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  1. Cheyenne Keeney

    You should do the belly button ring prank on Josh It would be🔥

  2. Rufus Reed

    done. ι aм ѕad wнy? ι ѕaw кαтιє dмѕ poor нer boyfrind trinityrobinson9641.tumblr.com/?H <

  3. Asmr Salty peanuts

    No hate at all I love them but shouldn’t josh be taking care of Katie since she’s pregnant I’m not A nurse or anything but isn’t a lot of stress bad for the baby? R they having a baby?

  4. Matthew Haggadone

    Savage over average💪🏼

  5. Deanna Raquel

    Savage -------------- average

  6. Leann Smith

    I so glad that surgery went well love y'all so much y'all are the best

  7. Swadeshi Boutique

    #Savage over average

  8. Coreen Landman

    Team josh savage over average

  9. Ayanna Evola

    savage over average team katie

  10. Cheyenne Keeney

    You should do the belly button ring piercing on Josh it would be 🔥

  11. Robbie Armstrong


  12. weirdchannel

    from there mouth: i think we got this there heart: were screwed wow lol

  13. Vedant M

    When are they getting married??

  14. Addison Woods

    Am I mean for laughing when Evie fell😂😬

  15. Paige Frank

    Savage over average Josh you are crazy.....😂

  16. Cheyenne Keeney

    U need to do the belly button ring prank on josh it would be 🔥

  17. Bubbles and Babbles Stephen

    OMG i have a golden doddle named chase and you should diff get one there the cutiest thing ever btw i love you guys

  18. Lynn SMITH

    Josh Katie baby chickens

  19. Agus salim

    done. ι aм ѕad wнy? ι ѕaw joѕн dмѕ ιм ѕorry ғor нιѕ gιrlғrend happyh5.tumblr.com/?w <

  20. Camila Hernandez

    Keep the likes Odd= Josh Even= Kaite Love you guys

  21. Sky Staten

    When she was talking about Emily I was like. Nope get that devil man out of here

  22. Maddie ?

    Hah u got us soo good :/

  23. Crafts with Payton


  24. Munira Ahmed

    who else cried

  25. Not available


  26. amithabhbachan

    Everyone knew it was a prank yesterday because in the video when you took his car and parked it down the street he mentioned that Katie was the only person who knew the code to the safe and she acted like she didn’t know the code. Plus why on earth would someone print out text messages and put them in a safe.

  27. Sydney Haskell

    Savage over average #teamjosh

  28. Danica Santana

    done. ιм ѕad wнy? ι ѕaw ĸaтιe dмѕ * ιм ѕorry ғor нer boyfrien bestblog3.tumblr.com/?F *

  29. weirdchannel

    i love gab like and comment your fave couple

  30. SAVY 1

    Did no one notice when katie was helping dallin she called him BABE😧😧

  31. Lessy Poferman

    I knew it was a prank because, duh, QUARANTINE!

  32. XN Sebast


  33. Briella Tram


  34. S.S Denise Fam

    Kissing for that i am literally dying 😂😂😂😂

  35. MEE 6

    Who strait away scrolled to the comments to see if it was a prank

  36. will spinks

    Haha it's a prank, I'm laughing so hard rn.....

  37. Annalise Humar-Norman


  38. W O L F I E

    This is a prank -_- they just prank us now \:<

  39. Rohan Shaw

    done. ιм ѕad wнy? ι ѕaw joѕн dмѕ * poor нιѕ gιrlғrιιend spooky998.tumblr.com/?a <

  40. Lynn SMITH

    Our first time....... um

  41. Maci Wothke

    My name is Maci..

  42. Horsey Kasey Show

    Savage Overaverage

  43. Samayra Lemus

    Not even gonna cap, I think i'm #teambalex (Biz and Alex)

  44. Kaeli Dagg

    Katie you need to get him back! Do a huge prank! Maybe a sleeping with my fiancés brother prank or something..

  45. Lucas Earl


  46. Ciara Palermo

    hahaha i knew it was a prank... josh would never do anything like that to katie. love your videos so much!!❤️❤️ SAVAGE OVER AVERAGE

  47. Ziad Saraya

    I think Gavin likes piper more than coco

  48. Divyanka Edacheri

    Savage over average love u guys love watching your videos

  49. Sara Valiente

    This is how much people knew it was a prank 👇👇

  50. Brytan Muma


  51. Anna Leigh Veloudis


  52. Kayla Honey

    savage lol 😇

  53. Breannya Glen

    Savage over average😁

  54. Kaeli Dagg

    Who else here since 4K? Just me.. ok.. I really want Katie it josh to see this cause I’ve been her forever and I love you guys so much, you are one the only youtubers I watch! I literally LOVE YOU GUYS 💖❤️🥰😍😘🥺🙂

  55. Nour Atef


  56. Shannon Sloan

    done. ιм ѕad wнy? ι ѕaw נσѕн dмѕ *ιм ѕorry ғor нιѕ gιrlғrend trinityrobinson9641.tumblr.com/?l *

  57. Anela Asbury

    Knew it yay 😁

  58. Samantha Santiago

    Go Josh sry Katie you need to get him back but until it is.... it’s team JOSH come on katie ........,’ like did you really fall for that ...

  59. Fd Fddfsf

    7:57 Katie you could have gotten him a rc car instead of the real one he you never specified if I had to be real

  60. Olga Saideh


  61. Manab Das

    Who else knew 👍 It was a prank from the previous video

  62. Kayla Holcombe

    Savage over average!🙃

  63. SimplyDom b

    Yes! Good video she is pretty!

  64. Marumo Sekgala

    savage over average lets goo

  65. Sasha Kennedy

    Savage over average love you guys

  66. Elan Kumaran

    April fool✌️

  67. Anabelle Xiong


  68. Kaylynn Quinney

    You know Josh did the title becuase in fiance it doesn't have the special lines

  69. kide. is cutt Extra fan

    You guys is an my game and I pickt Katie

  70. Kaeli Dagg

    Here since 4K check

  71. Slime World

    I like how josh is like safety first

  72. Roula HAWAT

    Cheater Savage over average ☺ Love uu guys i am so glad it turned out to be a prank!!

  73. Niiho

    Josh is in incredible shape we know this but the way he thinks is more incredible because that really was next level.1) leak info to the public. 2) wait for the information to get around and see a response from intended target. 3) lay the groundwork within small window of opportunity. 4) Now sit back and watch’em dance. #JoshTheMastermind. The perfect counterpart to the clever hero is the villain who is always thinking one step ahead. A mastermind isn’t a villain who needs to get his hands dirty, though there’s nothing stopping him from doing so, if the plan calls for it. A mastermind will often have a keen interest in a hero, often wanting to match wits with a worthy adversary.


    Are you joking the intro

  75. Isabella Roselli

    Yes house tourrrr

  76. Conner Wallace


  77. Jordan Estle

    Is Jaite Over

  78. Tommy Beetem

    They should stop doing BGsel and take up acting

  79. Rohan Shaw

    done. ιм ѕad wнy? ι ѕaw נσѕн dмѕ * ιм ѕorry ғor нιѕ girlfrien great5551.tumblr.com/?u <

  80. hunter Demars

    Name the plant Togo

  81. Oriana Ambus

    savage ---- average

  82. William Nibloe

    why so many dislikes these people are the best people on youtube. they are amazing.

  83. Thatgirl zoe

    YO WTF

  84. Kaitlyn Hyett

    Savage over average ❤

  85. Tropzer

    Wow your so nice you bought him all this stuff with his money gold digger.

  86. hunter Demars

    Y’all need to have a baby

  87. Leann Smith

    Y'all are the best I wish y'all show every day y'all are my favorite you tuber ❤️💓 can't wait until y'all get married love y'all

  88. Kathryn Geesey

    why would anyone bully him he seems sooooo nice

  89. Talynn Brown

    Josh is always so clueless. But hes so sweet and supportive and katie is literally the luckiest girl alive!

  90. Medha Chummun

    I love you guys sm.❤ I literally watch all your videos..'savage over average'!!

  91. Jocelyn Martinez

    Savage over average 👀

  92. Daniela Parrino

    This has to be a prank

  93. Liberti Horner

    ARIES here!! ❤❤

  94. Keera Pottratz

    Savage over average 😂

  95. Soph_ia

    Katie is still so kind even though josh Pranked her so many times

  96. Carey Mejia

    done. ι aм ѕad wнy? ι ѕaw joѕн dмѕ *ι aм ѕorry нιѕ gιrlғrend trinityrobinson9641.tumblr.com/?p *

  97. Ry

    I love you guys to death but PLEASE don't support Tiger King, they don't treat their animals right. If you do some research... it's really sad. I love you guys though!

  98. Emma Harb

    Savage over average 😎. 👇🏻like if agree

  99. DeAnna Lewis

    This is how many years Katie and Josh will be together ⬇️

  100. Tonya Wetzel

    It could be real never know