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  1. Amit Mahobe

    I don't follow rules and cops don't like that

  2. Simchang Music

    💙💙💙💙 love g

  3. Denis jeličić

    G Maclemore Easy

  4. Brenda Barbosa

    Isso sim é música boa.😍

  5. Tegan Voss

    Poor boy, he's beside himself with stress.

  6. Prajeet Bhatt

    G eazy has so much swag

  7. Prajeet Bhatt

    Gerald balls deep inside the Halsey - slim shady

  8. janet nyambura

    Can they just get back together

  9. Justin S

    G-Eazy and The Game 👏🏼💯

  10. Nadeem Akhtar

    I guess he means a lot


    6th grade seems like a long time ago but it was only 4 years ago

  12. ReFusion

    In 2019 - 720p? :'D

  13. Sam Stats

    Best song, still listening 2019 anyone?! #GEazy #DevinBaldwin #shoutout #beautifulAsfuck lol

  14. L B

    It’s such a shame. What a cute couple and look what happened? God damn


    He feels like my ex.. We also dated when ashely and g easy were dating and we also had breakup after without me

  16. Hamza Khalid

    G-eazy & halsey'.. both are love Why they separate each other?

  17. zGeen 31

    Adamın Sesi Ceza'ya benziyo la.

  18. Gerti

    Bitch I mean it

  19. Zara King


  20. Stanley Kinzinger

    love G-eazy but dont steal Mac Millers shit like that. K I D S is his and you know it.

  21. Nathan Morris

    Play this in the car when you know you got her on the ropes at the end of the date.

  22. Mr Smiley

    Did you guys know if you go into the bathroom at 3am in the dark and say you're a Gemini 3 times in the mirror Gerald himself will shit on your pillow?

  23. Ya Boi SkinnyPenis

    Blatt 💯💯🅱️🅱️

  24. Omar Robledo trejo

    Fuk the world I'm the chief católica comisión on bolth emisperes faborite grand son of of two and a nice two matriarcas . Ñeras .yekaz shalahadin .an hawk of desert one of few imperial rusian egss on world. But I have a father but o won't forget bout eritage 4gorilas in mi cromosome SOBEK toot Osiris Osiris no toot.at all to ansome for our mounstrupus nature we will kill for him of we don't skape .,,,,, .,,,,,,, Turkey grece freeland

  25. Omar Robledo trejo

    Azúcar sal glucose , cellfones ., None taste blood is toker cebo . Will overraice once again to syai whith there brothers so art will be persuasive andajik again

  26. Nat 2016

    the album cover reminds of NFs......

  27. Chvonne Howard

    I love all them together..I never would have thought to put them ppl together! that shit crazy !!!!!

  28. Alif Hakim

    dex guy ruined it honestly he sounded so nasally

  29. Chris Chevrier

    This is what we been waiting for. Mad respect for this one.

  30. Samuel Medrano

    over your heads if you don't understand this

  31. The Derp

    1:49 Bombshell to the right of G Eazy laying back

  32. Bruh Bruh

    0:23 G 😂

  33. Diego g

    G eazy is fireeeee

  34. phoenix Adams

    Make it 50 millions views pls like this comment

  35. Reaper Havoc

    if you want to blow out subs with bass play 1:18 at full volume. shakes my entire car to the point you cant see with the mirrors

  36. Boom Boom

    Wow all my drunk personalities in one music video lol

  37. Tayfur Toprak

    G-Eazy-Abi..!!!*** Liebe.Dich.Innerlich..!!!*** Ich.Schwöre..!!!*** Auf.Schnuckel.Hoheit..!!!*** Zukumpft..!!!***Gotte's-Hoffentlich..!!!***

  38. The Derp

    I invest in stocks now I done got my guap up!

  39. The Derp

    My bitch got replaced when I found a better one I get straight to the point I just go and git'er done

  40. Renie xox

    This song makes me feel like I'm missing out on so much from not achieving my long life goals. It makes me imagine my life where I have completed these goals and honestly, it makes me feel sad. I think that's why I listen to this song so much, because it makes me feel so deeply and that I want to take control of my life.

  41. kelsea settles

    this song ... G-Eazy... is like looking in a mirror at myself...

  42. kelsea settles

    Has Halsey written all over it </3

  43. Amber Lynn Networking

    Piano 💖

  44. kelsea settles


  45. Vincent Graves

    Damn cardi b looks good 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  46. kelsea settles


  47. kelsea settles

    "Feel like Joker holdin' Harley Quinn" awwww

  48. Khan ! !

    lagend says his still saying I mean it ✔️😅😅😅

  49. Saniah Marie

    Remember when this was ALL on musically

  50. kelsea settles

    Do you think Gerald knows that G-Eazy is going through ringer? If they had any inner critic conversations lately? Soooo sad cause i be doing the same shit, i have different versions of me who do different shit

  51. kelsea settles

    Just know... i mean it

  52. Nicole Bacon

    Lame how E-40 isn’t in the video for this song, it’s dope AF.

  53. Anita Chow

    All I wanna see is g-eazy n no twerking asses lol

  54. Alfredo Zertuche

    man I bet g eazy make a good joker. g eazy for joker 2020 😂😂😂 they changing joker like underwears

  55. Chase Matlock

    my dad told me to listen to this song

  56. Pop Music Piano Tutorials

    There's a really good instrumental of I Wanna Rock. bgsel.info/video/video/ZN7AxKKdsYC6hdI.html

  57. [ FISHY299 ]

    I actually like this, a rap song I can actually respect.

  58. Gabrielle Banks

    This brings vibes back from his old school albums, back before he was the as big as he is now. Shows that G's still there, he always has been. Happy for him, it's cool to watch someone's art reach people. It's inspirational and connecting. #onelove

  59. Eryk Gronostajski

    FIRE 💥💥

  60. Sam Kang

    anyone peep shredmaster keith?

  61. Lunar Fizz

    My name was in the song...

  62. Michelle Lara Castro

    Alguien aquí habla español? Finales del 2019!

  63. Ashley Shen

    i hope they are still together

  64. Plaidgeoduck6

    That Mac Miller KIDS font in the intro. ❤️ Much love.

  65. Josing Compass

    Bring me a soda

  66. Kitzberger Soma

    Most people in a comments section heard G-Eazy, No, you heard Gerald 😊 Vibes, vibes, vibes ✔️🎶

  67. Molly Cowger

    I swear I'm gonna marry this sexy ass G Eazy

  68. Ady_zubir

    I saw basketball and skateboarding I click on it 💯❤️🔥it’s lifestyle street style g style that’s g ezy 🎹🎼🔥🔥🔥🔥

  69. YannickFilms


  70. Epic Fails

    Kicking Incredibly Dope Shit!

  71. rashad mustafayev

    Bonnie and Clyde 👍👍👍

  72. Symon Davies MC DarkMatta UK


  73. Maverick Payne

    Just know I mean it

  74. 2pacalypse

    G easy sucks I'm sorry he's kinda chill tho I'd say

  75. cjlsniper

    Can someone count how many times someone’s flips the bird in this vid?

  76. Nai The one

    Yo this man right here is golden

  77. justin4ec

    Shout out to the people that know that Casper is still the dopest ghost, dopest ghost you know.

  78. Whitney

    I have had this relationship with my man for the last 5 years. I plan on keeping it for life or die trying.

  79. What’s the Wave? [Click for the Sauciest Music]

    -LYRICS- [Intro] This is sick though, Yeah New York City, the city of dreams [Verse 1: G-Eazy] Staying up they’re like what do you got against sleep Playing Donnis first tape presented by 10. Deep Spending money like fuck it because I ain’t cheap Look when you go away it ain’t shit that you can keep Feel like fuck it we’re partying going mad dumb Up and Down all these Soho girls wanna have fun Life is easy when all you’re doing is taking photos She got a couple of scars but she don’t like to show those Her agent books her a cover and everything is great I can’t recall where I met her, a simple twist of fate She ain’t used to all nighters so she thinks six is late The sun is up and these demons still trying to pass a plate Couple drugs in my system, faded my vision is blurry Phone on 1 percent I called an Uber quick in a hurry Died fuck it I’m here, now my phone is dead I’m fucked up, I know I should go to bed, but fuck it [Chorus: G-Eazy] We don’t never really sleep I’m still up now Dodging raindrops trying to duck clouds I don’t fuck with people I don’t like crowds It’s my world and I don’t give a fuck now Got me thinking about my life If I could do it all again I’d do it twice If I could do it all again lord forgive me for my sins This city never sleeps under bright lights [Verse 2: Dex Lauper] Can’t believe my brother died outside of grandma house He just took a bullet to the brain now I’m standing under a cloud No one ever gonna give a fuck about you now That’s why I ride around with a stain and there ain’t no looking down As a youngin the devil pulled up and mama gave him my soul When you try and buy your masters back and then your deaths the goal But how you gon tell me about this life when you ain’t got your soul Drug you up like a puppet and then they go and take control I lost my brother had to go ahead and look at my life If I regret it or I’m just gon ahead and just get that ice If I’m in Inglewood then I’m just with my blooda ice I’m on a time where I might where I might just go ahead and risk my life See all them times when you do wrong know you gon pay the price I swear that karma the biggest bitch I met up in my life In this industry that’s all they know is sacrifice They tried to go tell me they just wanna take my life [Chorus: G-Eazy] We don’t never really sleep I’m still up now Dodging raindrops trying to duck clouds I don’t fuck with people I don’t like crowds This my world and I don’t give a fuck now Got me thinking about my life If I could do it all again I’d do it twice If I could do it all again, lord forgive me for my sins This city never sleeps under bright lights Share lyrics

  80. Eduardo De Souza Martins


  81. i like the part where he means it

  82. Vulgar Man

    Original song was better

  83. Satevo

    Ugh the vapidness of rap culture

  84. Robert Cantrell

    Not hip hop

  85. Robert Cantrell

    Sounds like all the rest. Easy white.

  86. Idir

    November 2019😍

  87. Mhao Yeager

    I mean it too

  88. JƏƏŽ yt

    This is the most underrated song this song is the best

  89. Griffin Slack

    This song felt like an eternity in an awesome way

  90. 87jkaveh

    Yeah I'm gassin...woah. you ain't bout that action...no

  91. ツhoneybunny

    musical. ly days right

  92. Emily Simpson

    WHY DOES HE SAY YOUNG J ....isn’t it G???

  93. James Burke

    How the actual fuck is it possible that this song only has 67k likes ? I’m from fucking Ireland this music is perfection

  94. Michael M

    Fucc yea, this is GAS, this is that slick pimp shit, this is G Eazyyyy!

  95. Paul Ristaw

    0:36 squatting the roof 💪🏼

  96. Mason Healy

    Can someone PLEAAASE make a gif of 1:09-1:10

  97. stay stan halsey

    ma stupid girl again make a song with her new bf, ash.. please don’t do this again, I’m proud of you all that your dumbly acts but this.. don’t be this, girl

  98. Віктор Поліщук

    Класс, один из лучших реперов всех времен!

  99. dragon breath84

    Love this song but blueface says this he might be a virgi

  100. Itz RED_B34STx

    Does anyone other than me think this actually bangs 🔥