5 Things Your Nails Can Say About Your Health



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    Your nails can do more than just look pretty. They can tell you some things about your health!
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    1. Aron Smith


      1. Alexa Penn

        Aron Smith this deserves many, many likes - really. it’s very funny and no one else has thought of it. wait - oh no, my nails are even growing beyond my finger! :} 😺 🌷

    2. Anwar Zahree

      By the way in my nails no white color what is a reason? Sir

    3. Heather-Lin Brannon

      You guys are so bomb!

    4. Alan Spring

      This narrator's voice gets on my nerves 🧗

    5. XP_Studios

      Me with all of these . . .

    6. Daddy Stalin

      nails can also get yellow if the polish ends up staining them. which is totally not unhealthy btw, and mostly happens with orange, red, brown and gold shades. it doesnt affect anything other than the dead cells that make up the nail

    7. Christopher Titus

      50% comments: nail polish makes nails yellow too other 50%: glitch in the matrix jokes

    8. Joel Tailor

      You nailed it with this video!

    9. Katie •

      The white 1/2 moons at the base of the nail will disappear when metabolism is affected. Often seen in low thyroid

    10. Wintoes Alfredo

      What if my nails have been bitten so much they look like dead potatoes?

    11. giselle

      simplynailogical is punching the air rn

    12. THE TANMAN

      Ahh come on you me giving me *blue nails*

    13. Shumatsu Chan

      What if our nails grow EXTREMELY fast? Like gave to cut then more than daily and a forth or your nail is exposed after painting them?

    14. Teresa

      What about vertical ridges in your nail? My mom has them and my nails have always been smooth until recently I have started to notice they have vertical ridges, too.

    15. CH-17 VEVO

      I really want to look at my nails but I’m in bed late at night watching this and my phone light isn’t sufficient enough

    16. Kayleigh Sky

      What about pitted ripples on a nail?

    17. thatguy2377

      I was expecting more jojokes

    18. Dreaming Dreamer

      I get powder dip nails every 3 weeks so I have no idea what my nail beds really look like. I just got a manicure 9 hours ago and now I'm wishing I hadn't! Who knows what my matrix is up to?

    19. Dark Warrior

      "Dont get all your medical info from the internet". You do realise that all doctors get their education from the internet. It was invented for the exchange of scientific papers. Encyclopedias are made by researching over the internet. College courses are set up by research on the internet. The world wide web is exactly the same as a library but faster.

    20. Kevin Keller

      SCiShow, thank you for replying to my comment about signs of lead poisoning in your fingernails. Unfortunately this is not the video. The video that I remember was Hank talking about the white half moon on your thumb nail being normal, but not on your finger nail,...I don't think that I dreamed it. I remember Hank saying at the end of the video,..."and that is how you know that you have lead poisoning, but if you have lead poisoning you already know it,..." Ask Hank,...if he remembers the video, if he doesn't then I will make an appointment to have my scull examined ,...Thanks sci show for helping me sort this out. kkeller56@gmail.com

    21. coffeekupp

      Beau's lines: Because of absence of new cells: oh ok Not enough nutrients: oh ok from the blood stream: oh ok which might mean an infection: oh ok or a SERIOUS ILLNESS: WHAT

    22. Derek Tober

      Great video, as always, The pattern on your shirt seems EXTREMELY well laid out for a frontal presentation.

    23. Teresa Lynn Hasan-Kerr

      Does this count for toes

    24. Hiriga Saito

      Hi I'm a male teen ager with nails long which makes makes classmates ( girls ) envy 😅 . Is it normal ?

    25. KryssLaBryn

      I got Beau's lines from my chemotherapy last year (unsurprisingly, since of course the chemo targets and kills fast-growing cells, and can't differentiate between fast-growing cells that are supposed to be that way and ones that aren't; it's why you lose your hair as well). Very evenly spaced (as were the treatments themselves), very regular, one for each course of treatment. Eventually they grew out, of course, but it was neat to see. Happened on all of my nails. I was lucky, actually; most people lose at least a couple nails from chemo when the matrix and nail bed die, and I didn't lose any; just got the lines. --Incidentally, we caught it in time, my treatment went well, and so far as we can tell I'm all good. :)

    26. UnknownFact

      SciShow nailed this episode.

    27. Eliza Almaguer

      I got Beau’s lines after cancer treatment, the nails also got a little yellow but I’m not sure if it was a mild infection or something else.

    28. Verica Cvetkovic

      Best solution for fungal nail problem is Vicks VapoRub. Morning and evening rub a bit all around d nail n a new one will start growing soon.

    29. Emily Shattuck

      Blue nails was the first sign that I had Raynaud's disease.

    30. Rebecca Phillips

      You forgot nail ridges

    31. Jakob Peter Raahauge

      You didn't even got to the useful stuff like various kinds of malnutrition - why is it that it is so often the nurse from some "exotic" country who points to the obvious: "we should chech for vitamin (x) deficiency - just look at the nails." This video was annoyingly useless and uninforming. You could have done something great and important with this video, yet you chose to churn out click-baity material. This is disappointing when it's compare to the generel quality of your videos, so much so that it borders moral failure. I honestly believe you should feel obliged to do further research and make a video more on the subject. I know it may very well be mere indications, but there are valid points to look at the nails to get s generel idea about people's health. And yes - I know that white spots on the nails do not mean that you don't drink enough milk 😙

    32. DannyBeans

      I clicked this in the hope of finding out why creases had shown up in my nails. I first noticed them about a month after having a small stroke, so I guess that answers that.

    33. Luke R

      0:38 totally missed out on an opportunity there to make a 'glitch in the matrix' reference

    34. Jean Dunbar

      my nails grow out and then split from the edge inward to the matrix. only four of them, what is causing this

    35. Show love

      The most important thing said in the video is "we are not doctor"

    36. The Wild Dinkus!

      My nails get white spots

    37. Common daily things

      Hey we are a new channel help us grow for quality content thNk you bgsel.info/video/video/pMzUuX6d052qmJs.html

    38. ReineDeLaSeine14

      I have Beau’s lines and have had Raynaud’s for a long time.

    39. hereticpariah 6/66


    40. Altaj Virani

      Day before yesterday, i.e on 24th May, 2019, I noticed some 2-3 small unusual black (or brown: difficult to differentiate) horizontal lines on my index finger of left hand, and on my right hand thumb, too. Is it a thing to worry about? I swear to God I freaked out after I read about this on the internet (which said it could be melanoma or splinter hemorrhage). I'm definitely going to consult a dermatologist about this. Please reply if you have any information about this, or you have yourself experienced this.....

    41. Bernard Shrewsbury

      What about vertical ridges?

    42. Suman Saini

      What about those white streak on nails

    43. Samrocket132 Fitsjerols

      My nails are very thin like I can bend it nails down anyone else?

    44. GodTierBunny

      So the beau line explains what happened when i got a strange fungal infection or something but what explains that i still have pits in my nails to this day. Is it cause the infevtion disrupted the nail matrix? This was like 2-5 ish years ago now

    45. Chuzzlepuff Puffchuzzle

      "Yoshikage Kira subscribed"

    46. Zanium


    47. KnightsWithoutATable

      No mention of zinc spots?

    48. Alice Flemming

      Dont worry if your nails are yellow if you wear a lot of nail polish. Wearing nail polish can turn the nails yellow

    49. Juliana Person

      What about when I get vertical ridges in my nails? Or when they get super brittle for a few months and then harden up again without any me doing anything different?

    50. Ana

      2:35 Cristine is triggered

    51. Wanda Richardson

      I have noticed that smokers have yellow nails too. Thank you for sharing✌💛☺

    52. William Hardway

      A lack of nutrients

    53. William Hardway

      Guessing that it's sxurvy

    54. Jennifer Springhorn

      You forgot to mention longitudinal ridges and splitting/ flaking nails. Oh well, as you said don't get all your info from the internet.

    55. starkeclipse

      And yet, you didn't mention the lost common nail item: vertical lines of not Al color in the nail bed. Most people have some, some people have lots or more pronounced ridges. So what's that all about?

    56. Lauren Is a weeb


    57. Võ Thái Sơn

      So like, Neo from The Matrix. 🤔

    58. Abbieq11

      Hank are not a real doctor just so you know

    59. Abbieq11

      If you a sad because you have a skin issue, even your nails have depression(s)

    60. That One Asian Girl

      my nails grow about 1/4 of an inch every month help