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  1. Antmanp 01

    I stayed in the car in the dark

  2. Gage Vorakoth

    When you use that you leave it were you want it and ask if it can make it turn red

  3. 77 SnipergodYT

    Your like Morgz copy mrbeast

  4. Jasmin Quintero

    This is how many people would not do that for and iPhone 11 👎🏽

  5. Moises Garcia Torres


  6. Elysian Mommy

    I feel like I’m watching a horror movie 🍿 creepy 😱

  7. Caleb !

    Milk isn’t even bad

  8. Lilly Tarlton

    I'm a girl

  9. Tenor Ong

    Stop liking this comment I’m trying to sleep

  10. Inoo

    HI RUG! I’m a mom but for me, the contractions were lower than where you placed the pads, good video though!

  11. Norma Rivas

    Faze rug is the best 🔥😍❤

  12. ThegamerDiego

    No lie I wonder how it feels lol

  13. Norma Rivas

    Faze rug is the best 🔥😍❤

  14. Navpreet Lubana

    If your youtube channel is deleted how is this video on youtube just saying btw Love your vids rug for life faze up

  15. Midievel

    This guy is about to bank on subscribers!!!

  16. Nicole Ledesma

    Yes I have given birth before and it is painful but I got an epidural so I didn't really feel anything

  17. ShunB and the crew!!!

    Faze:he didnt spell any right but we will give him 200 bucks

  18. Tenor Ong

    Who cried after watching?

  19. Kris Keplinger

    I have given birth twice and I give these guys credit for even trying!

  20. Osvaldo Maldonado


  21. antonio alvarado lopez

    Don't worry about the haters but you make my day

  22. Sebastian Robles

    I have the same blanket as the one that is in the vidoe

  23. Harry Sheldon

    I want it because it’s a gift from you!!

  24. rainbow dreams channel

    Molly is not a gold diger

  25. Andrew Medrano

    I will shave my hair

  26. NORM Family

    I'm a mom of 2! I use that machine on my ankle. Best feeling ever. I had a tib/fib & ankle bone brake in 2018

  27. Mr Duckie

    Rice gum actual rapper, i think not

  28. Iris Daddy

    Subscribe to my channel new videos daily

  29. Iris Daddy

    I know that had to hurt frfr

  30. Sub2Frost

    Rhw lambo is worth more than the 10 mill plak because the lambo was farrther

  31. Shuaa Nafeee


  32. Slime_Factory Wileberry1248

    I could have made like 5000 slimes oh wow lol as soon as I wrote this he said this make me want to make slime lol

  33. Make up Plus slime

    I am thankful for: Family God Education Awesome youtubers like Faze rug House Clothes Food Drink Electricity Friends Heaven And I am also thankful for a day we can just be thankful for so many things

  34. dragon stars


  35. Sub2Frost

    In the beggining when it was rugs intro he hit his foot when dribbling

  36. Jadon Carral


  37. Riley Hoover

    What if they have to go to the bathroom

  38. Joaquin Cervantes

    I found a cryptic board game on amazon for 250 bucks!

  39. Lizzy Zamora

    Wow my name is Elizabeth it’s pretty close to the security gaurds name

  40. ZayDesGarçon

    It actually ain’t that bad fr fr. Everyone just hate the fact that rug went from a gamer to doing cool shit in life. Good for you rug! Keep enjoying life man.

  41. Kaitlyn-rose Garcia

    Where did Jessica get her makeup table from????

  42. slayerboy playz

    faze offset lmao

  43. Savon Eggleton

    U would of got to ass in the back seat 💺 😭😭

  44. yt. ToSEyWoSEy

    2:38 beautiful.

  45. Make up Plus slime

    This was crazy rug

  46. Mauricio Alonso

    Girls go to venus to suck more penis

    1. Rylea Franklin

      shut up u dick

  47. Simply Sweet Heart

    my dad never had a haircut in 6 years..

  48. Oman Jr

    Everyone go sub to my dope ass new channel so I can chill with rug one day

  49. Snotty Face Baby

    Girls don’t get payed 1,000 dollars to give birth

  50. Final_cheese

    He is not going to live in the house

  51. Jose Altuve

    I would drink the soy sauce strait up

  52. donald 64

    Visit Mike agin

  53. Brian Benac

    You are the best

    1. Brian Benac


  54. Zeno Fortnite

    That kid looks like Mr.Beast but 2.0

  55. Xd cox

    Can’t take this kid anywhere

  56. faZe junior faZe ramos

    It's counts

  57. Baller Tre


  58. Reuben Ler

    I don't know why but everytime Rug says "that was not bad" it just sounds like he's lying

  59. Mr.Clorox Bleach

    This shows how much you should appreciate your mother as much as she may be annoying or mean she went through that pain so you can be reading this comment rn and living your life

  60. Cindy N

    Wheres Mike? When can you do a video with him?

  61. Rubby Jubby

    Imagine copying Mr Beast!

  62. Dextre

    You should have a girl that’s given birth try it to see how close it is to actually giving birth

  63. JnzGrinds

    9:13 camera man grabbed Anthony’s tittie

  64. savage king FORTNITE GOD

    Going live remix lil rug fituring lil pump bluface cardi b

  65. Sun Flxwer

    Lemme play!!

  66. mthacker1969


  67. Haruki Matsui

    Yo rug my birthday is today ( 2days before yours)

  68. Cindy N

    Is your dad mexican?

  69. JustARandomNobody

    And then you smother it on your face -Anthony 2019

  70. waterpuddles

    But rug didn’t come up with the flow...👀

  71. Game News Gaming

    Try to put me I could probably spit some bars into ur song

  72. Nana williams

    I have little hair so ok shave my head😃

  73. Riley Hoover

    Who looks at their back in the mirror first thing in the morning.

  74. Tatum Ramil

    I think you should name her Suzie or bella

  75. yostin franco

    i coulden't breathe when i sod brian's big boobs

  76. Donalyn Palaña


  77. Ice Bear

    Get your haircut from 360 jeezy

  78. CrazyGamerAngel

    Is this considered self harm?

  79. Nicholas Akl

    I would rate the second one a 10/10

  80. C i t i x

    Who watched this a year after on her bday Lol i dont want likes tho sooo

  81. Gaming With k the king

    I was crying 😭

  82. KAIPO DJ4 100


  83. Rod Seth

    9:50 oh ya don’t eat on the black inside eat on the white hood that makes sense

  84. Arlene Cornejo

    the 15th of november was my birthday if u wanted to say happy birthday leave a like

  85. Nicholas Akl

    I would rate it like a 5 or 7

  86. Drizzle Up

    2019: Richest kid ever In the future: The richest man in the world

  87. Jeremy Payne

    Y that look like a drug deal but with shoes straight up

  88. peter wasiewicz

    The song is so trash on my opinion no hating just saying but you can make decent music in a longer time for 2 hours I give it a 7 and a half

  89. Sincere Siv

    That knock made my heart drop I lol I’m home alone 😂😂and I hear that knock

  90. savage king FORTNITE GOD

    I love the song

  91. Alisina Kazimi

    Love you RuG

  92. Ricardo Rodelo

    God bless you and Mike and I hope you make more videos with him

  93. kindon T

    This challenge is kinda stupid. TBH. SO cringy!

  94. Rob Jr.

    Create a vlog here in Cebu Philippines. Surely you'll love it...

  95. Nasty Brxndo

    What deodorant was that, Anthony gave Brian?? 🧐

  96. Gaming With k the king

    Hay I was going to grow up and help homeless people and this is so sad and I like doing needs like this to 😢😌

  97. Nick Cambareri

    you can really tell by listening to the song it was made in 24 hours..

  98. Shrek Big

    5:55 at this time its day they say there gonna start a challenge. 5:58 its night first challenge started like wtf

  99. Ava Crozier

    My mom had 6 on the 4th one she broke her butt butt I’m the sixth child so she had more I love my mom so much thank you mom🥰🥰🤗

  100. Curtis Schmidt

    In would have of never of done anything even like that