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  1. Bernice Lai

    The will be shot by the police because they stand out to strike for freedom if you don't stand out. Spread this comment, spread this news, spread out.

  2. All Lynch

    help me Selena.

  3. Bernice Lai

    Can someone to stand out and help poly students

  4. Bernice Lai

    Help hk

  5. Bernice Lai

    Help hk

  6. A_badSpellr

    Selena? No. Alex.

  7. Юлианна Лугинова


  8. Jeh Senna Flor

    This little girl did a remake of the music video and it is just perfect!!!!!

  9. Nicolas Arredondo

    Can we be friends

  10. Sophia Alicea

    she wins.

  11. cleardream 13

    1:50 OMG I really fell that 💔

  12. Steve Smith

    😀I love it 😍

  13. Pequeño Gorríon Cosplay

    Un mes atras de que Selena sacara esta cancion, mi exnovio me termino.... jamas eh podida quedar tanto con una cancion en este momento... <3 me hizo fuerte escucharla , porque si ella puedo salir, adelante... siento que yo tambien puedo hacerlo (y es gracioso... porque me paso lo mismo que la letra)

  14. Myriam l

    Sorry I think I missed the part where she said this song was about Justin... Please send links🦉

  15. Myriam l

    Can someone explain to me when did she say this song was about Justin? Is he the only boyfriend she had in her entire life?!

  16. Rodrigo cardoso

    Que HINOOO

  17. Sarah Mystique

    Here is a song for a strong woman... who made him realise.. what a loss it was to lose her for someone new 🥰

  18. Purpleandblue518

    I love the captions! Amazing that deaf people can enjoy this too ❤️

  19. khan khan

    Lovly song

  20. Jasmine Truit

    Wait wait wait, she likes the gym teacher? I’m so confused

  21. Dilla Jo

    Im so attached to this ❤️ oh my god ❤️ Selena ❤️ Girl ❤️ God bless you ❤️ We love you ❤️ *cry* 🙂

  22. Elias S

    Selena Gomez é Maravilhosa demais ❤️😭😘🇧🇷

  23. Maleja

    La amoooo ❤️

  24. Elias S


  25. Elias S

    I love You ♥️

  26. Elias S

    Eu te amo ♥️

  27. yves gabin

    She is not my favorite female singer ... But Ive to say this song is everything and i im into it. 😍😍😍😍

  28. Montserrat Garcia

    You are not alone, we are with you

  29. KI Legacy

    Why is this not in iTunes yet like wtf

  30. Savvygrace24

    Just went through the hardest break up 😪, this song got me through it all.....

  31. AfkGang


  32. Monica Fee

    I feel your pain in this song. It's beautiful and tragic. I do hope your future is with someone that is the perfect match

  33. Elias S

    Selena Gomez Muito Maravilhosa 💕

  34. Elias S

    Música muito Top ❤️

  35. Breno Vittor

    selena gomez conte comigo para tudo!

  36. Veasna Khen

    ស្រលាញ់បទនឹងណាស់ ស្វាគមន៏ការត្រលប់មកវិញMy idol

  37. Brandon Robert Weaver

    That's gotta be hard ;)

  38. L Wai Kin

    Such a beautiful song...

  39. Conta pessoal Privada

    Amo ❤️

  40. NateChs1277

    Love u so much❤️

  41. Nova_and kevin


  42. ash

    When she was like 2 months to replace us oh my Lord what did that table ever do to her

  43. NateChs1277

    Love u so much❤️

  44. Elias S


  45. Elias S


  46. Elias S


  47. Vincent Kinloch

    November 2019👑👑👑

  48. Elias S


  49. Elias S


  50. Elias S


  51. Kamini Soni

    She deserves the BEST..!!

  52. 기타로오토바이 타자

    언니 존나 멋져❤❤❤❤

  53. wolf awa

    Vine acá por el meme del power point 😂

  54. Gotthejuice 4life

    Woah I time period when Disney songs were literal bops. Can’t relate now...

  55. Princesa Estrella

    Lo más bonito de Selena Gómez Preciosa la canción

  56. Allison Asencio

    Best song ever


    Justin bieber =coments Selena gomes = like

  58. Tabita Archille

    Selena you copied someone Exosed!

  59. John Wayne

    She still looks like shes 12 years old.

    1. huttio srreu

      Selena, thank you for sharing your feelings and story with us your fans. You have gone through many difficult issues, your personal life, your health.. but you inspire us to keep

  60. Atlantisgaming

    Let get it 200 million views

  61. diário da Fernanda

    Até hoje não acredito que o Justin Bieber largo vc por aquela garota . Vc e maravilhosa , ele não te merece. Quem concorda dexa o lake :

  62. JUMI

    I’m just waiting for that one comment that gets 100k likes

  63. Elizabeth Simchen

    210 vibes am a right

  64. Syaqiela Suhada

    Everyone talks about justin but no one ever mentioned about her relationship with the weekend . Why ?!

  65. Vanusa Sousa


  66. Stacy_ry

    о Андрюха

  67. Bethel Girma

    You take my breath away Selena I love you your so beautiful 😍😘😊

  68. Jack Vlogs

  69. Jack Vlogs

    Selena ...

  70. Akshara Karthik

    Listen, whoever is reading this, you will have someone to lean on, no matter what happens, always remember that before you think you are alone

  71. Alexa

    I’m glad I’m not alone.

  72. dave cao

    I love this song. I never had a relationship with another girl in my life. I still think about the past about people. I prefer not to have a relationship. I also want to keep my heart. But I have regrets about not having a girlfriend. Don't know if this is normal.

  73. Vanusa Sousa


  74. Giselle Villca

    NO ME GUSTÓ :( .Te amo Selena ! ❤️

  75. Vanusa Sousa

    Aí, o coração seja doí

  76. Pigaliskman Tv

    This song sound too deep but i honestly dont understand the context. Would someone explain it to me?. Came here to download the song for my gf

  77. Taliyah Hall

    She makes me cry every time when I hear a song about Justin 🥺 like I can’t explain it

  78. Maya Ferreira

    Selena Gomes and your babyhairs ♥️

  79. holy Robinson

    hey girl

  80. Eliza Vargas

    Hi selena I love every songs

  81. Justine Welch

    Beautiful song and you sing those lyrics well with so much confidence. I totally agree, it always brings out the better version of each and every one of us. ❤ sending love, good job getting over the d!©k₩€€D. You deserve so much better.

  82. Nichole

    I needed to lose you to find me

  83. 숭아복

    I like how she says now chapter is closed and done it's goodbye it's goodbye for us She sings as if she is talking

  84. T.A.D .K.D

    Nobody: The Skating Rink at 7:00 PM:

  85. Miriam Perez

    I fell like she connects to nature.😘❤

  86. Willow Sams

    React to this Selena

  87. Fairly fire

    This is Selena on 🔥

  88. Junior Morfin

    I love you, Selenaaa

  89. Vinicius Faleiro

    I love you 💖💖

  90. Spiffleh

    I ended my marriage 4 months ago and have found music painful since then. There are so many stories told through music that felt like they were for my partner's position and none that spoke to mine. This is one of the only songs that I've heard since then that made me feel understood - to feel scene. So thank you for telling a different story. One that doesn't get told that much.

  91. Mary Sierra

    Selena, thank you for sharing your feelings and story with us your fans. You have gone through many difficult issues, your personal life, your health.. but you inspire us to keep on going despite the adversities.. Thank you XOXO

  92. Thuan Nguyen Huu

  93. morpheious

    selena is the only adult i know that you could cast in a highschool movie and actually look like one

  94. Sing ten Well


  95. Shisoku Kawaii

    Su buen willyrex??? :v

  96. Nevaeh Cunningham

    This is all off a iPhone 11😮😮

  97. laura Ivana Gutierrez


  98. Andrea Elindo

    I love you!

  99. ksks jdjdj

    que kul

  100. シェルちゃんラブ

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