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  1. Vanessa

    Bye the end part starting at around 12:00 the VO and video are not in sync

  2. Vanessa

    You need to add fresh ginger and fresh lemon juice and then refrigerate the juice before you drink it - it looses a few vitamins by not drinking it immediately but the taste is much better. And most importantly: don’t throw away the top pieces!!! They are amazing for snacking with hummus or in a salad. And: if you have stomach issues bitterness helps!

  3. Johanna Duarte

    I can assure you that erin is lactose intolerant, all the symptoms and bloating after ice cream Go vegan, you’ll feel amazing

  4. Ashley Hopkins


  5. Victoria Owings

    You could also juice ahead and then put them in single serve Mason jars. That way you can have a juice every morning with out all if the cleanup!

  6. Alice Drummond

    Do you have POTS (postural tachycardia syndrome maybe)??? Maybe try taking Gatorade/re hydration drinks and see if that makes a difference. You only meant to have 2 litres of water a day, so try not to go over that because it can mess up your sodium levels which will make you thirstier. So once you reach your limit have Gatorade.

  7. Tamsin Russell

    This just reminded me of the bit in the Netflix show 'You' where the murdery guy joe does the celery cleanse and vomits all over the place

  8. Madison Mcgaugh

    So it’s just one glass a day? I’m interested but don’t want to over due it

  9. cara hamm

    iv been doing celery juice for about a month now & all my mental health problems have healed & i use to not eat/drink dairy without having terrible stomach issues ( thought i was lactose intolerant) & now i can without any issues & i have so much energy!

  10. Amber Veren

    So I know you said you didn’t snack but did you still eat lunch and dinner? Or did you only have the juice?

  11. Noreen Perez

    I wish there was less drama,in the way you explain.🙄

  12. corrie Jennings

    I did try this for a week and I also noticed sooo much more energy!! I put my juice over ice which made it soooo much easier to drink!! It’s been a few months since I did it and you make me remember how great it made me feel and I want to do it again!! 😁😩😁😩😁

  13. Angelina Liboy

    I’ve had literally all the same Symthoms as you for over 1.5 years and no one could figure out why. They suggested auto immune disease but can’t pin point it. I’m excited to try this. Thanks ! Btw you have me obsessed with those darn pearl headbands

  14. Steph S

    Girl no doc will ever tell you this cuz if you fixed it you wouldn’t need em, but I’ve been superrrr struggling with nearly constant bouts of multiple types of eczema, brain fog, fatigue, all the things you are. I really think we’ve got leaky gut or something along those lines. Every time I eat a really clean diet for a few days all my eczema goes away...try it.

  15. Ava Bella

    The frosted coffee is coffee and icecream blended

  16. CounTessa

    I want 2 try it but I broke my blender...makeing smoothies 😅... so for now I'll eat it the old fashioned way lol I'll just omit the ranch My favorite juice is carrot juice it is Very sweet and just really good lol

  17. Janell Dodds

    What’s the name of your juicer ?

  18. Love Learners of a Redhead

    Erin please get your calcium checked dear I suffered for literally no lie 20 years. We have 4 parathyroids and one popped when I was in my 20's. I didn't know because they are tiny and because parathyroidism is not well know. I suffered by slowly going down hill with all my health. One surgery and I feel atleast 70`/. better.

    1. Love Learners of a Redhead

      ​@Erin Robinson I first started with IBS but big but I was constipated instead of having to go too much. Then the pains started. I would have searing pain in my back that lasted days and other sharp pains that would literally jump from my leg to my hand to my head and those would last a few seconds or minutes. All the pain got worse and I had to cry in my doctors office that I was telling the truth. She diagnosed me with fibromyalgia and gave me pain pills. I ended up getting high blood pressure diabetes, asthma and G.E.R.D. , basically over the top heart burn in my throat. I thought I was getting tired from fighting the pain but it was serious fatigue. My fibro doctor said this is not fibro maybe its an autoimmune disease so sent me to an Imunnologist who said I was fairly healthy for my age I'm 45. But to have my calcium checked because its a bit wrong. My gp said it was probably nothing but I insisted we check it out so I went to an Endrologist and she had my parathyroid checked out in sooo many tests and the ultrasound of my throat as well as xrays showed that a pea sized organ popped and was now the size of a toonie lol I'm Canadian umm a drawer knob. So they took it out thank god!!! I'm still a bit tired and sore and my kidneys have suffered but it was completely worth it . I went from napping during the day and working part-time to full-time. I just can not stand the thought of a young person like you suffering for this long and your health plummeting even more. P.S. Calcium is a conductor for the electricity in our bodies so when its not right you sort of short out and thats where the pain comes from I used to have 24/7 pain. Please get it checked dear.

    2. Erin Robinson

      Did you have the same symptoms?? I've never even heard of such a thing!

  19. Brooke

    And your doctor thinks those symptoms are an auto immune disease.. if it were any of the doctors around here that would most definitely be just anxiety and you would get prescribed an anti-depressant.

    1. Erin Robinson

      :( you gotta find the diamond in the rough doctor!

  20. Maverick Moses

    Plants can be a pretty powerful thing... Going vegan cured my chronic migraines. 💚

    1. Erin Robinson

      I've heard that before! I think that's so crazy and so good!

  21. Jaimie Burney

    I like to add a fresh lemon in the juicer as well, it helps with the taste.

  22. Chelsie Gleason

    Sooooo do we need to juice or can we just eat celery everyday ?... ya know?

    1. Chelsie Gleason

      Erin Robinson I suppose that makes sense 😬 jusssttt don’t wanna buy a juicer, maybe one day ! 😂

    2. Erin Robinson

      I had the same thought, but I read that the juicing removes the components of the celery that are hard to digest and just give you the nutrients you need. And...eating 2 bunches of celery seems exhausting to me lol!

  23. Serina Cali Demers

    Tax on celery, really??

    1. Serina Cali Demers

      @Erin Robinson There is not supposed to have tax on fresh fruits and veggies, unless they are prepared.

    2. Erin Robinson

      I think so! I just assumed but you're right, I should have probably looked!

  24. Jennifer Powers

    I have MS and have since 2016 never done anything like this but your inspiring me to try

    1. Jennifer Powers

      Erin Robinson will do !

    2. Erin Robinson

      If you try it, please let me know if it helps!

  25. Yka Marie

    Wait... there’s tax on veggies in California?!

  26. Potassuim_Cation

    Nobody: Also nobody: Audible: Maybe the 4 millionth time we advertise we’ll wear down the 24 people still resisting Me: No, no, still no, no means no Audible

    1. Erin Robinson

      DONT RESIST!!! I gotten to where I listen to media more than I watch it these days!

  27. joe bloggs

    $5 you couldn't get f' all in this country

  28. Brooke Maack

    Are you considering following a vegan diet for an x amount of time?

    1. Brooke Maack

      @Erin Robinson I'm wonder if it would help relieve some of the symptoms your having since celery juice helped you.

    2. Erin Robinson

      I haven't but should I!?!

  29. Femmè 4:34

    Eye spy your Christmas tree is still up!!!😲

    1. Erin Robinson

      My dirty little secret is out! I did put it up this week, so I am finally making progress. I did consider leaving it up all year for about 5 mins, lol.

  30. Munich Moon

    I have the same symptoms and I have MS. I also read a lot about certain diets that are supposed to help with some symptoms of the disease. The problem is I HATE celery with all my heart. But if it worked for your symptoms that's great!

    1. Erin Robinson

      If you drink it with a straw you can drink it fast! It might actually hlep!

  31. Alexa Macias

    You can add a lime or a lemon when you do this. To change the flavor 🙃

    1. Alexa Macias

      If you like ginger you can also add some of it as well 🙇🏻‍♀️

    2. Alexa Macias

      lol I’m actually just about to make my second 8oz celery juice for the day! 🤗

    3. Erin Robinson

      I will definitely spice it up next time with some extras!

  32. Brooke B


  33. Gina Barber

    I have a celery juice powder that is 100% organic freeze dried celery. No juicer required. You just mix with water

    1. Fouz Alyaqout

      Gina Barber what’s it called?

    2. Gina Barber

      @Erin Robinson I do notice a difference when I drink it regularly. But if I had to keep my fridge full if celery and drag out the juicer every morning I dont think I would drink it.

    3. Erin Robinson

      Do you feel like it makes a difference?

  34. tah co

    where did you get the straws? I want them so badly!

    1. Erin Robinson

      Amazon of course! I have them linked under "home" www.amazon.com/shop/influencer-348a6f45

  35. coffeegirl18

    I have bartonella (lyme coinfection) and am on a Paleo-Keto hybrid diet (doctor monitored). A lady in my building tried it and said she felt super healthy. Before Paleo-keto diet my full scalp/forehead was covered with psoriasis and is now rediagnosed as bartonella. Honey balms help. My carbs are so restricted that a tangerine is my "treat". I'm trying to find some snacks with no sugar/no sugar alcohols and it's impossible.

    1. Erin Robinson

      Girl! Stay strong! It's worth it to feel better. All super helpful info as well. Thank you for sharing.

  36. Brandon Le

    If you guys are still in Texas, try Church’s Chicken all menu items if you can.

  37. Brandon Le

    I gotten my chance to stop by at Whataburger after I dropped my mom to the party. Three items I ordered were Honey BBQ Chicken Strip Sandwich, 9 Piece of Chicken Bites, & Medium Fries. I didn’t want drink for the meal. My order is still fresh after I got home and sent it to Snapchat friends from Taco Bell while in Houston for Lunar New Year. I might come back to Whataburger to order something else before I return to Idaho. I’m from that state btw. I wish Idaho has Whataburger.

  38. Bev Sputler

    You pooped green! LOL LOL

    1. Erin Robinson

      Bev Sputler I didn’t notice the color because it happened so fast

  39. tim scott

    Cliffhanger..well does the carpet match the drapes lol jk

  40. Grey Out

    The guy in the produce aisle lmaoooooo his laugh kills me

    1. Erin Robinson

      Grey Out that way my laugh!!!! Lol

  41. Cammy SanFilippo

    They make powdered celery juice it would honestly take most of your cons away. I’m sure it’s not as good as fresh but you might see the same benefits.

    1. Cammy SanFilippo

      Erin Robinson No I haven’t I just work at a vitamin store that sells it and it’s pretty popular! www.vitaminshoppe.com/p/celery-power-11-3-oz-powder/vy-1081?mr:trackingCode=65543ECA-F1E4-E911-8105-00505694403D&mr:referralID=NA&sourceType=sc&source=SHOP&acqsource=adlucent&Shopping&CSE&Windmill%20Consumer%20Products&VY-1081&store=371&lsft=adlpxid:pla;317461648265;283009243650;m;1014485;placeholder;2189959;pla;local;371&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIgdHe4duh5wIVjYbACh24jgUmEAQYAiABEgJmvvD_BwE

    2. Erin Robinson

      Cammy SanFilippo interesting! Have you tried this??

  42. Chelsy Lynn

    I dislike juicers because generally they get hot and deplete the vitimans...the reason why the blending option was better is it's cold juicing basically. I own a cold juicer by kitchenaid it's the attachment to the mixer....just more information for people who need the vitimans. Sometimes the easiest way isnt the healthiest

    1. Sus_ii_

      @Erin Robinson I've got an aicock juicer, they are cold pressed, juice doesn't come out warm, unlike when I used a blender, it warm and horrible

    2. Erin Robinson

      Chelsy Lynn interesting insight!! I didn’t find this one to be hot at all, but what do I know lol!

  43. Kennedy Meyers TV

    Lovee you!! SMALL BGselR HERE💕✨

  44. Kelsey Ahmed

    That sweater is everything 😍

  45. Kat Rautenbach

    Erin - in what sense did you need the loo cos I notice the first 2-3 days I pee an insane amount of time but it was only the first ever time I did CJ that it was the other option 😱! Also did you notice your nausea ease from the sundae effect and how sick you felt?

    1. Kat Rautenbach

      Erin Robinson That good i’m glad you saw that effect as it does that with me. I have no gallbladder and so if i eat something too fatty it will give me pain but CJ soothes it as if I have downed a bottle of Gaviscon which is stomach settling fluid here in the UK. CJ it’s known for healing loads of stuff that processed junk food creates thanks to MM. It’s a shame you guys don’t have a chest fridge you could use to store it outside or somethings or in a garage etc. 🥰

    2. Erin Robinson

      Kat Rautenbach I heard that people pee a lot more but honestly I do that anyway so I didn’t notice! Yes, it was an upset stomach and that was completely eased. I thought it would be the opposite effect.

  46. Eva Calderon

    I think it is worthy to invest that time in making juices , I think eggs and bacon take longer time and you get more things dirty 😊😊... just to give and example ..

    1. Erin Robinson

      Eva Calderon you’re not wrong!

  47. Anushka Luther

    do you have to drink it or can you just eat the celery?

  48. Sara Ames

    I know they say it’s best fresh every day, but I think I would juice every Sunday and have all my juice for the week ready to go in the fridge

    1. Erin Robinson

      Sara Ames I think if I did it again I would batch it for sure. I just wanted to do it as properly as possible for this experiment

  49. intoxicatedfantasy

    Are you two on drugs?

  50. Julie Simanski

    12:00 Erin pls tell my school that 1 or 2 is after lunch time. They don’t get it I have lunch at 2 every day it’s messed up. I’m happy someone that agrees that 1 or 2 isn’t lunch time.

  51. Emmalee C

    I'm glad you're feeling good after your week, but I wish you would share the food context that surrounded this challenge. What was added or subtracted from your diet that week besides celery juice? You mentioned drinking less coffee and not eating breakfast bc the juice covered for both. Maybe substituting something generally healthier helped with your energy? But I can't say bc you didn't share :(. I hope you continue to find foods that you enjoy and maybe don't cause some of the side effects you experienced!

    1. Erin Robinson

      Emmalee C hey! Good comment! I actually didn’t change anything in my diet other than juicing everyday. After my cleanse was done, I did a no-meat fast but during this week I ate whatever I wanted!!

  52. Melissa Anowai

    Please, please, please can you share where your eyeglasses are from? They are amazing!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Erin Robinson

      Melissa Anowai glasses USA! I partnered with them on my closet makeover video and Theres a link in the description (that I think still works) to them!

  53. James Alberg

    Happy 2020 Erin!! That was fun to watch. I know I'll never do it. Between buying a juicer (and where to store it in my tiny condo) tons of celery (that i'm not fond of) the cleanup, and possible explosive diarrhea... hard pass. But glad you saw some positive results for the trouble. GREAT to see you back!! ;-D

    1. James Alberg

      @Erin Robinson so true!

    2. Erin Robinson

      James Alberg at least you know it’s an option if you ever feel like you need it in life!

  54. Elyse T

    Juice an apple with it. Delicious,!

  55. The Hilarious Halle

    Erin: it’s like celery milk. Me who loves milk: ok that sounds fine. Erin: but like scim milk. Me: burn it

  56. J Malonzo

    For foreigners or those who are missing out what Jollibee is. These are the items you have to try: Peach Mango Pie, Chickenjoy either Original or Spicy, Burgersteak combo either with Mashed potatoes or steamed rice. Adobo rice. Try ChickenJoy with their own gravy, Halo halo (but please mix it because it is a frozen dessert or like Korean Bingsoo. And their Aloha burger. Their pineapple juice because I don't think any American restaurant or fast food has it. Pinoy spaghetti. You can get combos out of these items too.

  57. Kate McCarthy

    What style eye glasses from glasses USA

    1. Erin Robinson

      Kate McCarthy they’re linked in the description of my closet makeover vid!

  58. Kristina Knapp

    There are autoimmune conditions that mimic other types of conditions. Like for most my life I was convinced I had lupus because of my symptoms. Come to find out, I have a connective tissue disorder and all the symptoms are the same. It's very hard because most doctor's don't know a thing about this condition and I have to go and teach them. I have ehlers danlos, if you're experiencing those type of symptoms and have ever been told you double jointed or things along those lines, you might have the hereditary condition. There's a simple text you can do at home that will help you figure out if you're bendier than normal. It's called the Brighton score test. If anyone is going through those type of symptoms and you have a good 6+/9 on the Brighton score test, talk to a rheumatologist. It's considered a rare condition but it's really not. It's just rare because doctors are taught to look for horses and not zebras and people are rarely diagnosed with it. And as you get older the number for the Brighton score will go down. When I was diagnosed 4 1/2 years ago, mine was 8/9 and now it's 5-6/9.

  59. Ronnie-Lynn Dolan

    I’m shocked you found really any major improvements after only 7 days! Imagine 30 days!

  60. Heather Leeth

    Yes! Erin's back 💗

  61. Kerri McVinney

    Omg I love the hair on editing Robin! So little mermaid like ❤️❤️😍😍

  62. Chronic Butterfly

    I have arthritis, caused by a connective tissue disorder called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. Might I suggest taking a 30 day break from dairy? I know how much you love cheese and ice cream! But, you'll notice your joints won't hurt as much after the first week. Dairy causes a lot of inflammation in our bodies. Plus, there's some really great dairy free alternatives.

  63. sole' Neptune

    Shes so beautiful 😍😍😍

  64. groovetrain2010

    Lol Erin i think its got to do with all tje shit food you eat !

    1. groovetrain2010

      Great addictions to mix in which are great for your liver are, ginger, kale n carrot... makes ur poop look orange lol and will taste heeps better too. :) luv your humor in the explanations.

    2. Erin Robinson

      You're not wrong!

  65. Olga Salmoran

    love your video and you are so beautiful

    1. Olga Salmoran

      your welcome

    2. Erin Robinson

      Thank you Olga!

  66. Kaylynn M.

    This is so interesting to me and I think I may have to try this out. I have lupus (SLE) so I'm wondering if it will help me out at all. I've never even heard about this and I've been diagnosed for years now.

    1. Erin Robinson

      It may help some of your symptoms!!

  67. Jake Waters

    So nice to have Erin BACK!

    1. Erin Robinson

      You're the best as always, Jack!

  68. Anna Alvarenga

    I was just thinking I hadn’t seen a good “Erin eats at McDonald’s or in n out” in a long time. Not fast food but just as entertaining! :)

    1. Erin Robinson

      I have a Bojangles video in the can. Just you wait!

  69. Kate Gray

    I love how you wore green outfits in some of the video clips to match the celery ;)

    1. Erin Robinson

      I didn't do that on purpose! I think the celery and I became one unknowingly

  70. Haley Smith

    The cinnamon twists are made out of grains of rice fried

  71. ffic4life

    Would love to see you do more of these. Maybe try carrot juice or wheat grass next? Loved getting your opinion

  72. LinusLarrabee

    More of Matt!!! Balance it out.

    1. Erin Robinson

      LOL! I'm sure this comment makes him feel very good! Thank you!!

  73. helicopter drill sergeant Mommy Case

    It tastes a whole lot better if you throw an apple in

    1. Erin Robinson

      I read that but apparently the celery juice should be "pure" for this cleanse if you're doing it like the medical medium

  74. helicopter drill sergeant Mommy Case

    I've heard that is celery juice is very good for muscles and joint pain and it's super cheap I don't know why I'm not doing it

    1. Erin Robinson

      I didn't notice the pain reduction from it but I also don't have consistent pain but apparently it could help with that

  75. linda yang

    "Like a lot of Instagram models out there" 😆

    1. Erin Robinson

      I mean...........💁

  76. Jadeen M

    Ur literally the bomb lol!! 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

    1. Erin Robinson


  77. Rose !!!!

    I have psoriasis too and I’m noticing the patches on my legs 😭

    1. Erin Robinson

      Girl! I feel you! Hang in there. You're not alone and I really think you should try this to see if it helps at all

  78. Margeaux Riehm

    I love the heart shaped earrings!!! Where did you get them?

    1. Erin Robinson

      It's Natalie Mills and they're only $39! She gifts to Lizzo so.....you know she's legit! nataliemills.com/collections/earrings

  79. MrSandRune

    I`m good at this.Example:rumble in stomach.First you go long time with a supression\down-pressure,and then it turns to a bubble and fluid runs upwards.This is the balance point to get chi\energy.And its stucked same way on whole body.It is you are too weak,but you cant train it.It is the balance of cleanse,health food,minerals.Stucked energy,wich needs light-teraphy.

  80. Outi Pöllänen

    I could never do that. I HATE celery with a passion. It tastes horrible to me.

    1. Kat Rautenbach

      It doesn’t drink how it tastes to chew / eat it. It’s different it’s bland for one and then the only other way to describe it is like salty water. Everybody I know that hates celery I have made them try a sip and all of them have been surprised that it’s nothing like eating it! So don’t be put off. Obviously it is still a beggie juice so it isn’t ever gonna enthuse you but the benefits are fab!

    2. Erin Robinson

      It wasn't the best thing ever but it actually wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be!

  81. Erin Robinson

    OH! Also! If you decide to do this cleanse, make sure you're close to a bathroom the first couple of days just in case LOL! I forgot that detail!!!

    1. Rosy Rojas

      Where’s the juicer from?? Link!!

    2. Yarii Villanueva

      You should try to go vegan for a month. It may help your stomach issues.

    3. Heyyyerica

      make sure to get tested for Lyme disease if you haven’t already ❤️

    4. Laura Staples

      Erin Robinson Did you drink coffee or caffeine while on the cleanse?

  82. George Prewitt

    Those glasses holy shit they look fantastic on you

    1. George Prewitt

      @Erin Robinson i just got new glasses so im gonna pass on that but if i have a friend that needs new ones i will pass it along

    2. Erin Robinson

      Thanks babe! Glasses USA! If you watch my closet makeover theres a code there that I thiiiink might still work.

  83. Dan G

    Sounds interesting, thanks for sharing. This is going to sound horrific, but you should try going sugar-free. I've been cutting it out and trying to cut out added sugar from my diet, like in coffee, salad dressing, making pasta with no sugar added sauce. I have always had a huge sweet tooth and when I stopped eating it I stopped craving it and feel SO much better, sleep better, too. Also, it will make a great video.

    1. Erin Robinson

      I love this! I actually have been doing very little sugar and very little meat since the new year and I feel this way too! It's always good to do a little diet maintenance every once in a while.

  84. dark jedi

    Miss you! Love your hair, green sweater, everything here! 😍 ❤️

    1. Erin Robinson

      Thanks dark jedi! It's very mermaid of me!

  85. Mama Kathy1966

    Erin, have you heard of MELAS? It is a mitochondrial condition that causes a ton of fluctuating and debilitating symptoms.

    1. Mama Kathy1966

      It is considered rare, however more doctors are starting to research and diagnose mitochondrial conditions. Your body basically is unable to process and/or use energy correctly. There are some decent articles and videos. My oldest son (age 32) and I were recently diagnosed after YEARS of crazy symptoms. Just a thought after hearing you describe what you've been experiencing.

    2. Erin Robinson

      I havent? Is it common?

  86. Michelle Roop

    I haven't done the celery juice challenge but I think I might try it... thanks for sharing your experience with us! I will forever be your biggest fan! Love you 🖤

    1. Michelle Roop

      @Erin Robinson thanks for the info... I'm going to try it... I'm going to start on Monday 🖤🤞🤞🤞

    2. Erin Robinson

      Hey Michelle! It seems more like a scary endeavor than it actually is. Once I started, I actually started to look forward to doing it.

  87. Maddie Albright

    Try a juice cleanse for a week sounds like fun!!! (to watch)

    1. Erin Robinson

      Not a bad idea actually! I just think I would have to cancel all my plans and stay close to a bathroom, lol!

  88. Maddie Albright

    omg I missed you sooo much

    1. Erin Robinson

      I miss you guys so much too!

  89. Riley R

    I hope everything that was going on at Vlogmas is okay 💗

    1. Riley R

      So sorry to hear that. Sending much love and prayers your way

    2. Shannon McDowell

      Erin Robinson sorry to hear about your family member. Hope you’re ok and have the best year. Love your channel. All the way from Ireland 🇮🇪

    3. Erin Robinson

      Hey Riley! Thank you. I had a death in the family, but I am doing okay and happy to be in a new year and a new decade of amazing stuff!

  90. LittleLovelyMelody

    I have been waiting for you video ❤

    1. Erin Robinson

      Sorry to leave you waiting!!! I'm back to my regularly scheduled programming now!

  91. Benjamin Dane

    I think I'm gonna try this.

    1. Cindy Navarro

      HA! As soon as I saw the title of the video I thought, I need to ask Ben about this!! Let know what you think after you try it @Benjamin Dane

    2. Benjamin Dane

      @Erin Robinson She did. But she didn't say SEVEN days! She conveniently left out that part. 😳

    3. Erin Robinson

      Ben! I told Dona to tell you to do it!!!

  92. MichelleK

    I enjoyed this video Erin you did fantastic as always.I'm also happy that the psoriasis seemed to flare down a bit and I'll even try to remember to recommend doing this and watching this video to some people who I know who go through that. Thanks again for another video I hope you and your husband have a great rest of the weekend and new week. :)

    1. Erin Robinson

      Thanks, Michelle! Thank God my psoriasis isn't severe, so I can't say for certain that this is a significant help, but I did feel like it helped a little!

  93. thedailydanny


    1. Erin Robinson

      I've missed you guys! Feels so good to be back!

  94. Kate Ross

    You could try a 7 day vegan challenge

  95. Andioop Z

    Were you able to eat as well or only juice

    1. Erin Robinson

      I ate as well! I didn't really change my diet significantly, but if you're also eating clean I am sure the results would be even more significant!

  96. Cindy D

    Where are your tall glasses from?

    1. Erin Robinson

      I linked to them in the description just now!

    2. Erin Robinson


  97. Rachel Telford

    Love you Erin❤️❤️

    1. Erin Robinson

      Love you babe!

  98. Regan Snow

    I clicked on this video so fast there were no views, likes, dislikes or comments and I'm pretty freaking excited about it!

    1. Regan Snow

      @Erin Robinson love you too!

    2. Erin Robinson

      Love you Regan!

  99. neil Varma

    Hope things r okay ❤️💙

    1. neil Varma

      Erin Robinson kinda 😂

    2. Erin Robinson

      I'm okay!! Do I seem more insane than ever in this?? LOL

  100. Michelle Roop

    Yay 1st! Love you Erin

    1. Erin Robinson

      HNY Michelle!!