

        I play the violin and piano sooooooo Nope

      4. Izuku Midoriya

        Yea but only if I got to meet cardi b!

      5. Izuku Midoriya

        Refinery29 yea but only if I get to meet cardi b!

    2. L E

      I just love everything about her omg it's sad I don't live in her city 🥺

    3. softwlw

      Ok but stop romanticizing her, she’s a rapist!! This wouldn’t happen if she was a man

    4. Digital Carboot

      @yesstyle Max 15% off - AMUD2G

    5. Asmoothjawn Atta

      This is basic work I’ve seen better

    6. Amy Fox

      Jenny and Johnny Dang would make an unstoppable power couple.

    7. T F

      How much were yours?

    8. Esthetician Cori Anika


    9. Linda Ta

      Jenny last name is the same last name as my mom

    10. Ashly star

      How you wipe your booty with those

    11. james fiaco

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    12. Jennie Im

      omg the nail tech voice is so annoying i need to watch this with no sound

    13. LoveRemains x

      I regularly get my nails done super blingy like that. My addiction. Never that long though, I still gotta live lol. 💅🏻👑💍💎✨

    14. Bibie Rivera

      I've always wondered...Jenny does Cardi's nails for free at this point right? I mean with all the free promotion she has gotten i think it would be ludicrous to charge her. She did mine last year and she asked what my budget was. I said $150 and she did a banging job. Prob the most compliments I have gotten on my nails.

    15. Kuckaw


    16. Ricardo Franco

      Everyone else: wow those nails are amazing Me: I wonder If those nails are good butt scratchers

    17. geztar lol

      If she got long fingernails WHAT THEM TOANAILS DO??

    18. maria gomez

      eveerytime. i watch this when i saw jenny cried because of the happines same to cardi i literally cryyy alot

    19. Madison Yohn

      6:00 that's what she said..... Okay ya imma leave now

    20. Sidney Soup

      All I think about when I see people with long nails is how tf they use the bathroom. I told my cousin and now she thinks I'm weird. ;-;

    21. Heather Heaney

      I just think about all the dirt and bacteria. She definitely is an nail artist! Very creative.

    22. Heather Heaney

      I just think about all the dirt and bacteria. She definitely is an nail artist! Very creative.

    23. Shahidah Mas

      Jenny Malaysian??

    24. krys


    25. Nia En

      This lady has skills! In my area they can’t even put glitter on

    26. D B

      Jenny's life story is actually pretty impressive. I read about it on some blog. She escaped poverty and hunger like a true warrior. I remember her saying that her family used to receive one table spoon of rice to share. Such a brave woman! I'm glad she made it.

    27. Lil Werdio

      Would you ware 10inch Cardie b nails For 1 week to meet her ??? Like this if okurrr comment to this if NO

    28. Dragonfly 1972

      Nails like that have GOT to be the DUMBEST fashion trend ever. They are hideous AF and dangerous. You could put out your eye in your sleep or impale a small child with those nasty things.

    29. Jisoo’s Pink wig

      At least she isn’t like that annoying black girl who literally started acting like cardi b

    30. Christen La’Mour

      Subscribe For a Subscribe comment so I can know to subscribe too thanks !!!!!

    31. Rose_Z

      Omg she’s so talented they’re very pretty.

    32. Sassy Gal

      How much did she charge?

    33. Speczz

      Nobody: that one loud girl who eats hot Cheetos and takis in class

    34. Mary Sheppard


    35. 크리스탈네일 Crystal nail

      Wow, Awesome video💘💘💘 I want to practice your nails.🙆🏻‍♀️🙆🏻‍♀️🙆🏻‍♀️

    36. Anne Shirley

      When Cardi said "Yea your nail lady dont love you like my nail lady loves me... SHE LOVES ME! She loves me yo! 😭😭" the lady was cryingggg so cutteeeeee

    37. Annie Smith

      Those are literally soooo pretty though!!!

    38. Toxic_ Vibez

      How would you wipe your butthole

    39. Emmy YEETS Roblox

      How are you gonna use the bathroom with them nails!? 😂

    40. Gabriela Alvarado

      Feel like these nail videos should have woman who can handle them

    41. Jojo is to Cool

      **nine inch nails**

    42. Sharmila Jairam

      😂 jsjfre jsjges

    43. Sharmila Jairam

      You kno what you doing with her soul rest in peace Munesh to you n everyone doing plz say if everything going with you n feeling for me go call was busy in the wedding time in nov February of them are beautiful mjht and wonderful day Godm Amazonwarriorbb hva jhdmkir ndjyd☝

    44. Morrigan ravenmist

      Oh wow, I have never known an artist, actually ask what you're budget was!!! That's awesome. This lady is such a sweetheart! What an amazing kind soul. Love her.

    45. yagirlnita

      I teared up when she said cardi never forgot about her 😭😭

    46. bella boo

      How does she wipe her ass

    47. Cindy B.

      OMG! Grossed out over the dirty nail beds! Should have cut that out! 🤢

    48. Liedeweijn Veldman

      jenny is so wholesome talking about cardi🥺

    49. Katia Thigpen

      I want them Holy shiz

    50. counterfeit cas

      The nail industry is really artistic. It's not just a color and cut, it takes a lot of talent. This lady is an artist.

    51. counterfeit cas

      IDC what people say about cardi, I really like her just as a person. People can call her ghetto and all that but I love it, she's real, she's crazy but at heart she's genuine. She's not fake, she's herself and if you don't like it that's not her problem 🖤

    52. G Bands


    53. Kaydine WILKINSON

      Hi jenny

    54. Melissa mora

      Love cardiii🥺

    55. LaShawna Blanton

      Jenny seems so sweet! And is very talented!

    56. sariah wisdom

      Big fan of Jenny to

    57. Ehrunz

      this is what plastique tiara tried to do

    58. Eliana Diez

      Jenny has no bad side!! She is so gorgeous inside and out

    59. Independentsoul

      I love her

    60. emmallieh music

      I can smell this video from the other side of my camera lol i love the smell of nail shops