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  1. Overkilled


  2. Niquel Bones

    so they save weight by not letting you adjust seats (yes i know its also to save space but it doesn't matter) but they include a roll cage that you cant take off?

  3. Jason Furtado

    Test drove a Tesla with FSD. The car almost crashed into a median while taking an exit. Even the Tesla representative driving along got very nervous. If I were to get a Tesla, I wouldn't be getting the FSD for that reason and because, well, I am not convinced that states won't start banning it for personal (and maybe commercial) vehicles.

  4. Johnny Steffy

    Wow does the car really come with that $20. Ima go buy one right now ill be rich.

  5. Peter Pulciani

    I wanna meet the people behind the fart sounds.

  6. Tobias Rieper

    The Arcade makes this the most expensive driving simulator in the world. And that the wheels are steer while playing is not a good thing. You rub down the rubber and waste electric energy. TESLA is becomming more and more ridicolous. Instead of get better in quality, they wasting afford with things like this and the rainbow mode, Santa mode, XMAS Mode and other stupid stuff.

  7. ADubTheGrizzy

    Doug why you review the SL500 roof and buttons, and you don't even get it sideways

  8. Ashlie Robinson

    So... Who won?

  9. Robert hentschelmann

    I have 6 cup holders in just the front cabin of my car, plus an additional 4 in the rear compartment.

  10. Create Movement

    I’ve wanted one ever since they were released

  11. Robert hentschelmann

    I've never liked the Panamera. I do like Porsche and admire their racing heritage.

  12. OneNYBoi

    I realized why I love Porsche after this

  13. Baby Blue

    sell out! :D

  14. Phillip Morrison

    Wish they would add physical climate control buttons. Same for the radio

  15. Jake Graham

    Do they still make it with a twin turbo v12 option cause this is a v8 and that’s kind of disappointing

  16. daniel55645

    They weren’t all 2 door. They made 4 door SRT10’s. There was a guy in my neighborhood growing up that had one

  17. Joey Snow1

    Dog mode is "Bad parent mode"

  18. Matt Chan

    Electric cars are all a gimmick.... People buying into this rubbish..

  19. Tobias Rieper

    I don't want to destroy your dreams about TESLA, but they are dangerous traps. In Austria a man has an accident in one, the car started to burn instandly, firefighters had a hard job to extinguish the fire and keep it off, the wreck has to be stored under water for several days, and after that, TESLA was called to recycle the wreck, cause they said they will do, but never do anything to recover this bomb. Here is the article. tirol.orf.at/stories/3021270/?. It's written in german. Translator helps you.

  20. Kyle Reain

    Mmmmmm...... Jaaaguar massage!

  21. Corrupted Cam

    i bet if dodge makes another challenger faster than the demon they would named it the devil

  22. Woden of the Angles

    5 minutes in and this reviewer has listed 'track mode' (for the 0.1% of owners that will ever take it on a track), sentry mode (good security - no biggie) and 'dog mode' (for the 6% of owners who own a dog). First world problems aye. Bye betaboi.

  23. Shilpa Mahajan

    it is just for a tuning

  24. Shilpa Mahajan

    it is a realy bad car

  25. Paul Gary

    Well, I am sorry and I love your videos but you definitely showed how ignorant you are when it comes to the working man's needs in a truck. Big engines, lots of storage space, don't care about materials in the truck, lots of power. Most trucks my dad and all of his friends bought had manuals. They were cheaper. Most had vinyl floors vinyl seats they were in a word was plane jane work trucks. Not like today's trucks that are more cars than work trucks. But I will give you this that spoiler is just plain stupid!!

  26. Corrupted Cam

    porsche : lets make a car that does a quarter mile in 9.8 seconds and lets make it as aerodynamic as possible without making it ugly dodge : heres a brick that can smoke that with 9.65 seconds porsche : wot ferrari : WHAT THE F-

  27. Christian Loss

    I wonder what went through Mike's head when doug just put her side ways 🤣

  28. kelvenguard

    you 100% sure that tool kit wasn't made of Leather... Looks like old school Leather

  29. da s

    It's annoying that I like to watch this guy

  30. Thol Siv

    I don’t anything about sport car, but if I want to spent 100 grants on one, I would buy 2020 covette. She’s way hotter than Ford Mustang

  31. John Smith

    BMW Supra

  32. RISE9800

    4:14 That face! 😂👺Gotta love Doug LOL

  33. Milky Soup

    The rav 4 sport ac will unleash a tornado in your car

  34. Tejas dhaliwal

    Me : half of the life of mine finished when he said mid sized SUV Others: doug doug doug doug doug dougd oudg

  35. porsche911

    28 minutes of wierd info crap.. before you drive the car.. you can laugh and say its not so bad.. at what point do you know its a joke..

  36. gino. r

    I just came here to tell you Scotty said you suck! Lol Rev your engines!! Lol

  37. NPR-sgt RANGER Rick ringlemin

    We need to bring back group B rally racing back v8 mid engine that beautiful car and get back to it dump the interior throw in a co pilot and a roll cage and a fire extinguisher 🧯 pun int

  38. J J

    3.8 seconds? Not fast for all that HP/TQ.

  39. Dandy Andy

    LOL, Doug is spot on. I have a 2018 Metris and although it's kind of fun to drive, it's total crap if you'd like to haul stuff. This is a great vehicle as an airport passenger van, but absolute garbage in regards to versability. Bonus: I almost tore off the gas door a few times getting out of the van and having my pants catch the door (!)

  40. porsche911

    I want real leather seats... having the tires moving for game playing will leave black spots in your garage or driveway... plus more wear on the front end parts.. how stupid. the wierd fart and candy cane stuff and dog mode is just made for idiots.

  41. Tejas dhaliwal

    Mid size suv lol

  42. Joshua Santos

    It's too bad you didn't test one with the latest software. Tesla added another 5% power boost with an OTA update (some have gotten a 0-60 under 3 seconds), a single pedal driving mode that boosts range by 2%, auto-navigate based on your calendar, and even more Autopilot improvements like cone recognition rendered on the screen. It also would have been good to mention that for the $56k, the car comes pretty much fully loaded. The best wheels and basic Autopilot function are included, as is internet access.

  43. Robert Finkelman

    Doug is the type of guy who cultivates the American tourist at Euro Disney look in his everyday wear.

  44. ljguy300

    It has the same brakes as the Ferrari Enzo

  45. Steve H.

    Glad I bought a Jeep Wrangler! More capable, cheaper, higher resale, aftermarket parts galore! Manufactured since 1941 and still going strong!

  46. teddy is a savage

    What happened with the hellcat

  47. marco montez

    The second row seats are really nice

  48. Wayne Munjuga

    Doug just said, "let's do the roof"

  49. Cafienatedman

    I said, "make a flying car!" You idiot! 😉

  50. Mark Squared

    I give Doug a 10 on the Doug score of doucheness.

  51. Ariana Torrenegra

    Doug is the type of guy to be 6 foot 3 inches 2 years ago

  52. Cafienatedman

    Never thought I'd live to see the day when a car has a "fart" mode. 🤔

  53. sclogse1

    I don't know. He never demos the sound system. We don't need to hear it, but... Did we ever get a good look at the front? "Comfort is good...." No, It's not a 60's Citroen....but....

  54. Kashatnic K

    other luxury cars are just a bit boring now.

  55. Cafienatedman

    People watching you turn your steering wheel & wheels erratically as you sit parked in your Tesla, unknown to them playing a video game, are gonna think your nuts!

  56. Ponyboy

    Starts at 56k? Thats how much the standard range costs in 🇨🇦

  57. classof81

    50000 dollars for a fast I-Pad!!!!

  58. Boş Hesap

    Ferrari's charm

  59. Greg Salazar

    Doug, the type of guy to draw an "S" from bottom to top.

  60. LOS PAC

    Doug is the type of guy that can convince you that a 230$ luxyry G-Wagon is worse than an old toyota

  61. Kyle McDowell

    exhaust note brought to you by STIHL leafblowers.

  62. sleepkeeper

    This is why I wouldn’t use Turo for my car. Some weird guy might end up pounding on my screen or worse....lick it. Yuk!!

  63. Ballin' With Joe

    No hexagon ashtray? I'm very disappointed, Lamborghini.

  64. oce

    that has to be the best reaction on his channel

  65. Teslanomics with Ben Sullins

    I love how 90% of this video is about software

  66. Jose L Garcia

    R.I.P Paul Walker

  67. Not hotdog

    28:02 Eerie.

  68. WH ROBY

    Lol windows

  69. Callum Tinant

    That racing game seems like it would just create flat spots on the tires. Tesla should release those as apps for some subliminal advertising.

  70. saint kevin

    Doug is the kinda guy. Who has to pay a 200,000 to get a Hummer.

  71. Leanna Horn

    Doug. You should do a car reviw with Super Car Blondie.

  72. aka_just_matt

    Trust me id fit in it even if I was 7 feet tall just to drive it. You made that look so difficult lol

  73. Jackson Kelsey

    Lol come to Adelaides northern suburbs and it’s full of these things, no hubcaps and paint fade. An icon.

  74. Mark Lambert

    Talk about a video *guaranteed* to bring delusional fanboys out of the wood work! The 3000GT was an also ran *back when it was new.* Of course to the fanboys it's an outrage that a 20 year old Mitsu "only" scored 54 and this is somehow "proof" Doug is an idiot. Meanwhile anyone sane is saying "wait.... the bloated 3000GT scored *two points lower* than the fucking 2002 NSX?!" *That* is the correct thing to be shocked about.

  75. Ki E-Skate Mods

    You didn’t even drive it. Booooooo!!!👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  76. Carlos De la cruz

    Chevrolet it’s one of the cheapest brands... smh

  77. Rook1e ANGEL

    I got in car accident because some lady in this car slammed on her brakes to make a left on a double yellow

    1. Rook1e ANGEL

      Fucking hate this Kia

  78. Brian Lear

    Seems like a great car. Strange how you can't get a heated wheel or ventilated seats though. Also, it doesn't look nearly as good as the model S. And I hate how the center screen looks tacked on. The Model S is much cleaner inside because the screen is integrated.

  79. Works Fine

    Watch 0:00 in 0.25x Thank me later

  80. alexander5


  81. Gall Ben

    This is my absolute, top of the top, dream car. My life goal is to own this car, i will make it happen. (11/17/2019)

  82. gorylatko

    VW has the radio max volume setting. Tiguan also has the washer jet for the rearview cam!

  83. Cody T.

    Not that it matters, but I think I saw a Z8 or a BMW similar to a Z8 this weekend. It was a Roadster with the fancy fender go-fasts..

  84. timothy chung

    This car is a bragging right... luggage?

  85. steve smith

    0-60 in 3.0 seconds, 4 doors, handles great, center lockings wheels, gorgeous interior, great looking from every angle, I want this car.

  86. Deksam101

    Wow, 310 miles of range... Next year, 280 miles of range... Next year, 245 miles of range... Next year, 205 miles of range... Next year, 170 miles of range... Next year, 140 miles of range... Next year, 90 miles of range... Next year, 45 miles of range... Next year, 6 miles of range... Next year, 0.4 miles of range...

  87. BeAn BeAn

    Bro you’re a little late on making a Model 3 video talking about the features there are like 109 other ones made since 2017

  88. Brandon Williamson

    Practicality gets a 6? Are you kidding?? at least an 8.

  89. Michael Kerr

    All the features he says this particular car lacked is available with the vip package.

  90. Mark Lambert

    They're obviously holding off for a +$10K "TRD Edition". Prob part of the deal w/BMW is to go easy on initial release, let the Z4 settle in, then do that. Now whether or not that means a different trans is a whole other question. My guess is probably not unfortunately since even BMW has the powerplant mated only to he ZF8 auto. NSX is a silly comparo. It's $200k and they're selling basically 0 of them. Toyota actually priced this thing right and as a result will sell plenty of Supras, all bitching and moaning aside. The obsessive fans fixating on "the legend" (who are also, incidentally, *unpleasable* ) have no money and dont actually buy anything. At best they buy these cars with a salvage title once they're 15 years old. That's the brutal reality. Trading on that name and building up a *new* market is much smarter. A big part of why the old Supra sells for big money at auctions is because 1) F&F became 100,000 times bigger than anyone could have ever imagined and 2) nearly every actual original Supra was destroyed by idiot amateur tuners or riced into oblivion. Neither of those two things will ever happen again anyway.

  91. Alan Hall

    Why are you hissing? It's annoying.

  92. Noah Cline

    4:35 😂😂 wtf

  93. דניאל וייצמן

    Couldn’t take my eyes from the golf clubs, waiting for them to fly 🤦🏻‍♂️

  94. Benny Silin

    They should make an option package with heavy duty drivetrain and 1000hp Demon engine.

  95. JCAchannel100

    Those curly wires on the back window aren’t for the brake light. They look like they’re for the defrost

  96. nathan deleeuw

    14:34 sorry Doug, its actually the blinker fluid

  97. Austin Nystrom

    Doug isn't too smart. Half the things he says are wrong or are left out and his voice is quite annoying. But the Doug is the type of guy comments are pretty great.

  98. Gmtail

    One would think Dog mode would keep animal obsessors from smashing the glass, but they don't usually think before they act on their emotions.

  99. Florin Ionescu

    One of the most comfortable SUVs out there. Who can’t afford the gas shouldn’t buy one.

  100. luh Gambino

    Thing is fucking ugly