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  1. DEDBRD1977

    Driving into Sema and his hands still have grease on them, thats dedication

  2. Karl Angus

    Fantastic finish mate I love the lambo so much

  3. Joseph Ignacio

    Nicest lambo

  4. Riot Milo

    This thing became amazing af!

  5. Thiago antoniogomes

    Lixo lambo

  6. RolandAshcroft

    Too much vlog filler, more building pls .

  7. Ruben Melo

    If the build after this is a 1995 Corolla, I'll be ok with that, these guys have put in major work

  8. BigRigsOverTheRoadRacing 2


  9. 03studios

    this would look way better if it was all white, the black accent parts are way too contrasting and ruin the look, great build thou

  10. Michel de jong

    Sounds like a truck. En you're steering wheel is lose its like rebuild a stratocaster from Eric Clapton en build a Fisher price guitar module in there. Rip lamborghini huracan

  11. Connecticut Martial Arts

    That actually looks like solvent pops. They occur when you haven't waited long enough between coats. It's much more common when painting panels because it only takes a minute to paint a panel vs the length of time it takes to do a car. It's important to set a timer so you don't rush back for your next coat. The paint may look dry or feel dry to the touch, but it's still emitting vapors. How do I know this? I was painting my first car ever. I started with the doors like many people do. On my second coat of clear, the paint just errupted. It looked EXACTLY like your door! So, I increased my flash-off times and never had a problem again. Always take into consideration the temp and the humidity too. You shouldn't need fish eye eliminator if you follow the rules exactly. Increase your flash times and add extra as a cushion. Use a timer so you don't lose track. I also agree with putting down a light first coat. Good Luck Man! Love your videos! And... Clean your shop dude! It doesn't have to be an operating room, but it will be safer and you'll be able to find your stuff easier.

  12. FlexFinder

    Next time you use resin, cut in the corners and deep spots, then roll the rest on, or else you get those leveling issues like you had. Also, you want to uv cure resin, whenever possible, for at least 48 hours. The way you let it cure, is a minimum of 1 week cure time.

  13. Clarke89

    Wheels just don’t work look like stance boy wheels on a beast of a car 🚙

  14. King Natchy

    Holy shit Chris fix

  15. Adam Wilken

    White things in tanks are your Reserve tanks just like in a bike. They have a light that comes on when the Reserve tanks kick in.

  16. NEROJAN Ravichandran

    If anyone is missing watching some bisforbuild (I know I am), Garrett just did a feature video with Chris at SEMA here: bgsel.info/video/video/dMqdu3qKvKyWhNY.html

  17. Marcus Wilkins

    🌟Also congratulations on the Soon coming wedding.✌🏾

  18. Marcus Wilkins

    I must say how Extremely Impressed I am with Sema's Sickest lambo, yours.💯👍🏽✌🏾

  19. Kunz Klingsor

    Many colorful, beautiful and labor intensive cars at SEMA, it was a great show. But visually, the simplicity, maximum color contrast and Picasso-like counterpointing corner lines made your car the most outstanding, in my know nothing opinion. Perhaps I’m biased for having watched and sweated all disappointments in its process to completion. Awesome !!

  20. David Christopher

    20:07 You know, if Chris Fix didn't wear a logo shirt, he probably wouldn't need to walk around with a helmet inside.

  21. BingBangBrine

    Raid shadow legends

  22. Ken Sumberlin

    Awesome job young man!

  23. Mrinal Dutta

    I want this car in the nfs heat trailer

  24. Matthieu Homor

    Damn, this engine is well cooled :D

  25. Joshua Kendrick

    Ur stupid. Lambo should ban u from buying a lambo, ur wasting it, it’s also kinda funny cuz how dumb u are.

  26. Alaric Niemi

    So I get that this was a lot of work, and the craftsmanship is on point, but in my opinion, “Spoiled it! Spoiled it! Spoiled it!” Personally I am not a fan of body kits on exotics.

  27. Happy Gilmore

    This is such a bad design, a total redesign is needed.

  28. Hi imaperson

    You gotta take it to the Dyno now. I want the exact hp and 0-60 time.

  29. Axel Shark

    And now what? Build a Bugatti on a budget? 5000HP

  30. Ryan M

    The seating and shifting positions look super uncomfortable but I’m sure it’ll get fix, I hope lol

  31. Casey Young

    That’s amazing Chris I’m so happy for you and the team!!!

  32. Nathan Burnett Productions

    Why no finished shot? So we could see whether it was splotchy or not.... oh I see...

  33. Nick Manory

    It's crazy how entertaining this was and how fun this whole thing was...following the build was fun but I can't get over how atrociously hideous that car is. I can't wait for the next one.

  34. Chester Rowles

    I cloud not stop laughing when I saw Chris fix immediately. I was like what person where’s a helmet at a car show and I was like ahhh Chris fix lmao only he whould

  35. rudy torres

    Honestly that is completely insane.

  36. Skylar McCuistion

    What welder did you use

  37. revrend2


  38. topdee123tv

    Beautiful car, when do we see the dyno and blast down a track?

  39. Andy's Auto Care Plus

    Got to see this at SEMA! Amazing job you guys!

  40. Dave Burgess

    Everybody who talks bad about this build. I really want to see your builds that show half the effort Chris put in here. Please link your BGsel builds with your negative comments.

  41. Kyle Dedrick

    Why did you last swap a hurcan?

  42. henrycwcw

    The quality of this compared to what tavarish did with the murci is quite different, did tavarish start earlier hmm

  43. Lelibela Shabakabel

    hey I have a 1975 pinto i want to put a Ferrari engine facing backwards get at me?????

  44. Tim Newman

    They make an eraser for getting vinyl letters off it goes on a drill will not hurt the gel coat used it on my boat any parts place should have it or a automotive paint store

  45. Haiden Lear

    “Gonna get the dremel” *pulls out angle grinder*

  46. Haiden Lear

    Oscar is the GOAT!


    When are you going to show the boat!?!?

  48. DKTAz00

    And he never drove it again....

  49. Josh Gray

    13:00. [Oh no]

  50. Josh Gray

    Almost a million views. This is so friggin awesome. This is shit i think of and why not more of. So im very proud of you guys for doing this.

  51. Josh Gray

    Less door prep video more engine install clips. Good job guys

  52. LR Lapua

    sorry, it looks like crap to me....that gap behind front wheel at door looks like total crap....

  53. Matt Stallion

    Glad you got better B ....besides you the 4wd demon and grindhard plumbing co. Yawl killed SEMA....much love from philly bro

  54. Gadgetguy

    I know this is late but has anyone told chris there is a roof rack on the FJ? It can hold many of the large things you often want to carry. Its not just for looking cool.

  55. M R1275

    A mid engine Corvette🙄

  56. damascusblade

    If they plan on racing this car at the strip, I wonder if they should have just gone straight to the slipper clutch install.

  57. Alex Coleson

    Is it even a lambo it’s full of after market parts and an engine from another company it’s not a pambo

  58. Bill Sever


  59. Olympus Tech

    please buy the babe some work gloves you killing her hands :) cheers

  60. vette life

    love the build and congratulations on your engagement

  61. vello sepp

    Had high hopes for this build but its just awful

  62. Theatre Knight Gaming

    The steering is loose.

  63. Vito Augello

    havent been following build but I m guessing it sounds like a chevy LS?? If it is. shame on you. Gorgeous body work, high end everything but really all that great custom work and an LS...........

  64. Dan _

    Dudes! Who stole that woman's shoes? Come one now, guys.. Stop it with these kids' jokes.. Return her shoes, please. It's almost December, she might catch a cold..

  65. udovdh

    Coingratulations on getting to that parking lot with that car...!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!

  66. WeN33dJustice

    Well wtf does the gas gauge say🤣

  67. Benjamin Outten

    Tons of respect, you killed Sema! You thought what all the rich kids could have never bought!!!!

  68. Blackmagic.b

    get a like wise shifter and move it forward so youre not shifting behind you

  69. shahbaz ahmad

    Not exactly how it turned out

  70. JSmooVE3990

    At least you're gonna marry your girl after making her work on a car before the show lol. Congrats homie.

  71. Niyaaz Dollie

    Congratulations on getting engaged

  72. James Vaughan

    If it's the "only" it would be by default the "fastest".

  73. Jose Molina

    I've watched this video TWICE I've liked this video ive commented on this video twice I hope this helped in anyway because after this build u well deserve it u the most hardworking BGselr and I wanna say CONGRATULATIONS

  74. bigwavedave25

    Awesome feat you guys to accomplish! So glad I was able to see the build in person while at SEMA.

  75. Ryan Overkamp

    So glad B is For Build didn’t jump on the completely overplayed Supra bandwagon...haven’t seen one on the road yet, but already so tired of seeing that effing car.

  76. Jose Molina

    dopest car at the show hands down!!! u should rewap the diffuser WHITe it would look even sicker!!!

  77. jason ferreira

    I tend to question some of what you do, but I love your Chanel overall and Kyle and Oscar are definitely awesome. Great work gentlemen.

  78. My name is gogot meastro

    Dude it looks super ugly why not use a liberty walk body kit it would have looked a thousand times better than your body kit. Nice way to ruin a lambo.

  79. RolandAshcroft

    You were driving with the steering wheel wiggling , you ran out of gas, the car is not registered and you don't have seatbelts. The things you guys can do in America, land of the free I guess ? I really like this build and congrats.

  80. Edgaras Aksiutovas

    Song at 6.24?

  81. Robert A

    DDE sent me here! SICK BUILD FAM 🤙🏼🤙🏼🔥

  82. fast torque Drifter

    I admire the hard work.. But WHYYYY.... 🤔.. LS vs V10.. LS.. V10.. Hmmmm manual V10.. 👌😉🚗

  83. Pim van Dongen

    When is this thing going to be finished? For now it look likes a rapid prototype... and I doubt if this is streetlegal. The engine sounds like a truck and not like a sportscar. After so much has done on it it isn't worth a lamborgini badge anymore.

  84. Benni3D

    Did the Build still turn out to be 'cheap'ish?

  85. Brandon Fraser

    It’s Amerhurcan!

  86. creator Space

    That's a good one. blog.naver.com/7heppy7

  87. Robert Boyer

    Why not just start earlier next time?🤔 Not like the dates for SEMA are a big surprise...😂

  88. Davesgameplays dave

    The steering wheel is moving

  89. Frankie Boy

    UGLY, you know it is!

  90. 3D Models & Toys

    It would be cool a 3D Printed custom small RC car, i might do one further on.

  91. Atoool K

    whoa this is cool

  92. Traian-Madalin Popescu

    we want a new boat video!

  93. WDMtea

    Tow truck drivers are NOT the brightest ppl on the face of the earth.

  94. Jess W

    It's has all been said!! What an incredible journey, this is the most insane looking, sounding Lambo on the planet. It gives everyone the belief that with endurance and determination we to could build something that blows minds. It's a true credit to everyone involved. You have our support from down under 🇦🇺 👊

  95. armancha23

    Man that sounds BEAST!

  96. Kuya Woody

    are u using carbon fiber?

  97. Jake Phelps

    If they said it might have a blown rod why not start at the bottom and pull the pan...better yet...just look at the crack in the side of the block lol.

  98. 2Moza

    Congrats on the Build for SEMA and a Even bigger Congrats for your Personal life together :) lol.

  99. Peter. Hatch

    Crazy build but good [email protected]

  100. JBTYpr

    Love the build! just wish the whole thing was the same color so you could appreciate the body