Bring Me The Horizon - Ludens (Official Video)


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    Bring Me The Horizon - “Ludens” Out Now!

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    Written, Directed & Edited by Oliver Sykes
    Inspired by Death Stranding

    Some resist the future,
    Some refuse the past,
    Either way it’s messed up
    If we can’t unplug the fact
    That a world covered in cables
    Was never wired to last
    So don’t act so surprised
    When the program starts to crash
    How do I form a connection
    When we can’t even shake hands?
    You’re like a phantom greeting me
    We plot in the shadows
    Hang out in the gallows
    Stuck in a loop for eternity
    Do you know why
    The flowers never bloom?
    Will you retry,
    or let the pain resume?
    I need a new leader,
    We need a new Luden
    So come outside
    It’s time to see the tide
    It’s out of sight
    But never out of mind
    I need a new leader
    We need a new luden
    Sticks and stones may break my bones
    But soon the sting will pass
    But names can dig so many graves you won’t know where to stand
    And I don’t feel secure no more
    Unless I’m being followed
    And the only way to hide myself is to give em a hell of a show.
    You call this a connection?
    Give me a break.

    #BringMeTheHorizon #Ludens #DeathStranding

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    1. LISA GONU

      *Ricky & Morty Version* Let's eat the baby Bring Me The Horizon We Need A New Luden

    2. Alferuss

      What the f*ck is this sh*t @_@

    3. моё мнение

      лол что там death stranding потерял?

    4. UwU Productions

      The legend that he never stopped screaming until they gave him a break

    5. こーーた


    6. mrwillbe 99

      Looks like a new Linkin Park in this era,

    7. wana yasa

      his screaming makes my depression goes away . thank you oli .

    8. Juan Hurtado

      He kinda sounds like michael jackson jaja

    9. Caroline Guimarães


    10. OpsUltimatum

      if you dont think 2:58 is the sickest drop ever, i dont want to be your friend

    11. Nightnubs

      Would have been better to leave out the scream. Gave me a good chuckle 😂

    12. DWC

      nice song about cough drops

    13. Heavyblader Gaming

      I have a problem guys, I can't seem to skip this song, I try but it keeps just replaying this same song. I tried playing another playlist but all I hear is this. Oh well I guess I'll just keep listening til my phone dies. :P

    14. Antoine df


    15. Андрей Тугин

      the horizon is over

    16. Robby Izza

      Please watch

    17. Victor Hugo

      Huhr duhr! Gay n' satanic. Marilyn Manson cover?

    18. E C

      I stopped breathing at 2:58

    19. the wookie

      Was Craig Jones from slipknot in the crowd at 3:38?

    20. Yam Ulysses Aguilar


    21. Isabel Gutierrez

      BMTH🤩🤩🤩😍😍 It is a feeling that I cannot describe with words. I only cried when I heard such a beautiful song...

    22. Drakke Notbell

      Anyone knows other songs with similar sound to this?

    23. Flower Bomb



      3:17 yeahhhh!!!!!!REAL BMTH ON 3.17 MOMENT

    25. Leonardo Henrique

      When the music is better than the game. ..

    26. Сергей Тимашов

      ollie love you'please give me your telephone number or email

    27. Сергей Тимашов

      людям для людей

    28. Mauro Giordano


    29. Лучезар Батишев

      Это просто ох##но :O

    30. alvaro fuentes garcia

      11 k dislikes? waoh!

    31. Imam Mustofa

      The "OKAY" thing its just UNBELIEVABLE

    32. Courtney Stanfill

      Omfg he has gen scar from dr. Stone. Lmao

    33. Ruby Rachel

      hears screaming hits the like button on light speed

    34. James Goner

      ah these o l d t o x i c fans

    35. Rasta Nature

      kurva jó meg minden de semmi kösze az eredeti BMTH hoz ,csináljanak inkább egy uj zenekart ezzel a műfajjal ,más néven ez is jó csak nem bmth :D

    36. God Satan is Spicy Jesus with one nipple

      from deathcore to gaycore missed the old BMTH 😢

    37. Ludens Ludens

      I love It!

    38. Jonathan Scott

      BMTH: *makes a song that sounds like Marilyn Manson a decade ago* BMTH fans: oMg hoW oRigiNaL

    39. JennPo1994

      probably one of the best songs they ever made! love that oli is constantly evolving and still makes killer music! idc what anyone says, no matter if they're heavy metal, rock, goth whatever, BMTH always bring it!

    40. Acriel TH

      Yeah 🤘

    41. Billy Longfield

      This is awful they have sold out its total crap 😂😂😂😂

    42. Robert Radlich

      Breakdown - pray for plagues has breakdowns

    43. Fraser Hounslow

      Coorrrrrr, just threw a jackhammer at my nan to the breakdown. Absolute Filth.

    44. a person

      Perhaps oli feels an old feeling called passion

    45. Zachary Collins

      Holy shit this sucks.

    46. Rest Yeah

      WHAT THE FUCK like a kpop🖕

    47. Jon Lach

      so fire

    48. NemesisOwl

      A cute girl at work heard me listening to Beneath the Remains and told me to check out this band. I don't think I am going to talk to that bitch anymore...

    49. Teqn Edits


    50. Dan Jones

      Listens to half of he was doing so good. Beat drops and he starts screaming, OMG old feels yaaaaas

    51. Men - Chan

      Other : 1st time : i need a new leader , we need a new luden 3rd time : new luden new luden yeah 69th time : Gimme a breaaaak Me : 1st time : GIMME A BREAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAK!1!1!1

      1. Anthony's Place


      2. a person


    52. Salvador Flores

      The drummer who is wearing that mask over his mouth looks like the one who came out in Crown The Empire music video for Machines... They have the same look!!!

    53. Toddy Zilla

      BABYMETAL in that dance move part😁😁😁

    54. Yulian Markevych

      Pop song

    55. UΣBЯΛ

      Ultrawide Master Race strikes again

    56. Anis Bené

      J'aime trop 😍

    57. Axel Lozano Vasquez

      El juego es muy aburrido pero la canción esta muy bien

    58. jake ape gaming

      Holy shit this song is 🔥🔥🔥🔥 wow

    59. April Nolen

      I still fw this hard

    60. Leo X Pope

      Lots of self-entitled old fans got super hyped for that breakdown and started imagining how the ''new bmth fans'' would react in terror--which said no one ever. But honestly there's nothing so good about deathcore either if you speak from a metal elitist's perspective. So stfu and just listen. No one cares about your superiority