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    Hey y'all I am so excited about this haul...I have been waiting what seem like am really excited about these powders they came out with some really beautiful colors and I can't wait to show y'all... So let me know what you think is your favorite...I will leave links for everything right below...if your interested...I love you all and I'll see ya soon💗👍😍😉

    here is a link for the Lily Cute glaze gels...

    2. BEAUTY LADY NAIL ART STORE on Aliexpress...
    Here is a link for the BP acrylic brush...
    Here is a link for the Nail art brush...
    Here is a link for the BP builder in a bottle...
    Here is a link for the BP glitter avrylic powder...
    Here is a link for the BP Holo dip powder...
    Here is a link for the BP 3in1 dip powder...
    Here is a link for the BP chameleon dip powder...

    Here is a link for the NICOLE DIARY matte dip powders...

    If you would like me to review your products you can email me at...
    Or message me on Instagram at...

    The music I use in this video is from the Filmora go editing app non copyrighted music...
    The song is... BLACK GOLDIE by artist Perfect Muse...

    Hello everyone if you would like to help the channel grow here is a link to my PayPal...


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    1. MVP Nail designs

      Hey y'all I hope you enjoy this huge dip powder haul...let me know which is your favourites...I put the links for everything in the description box for y'all if,you interested...I love you all and I'll see ya soon💗👍😍👎

      1. MVP Nail designs

        Hello....I use the Aimeili gel base works great...and it lasts longer and also easier removal...tysmfw💗👍😍😉

      2. takiya hines

        What gel dip system you use

      3. MVP Nail designs

        Thanks Kenny I completely understand family time is the best time and I know I can make them but the colors were so beautiful I had to have again sweetie💗

      4. Jenny Kafer

        Sorry I missed the live 😢, I was spending time with my baby girl 😉 she's a teen but will always be the baby 😂😇 If you want, you can turn any gel into glass by mixing it with base/top coat to create transparency

      5. MVP Nail designs

        @thatphillygirl thatphillygirl thank you so so much...and yea it is thick but I think its ok as long as its not that for coming💞😍💞

    2. Cherael Symone

      OMG dip powders 😍😍😍😊

      1. MVP Nail designs

        Lol thank you💖😛💖😍💖😛💖

    3. Pam Baumgartner

      I bought three gel polishes from LilyCute and had to add a couple of drops of nail polish thinner to each one and I put 2 of the mixing balls in each one. That worked but the polishes only lasted a few days then peeled on the free edge. You get what you pay for (.50 for 5 ml bottle).

      1. MVP Nail designs

        Thank you Pam...abd yes you are right...I didn't really like these at all I was very disappointed with these...thanks for the tip...ans Tysmfw💖😍💖😛💖✨

    4. Aqsa Arfan

      Hey plz tell me how acrylic nails dry after applying??

      1. MVP Nail designs

        Hello there is an activator and after you apply the activator it air dries then you file and buff...and then top coat...hope this helps sweetie💞😍💞🌟💞😍💞

    5. Sevra Konda

      Hey. In the beginning of the video you have a very pretty shine on your nails. Which topcoat or nail polish is that?

      1. MVP Nail designs

        @Sevra Konda you do have to us a UV or Led lamp to dry it...💖😍💖

      2. Sevra Konda

        MVP Nail designs do you gotta dry it with the uv light? Or air dry

      3. MVP Nail designs

        Hey sweetie it's Aimeili top coat...its super shiny amd lasts weeks if your interested you can go to Hope this helps hunni...tysmfw💞😍💞🌟💞👍💞

    6. Kyle Christian

      How long did it take to come in ? Pls respond!!!

      1. MVP Nail designs

        @Kyle Christian no problem sweetie thank you so much for the love and support💖😍💖😛💖✨

      2. Kyle Christian

        MVP Nail designs omg thank you so much for responding 💕💕💕💕 I love your videos I can’t wait for more hauls

      3. MVP Nail designs

        Hello...It took 2 weeks this store is rather quick with there shipping...and they are amazing as well the link in the description is the same store I ordered from so I hope y9u lo e them as much as I do...tysmfw💖😍💖😛💖✨

    7. Shannel Armstead

      Hello Hun! I would like to know what base would you prefer instead of the kit that comes with the glue

      1. MVP Nail designs

        @Shannel Armstead thank you so much💗 and I always use Aimeili its my favorite top and base...thanks so much for the love and support...💗👍😍😉

      2. Shannel Armstead

        Disregard lol I watched the video where you did a tutorial. Yay I am so happy that you did

    8. Adventure Clout

      Hi I know it’s been a little bit since this video was uploaded but I wanted to ask how much you spent on all of the Nicole Diaries dip powders?? 😊

      1. Adventure Clout

        MVP Nail designs thank you so much ☺️

      2. MVP Nail designs

        To be honest with you not alot these are very affordable..and also if you get the Aliexpress app on your phone you can get alot of coupons as well...i will be having a video really soon on how to save money on Aliexpress with all the extras...too so if your not familiar with it that should help a little but the powders are a little over 1 dollar each so they are very affordable the only thing is the dip liquids I dont recommend necause I personally dont like them I jist use a regular gel base coat with my dip powder bit if your looking for a good system Azure and EC Cosmetics have great dip systems and you can get them on Aliexpress as well...hopw this helps...tysmfw💞😍💞😍💞🌟💞

    9. Melissa Colleen

      This made me Soooo download the Allie Express thanks for a good company to order from. Wayyy cheaper then Amazon.

      1. MVP Nail designs

        Awe thank you sweetie thats why I started this channel I saw people really spending so much money and I was getting it for so cheap I mean its worth the 2 week shipping I would rather have the longer shipping and save a ton of money so glad you enjoyed it I will be doing a video on how I get my coins and coupons and stuff really soon that way you can save even more...tyfw💖😍💖😛💖✨

    10. Aliciah Kae Souza

      omg I was just on Ali express and wanted to look for your videos so I could see who has the best colors in dip powder on Ali... thank you so much!! my fave colors are hottt Pink and bright "prince" Purple and I do like a pretty blue too... what I was wondering if there a way to do dip powder on your toenails, and toenails with a tip also.

      1. MVP Nail designs

        @Aliciah Kae Souza I use a regular gel base coat as my base instead of the glue resin they use in the dip lasts longer and I just prefer to use it that way but everyone has their own way of doing things ya💖😍💖👍😂✨

      2. Aliciah Kae Souza

        @MVP Nail designs what do you mean you prefer gel base for dip? cuz I am really new to all of this nail stuff

      3. Aliciah Kae Souza

        @MVP Nail designs awesome thank you ..

      4. MVP Nail designs

        Hello Aliciah I think Nicole Diary has the best color options but if your looking for like holo and chameleon dip powders Born pretty...and also yes you can use dip powder on your do it the same way you would with your nails except you would want to just pour the powder onto the base instead of dipping...ya this helps and enjoy dipping💗👍😍😉

    11. LUVCHUNKS71

      Hey GiGi a newbie here im just getting started on trying to do my own...I order my dip set it should be here this weekend....what are your thoughts for me to try on brands....I'm BINGE WATCHING 👀👀👀your videos trying to figure out what's better regular dip or acrylic dip...PLEASE HELP...LOL

      1. MVP Nail designs

        Well hello and be honest you should do what your most comfortable with ya know...dip powder is acrylic I personally like using dip powder with a gel base. I like have the strength of acrylic and the flexibility of gel all together....I hope you enjoy doing your nails and tyfw💗👍😍😉

    12. Lisa

      Hey, I just stumbled upon your account as a big aliexpress fan (and subscribed immediately). Do you mind telling me why you seem to prefer dip powder over gel? I never really understood the concept of dip powder, why it should be such a great invention.

      1. MVP Nail designs

        Agreed sweetie...I absolutely love dip powder techniques...tysmfw💖😍💖😛💖✨

      2. Loralei S.

        Dip lasts way longer and it’s healthier for your nails and makes them stronger

      3. MVP Nail designs

        Thank you very much💗...I prefer dip powder with gel there is a big difference...and it really is just personal preference it what you and the client want really...I have so much go in doing dip powder maybe you should give it a try....tysm so glad you found us and welcome to the family....💗👍😍😉

    13. PinkPolish

      heya! are these dipping powders you bought MMA free?

      1. MVP Nail designs

        @PinkPolish no problem sweetie hope I could help💖😛😂😍💖

      2. PinkPolish

        @MVP Nail designs thanks for the quick reply!

      3. MVP Nail designs

        Hello thanks for watching and yes they are safe...i have used these many times and I believe if you go on the Born Pretty website they do have that they are mma free and safe to use...i have used them may times and I havent had any problems...these are actually my💖😍💖👍💖✨

    14. Patty's lifestyle

      I bought my like a year ago off of wish and. I try them on a friend the gel polish did not last two days in the Polish was cracking so. I stopped using them so now I'm going to try your ideal put in clear gel polish and mixing it up so the thickness might can be thinner thanks.

      1. MVP Nail designs

        I agree...I dont ever order from wish...I get all my dip powders from Aliexpress and they are actually great quality now the dip liquids I dont like I use a gel base...and it works great I have no problems with it at all...I love it that I agree wish is not good at all...tysmfw💖😍💖😛💖✨

      2. Shay Shay

        Wish dip kits are horrible

      3. MVP Nail designs

        Yea I was a little disappointed because they are pretty color shades and I think they just need to work on the consistency it would be great...but it definitely might work if you have a thin top coat...I am going to give it a try and see if it works...tyfw💗👍😍

    15. the Sauce

      Epic haul

      1. MVP Nail designs


    16. Carmen new 2017 Armstead

      Maybe u can use a gel thinner they do sell them i seen them on Amazon, good luck

      1. MVP Nail designs

        Thank you Carmen I did order some so I'm going to see if that works...tyfw💗

    17. Painting With Gurkirat

      wonderful work my dear friend . i love your work so i subscribed your channel and press the bell icon i hope you also subscribe back

    18. UK Diaries! #Hema

      Wow nice... i m ur new friend please support bc ❤️❤️

    19. Nails by Cammi

      Oh yea girl. AWESOME haul😍😍 Finally got a lot of my dip powders, but one big order seems lost, so they have to reship🙄 Wondering about buying some more on the sale now😜 Always looking forward to your swatch videos😍 No, always looking forward to all your videos💋 Tfs sweetie💖💖

      1. MVP Nail designs


      2. Nails by Cammi

        @MVP Nail designs No doubt about that😆❤❤

      3. MVP Nail designs


      4. Nails by Cammi

        @MVP Nail designs Yes i have waited for 2 months now🙄 Lol i know. Got completly hooked😂😂

      5. MVP Nail designs

        Lol I ordered more💞😍💞👍💞

    20. Nails of Norway

      Great haul! I need to try some of those powders😉 Tfs hun xoxo 💕

      1. MVP Nail designs

        Thank you sweetie💗 and you really should give them a try they are amazing...and also fun to play💗👍😍😉

    21. RedHott Nailz

      Have u tried a nail thinner for polish?? Born pretty makes one ( I would only use 1 drop if using BP brand not 2 since those r small bottles) and I'm sure there are other brands. I got mine on Wish app

      1. MVP Nail designs

        I haven't tried that yet but I do plan on it...just to see if it would work...I have the born pretty one too for my stamping💗👍😍😉

    22. RedHott Nailz

      Really gorgeous 😍💅 💅, hey do the born pretty chameleon color dip have glitter in it or is it an illusion??

      1. MVP Nail designs

        Thank you and yes they do have glitter in it very fine glitters...they are beautiful...tyfw💗

    23. Absolutely Nailed by Beautybyher1

      Nice haul! Love the video

      1. MVP Nail designs

        Thank you💗👍😍

    24. Boo-Boo's Glitter Glory

      Great video hun you are making me very curious about acrylic dipping powders. And you are absolutely right those glass gel polishes are beautiful but some of them are just so thick 🤗

      1. MVP Nail designs

        Thank you so much...and I'm telling you I never thought I would love dip powder either I was a gel and polygel girl but dip powder us so fun and you can do so much with them you gotta try them... And yea I was really disappointed with those glass gels but its ok they were so cheap...i am going to see if I can make them work...tyfw💞😍💞👍💞

    25. Sharon's Nails

      Such lovely dip powders, can't wait to see what they look like swatches x

      1. MVP Nail designs

        Thank you I know I am do excited to show them I did get them done so it will be up soon...tyfw💞😍💞👍💞

    26. Boricua Nails Nayda


      1. MVP Nail designs

        Thank you💗👍😍

    27. BeautyB Nails

      Great haul honey I love dip powders great video.. I just ordered a bunch of Kiara Sky & Born Pretty from Aliexpress. Love them sis so pretty..

      1. MVP Nail designs

        Omg yessss that would be awesome lets do that let me know when you get your and I'll do the same and then we'll get on the collab yay I'm so excited have IG cause we can talk morw there...yay💞😍💞👍💞🌟💞🌟💞🌟💞

      2. BeautyB Nails

        @MVP Nail designs Your welcome sugar anytime I can't wait to get mine too super excited Yayy..maybe we can do a collab together when we get them that would be awesome..

      3. MVP Nail designs

        I just found am definitely going to order some thanks for the tip...can't wait to try them I'm excited💗👍😍😉

      4. BeautyB Nails

        @MVP Nail designs Heythey have Kiara Sky Dip Powders on Aliexpres for 1.87 right now maybe cheaper I haven't checked since the sale going on right now.If your interested you want the link I can send you the ones I bought if you want.

      5. MVP Nail designs

        Thank you so much💗 I love them,can't wait to see what you ordered...tyfw💗👍😍😉

    28. Nicole Platinum Nails

      Very beautiful colors hun... Thanks for sharing boo..😘

      1. MVP Nail designs

        Thank you I can't wait yo show the swatches these are absolutely stunning...tyfw💗👍😍😉

    29. Lila Forrest

      Thank you for sharing you're haul. I love it all sweetie 😁😊❤

      1. Lila Forrest

        Now get swatching, I can barely contain myself😂😅😆 Love you're channel❤

      2. MVP Nail designs

        Thank you so much💗💗👍😍

    30. Leah Elaine

      The Lily Cute are pretty colors but because they're so thick can you imagine the bulk it would add to the nail. Plus because they are so small and thick you'd only get 1 to 2 sets. I think ill give them a miss thanks.

      1. MVP Nail designs

        Thank you and yea I am a little disappointed in them myself...I wish I wouldn't have gotten them...tyfw💗👍😍😉

    31. Julie's Nails

      👍👍👍super enjoy all😍😍😍

      1. MVP Nail designs

        Thank you very much💗

    32. Twinklestar90 93

      😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 love everything you got 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 cant wait to see the swatches of all these stunning dip powder colours

      1. MVP Nail designs

        Thank you so much💗 I can't wait for the swatches I am so💗

    33. Nails of Interest

      Tfs that's a "mega haul" if I ever saw one!!! Woohoo💜💖💜

      1. MVP Nail designs

        Thank you sweetie...Yessss I have been waiting forever for💗

    34. Ella Johnson

      Hey 👋🏻

      1. MVP Nail designs



      Awesome video sweetie cannot wait to the dip powder swatches next lol xx

      1. MVP Nail designs

        Thank you so much Vicky...and Yessss I can't wait to show you...these colors are amazing...tyfw💗👍😍😉

    36. Euanne Hyuna Rosas

      I love you nails ,nice haul share my friend , just keep in touch 💚

      1. MVP Nail designs

        Thank you very much💞😍💞👍💞

    37. Justine Clayton

      Omgsh B.P brushes are my fav too i have 8 size 10s😍😍😍love the haul

      1. MVP Nail designs

        Thank you so much Justine I agree tgise brushes are awesome the are my favorite now I have 4 and I ordered anothee just in💞😍💞👍💞

    38. Rhonda Armstrong

      Beautiful colors

      1. MVP Nail designs

        Thank you💗

    39. lori dodge

      Wow great haul.

      1. MVP Nail designs

        Thank you Lori💗👍😍

    40. E Goodwine

      Can you use the dip power as acrylic power?

      1. MVP Nail designs

        Yay so glad you that video that will be up in the next few days...tysm💗

    41. Sunny Smiles

      Hey Gigi, awesome vid. Don't forget about doing a video on how you save so much on Aliexpress!

      1. MVP Nail designs

        Don't worry I won' got y'all...I have a few videos that are going up...and then I will definitely get that video don't for you...💗👍😍😉

    42. Sharron  Smith


      1. MVP Nail designs


    43. Ms. Kenni Tee

      What a great haul Gigi!! I can’t say that I had a favorite..I love everything! I’m a #nailwhore 😅 tfs

      1. MVP Nail designs

        Thank you so much💗 and I am the same way I love💗👍😍😉

    44. BabygirlNails

      So sorry I missed this doll. You know what's going on. Lots on my mind. Love the video doll. Luv ya tfs xoxox OH yes, u can use acrylic as a dip. I have done it.

      1. MVP Nail designs ya too😍👍😍👍💗💗

      2. BabygirlNails

        @MVP Nail designs TY sweetie. Luv ya

      3. MVP Nail designs

        Hey I know its ok do what you have to sweetie...i understand thanks for us girl keeping Mom in my prayers...💞🙏🙏💞🙏💞🙏💞🙏

    45. Norma Haynes

      I must the live chat 😢 I Love the colors of the powder very beautiful can’t wait to see your review and nail designs the polishes are beautiful all so😍🥰🥰🥰

      1. MVP Nail designs

        Thank you so much💗 and don't worry I will have another one really soon...and I can't wait for you to see the swatches..thanks so much💗👍😍😉

    46. Val McPossum

      Jesus. Mary. And Joseph, Gigi! That is a haul!! Ps: viewer 69 *teehee*

      1. Val McPossum

        @Nails of Interest Always am. Just don't always comment 😁🐼

      2. Nails of Interest

        Hey my val is here!! Hehe

      3. MVP Nail designs

        Lol thank your so funny...glad you liked it...💗👍😍

    47. kricket15000

      Her apex is true perfection

      1. MVP Nail designs

        Awe Thank you..💞😍💞👍💞

    48. Joanna Brooks

      hey Gigi beautiful dip powders unfortunately I didn't get to see all of them my baby was hungry and tired all at the same time but what I got to see very beautiful I'm going to have to watch the video again and thank you for going to do that video for AliExpress about the coupons

      1. MVP Nail designs

        Awe I understand completely...I know exactly how it is...but I'm glad you got to come for a bit...I really appreciate that...and I am happy you liked it as well...💗👍😍😉

    49. Keeping Nettie

      Good job! Thank you!!👍👍👍

      1. MVP Nail designs

        Thank you so much for coming it means the world to me really💞😍💞👍and it is so fun too💞

    50. Karen Presley

      I like those blues and purple. Very pretty. xxx 💝💝💝

      1. MVP Nail designs

        Thank you Karen I think so too...tysm for coming💞😍💞

      2. MVP Nail designs

        Thank you Karen💞😍💞

    51. 1MightyR

      Yay. NAIL TALK!!$

      1. MVP Nail designs

        Love you😘💞😘😘😘😘💞😘

    52. Crush MC

      OMG I got to go to work tonight I will try to catch this around 1am on my break 🤗👍🏽

      1. MVP Nail designs

        Oh yea and the bottles are little but there is quite a bit in their...once they get the bigger ones back in stock I'm gonna try those too...💗😍😉

      2. MVP Nail designs

        Awe thank you so much💗 I'm glad you liked it and your going to love the EC dip powders and also the Nicole diary powders are amazing quality and very beautiful as well...thanks so much💗

      3. Crush MC

        MVP Nail designs No worries as long as I get to see the video’s nice to be a road supervisor😂. I couldn’t wait until my break I found me a spot to observe my system checks while watching your haul! 🤣. The blues and purples are life! I did order the EC and now I’m considering the Nicole dip powders. The gel polish’s look very small how many sets can you possibly get out of a bottle? Pretty colors!

      4. MVP Nail designs

        Awe I'm sorry sweetie next time I'll make it earlier so you can come💞😍💞👍💞